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  1. You still looking for a position in window tinting?
  2. Soapy water solution (Joy) and a soft cloth.
  3. I tried paying on a commission basis years ago. Here's what happened to me -- the tinters tinted fast but a lot of imperfections went out the door (yeah, I didn't inspect them as closely as I should have), and when the busy season passed, the tinters went away to do something else. Also, when all the redos started coming back I had to pay a new tinter to fix them. I found paying a fair wage all year long keeps my employees on staff for a longer time, actually helps them budget their money and keeps my customers more satisfied. As they improve year to year I am able to bump their pay and benefits accordingly. Pretty soon they're making too much to want to go anywhere else. It seems a win win for everybody.
  4. We, like many others on this website, are in a small town. You can't afford bad press in such an environment. So, we bend over backwards to accommodate those occasionally overpicky customers. However, at some point you just have to say no - but I always offer them an out. I tell them if I just can't get it to your satisfaction, I'll remove the film and refund your money. This either results in them realizing they've gotten the best that can be done (so we don't get any bad press) or they accept my offer of a refund, I lose some money but then they become someone else's problem. Either way, I believe we enhance our reputation in the community.
  5. We just tinted one this week. Like they said, all the glass needs to come off the tractor to be tinted and then reinstalled. The back side glasses are really tricky. We ended up tinting the last 15" in 1" vertical strips (old school) because we couldn't get the film to shrink that much.
  6. I've always thought if you were legal in your home state (state your car is tagged in) you couldn't be ticketed in other states. Is this not true?
  7. rjsi - that waiver idea sounds pretty good. Could you post a copy of that on here?
  8. I'm assuming there's no more money available for an out and out raise. If that is true then there are two ways to approach this. First, keep your commission structure as it is but in the good months, put some of that money back for yourself, knowing that its always going to slow down. Or, go on a minimum wage with a commission bump when you exceed some pre-determined output. That way your employer is, in essence, putting some money back for you himself by paying you less in the good months and then more in the slower times. Bottom line, for him to keep the shop open he's got to have income to offset his expenses. Good luck.
  9. Try a black crayon and press the wax into the groove.
  10. The adhesive remover didn't mess up the plexi? Wow, I didn't know you could use anything on plexi and not mess it up.
  11. Years ago we tried spray painting the matrix. It looked great but it was a pain to mask everything off and it only lasted a couple of years. I'd be interested in hearing about your experience with the Plasti-Dip stuff though.
  12. It's not optimal but we have on occasion used vinyl on the outside. It doesn't weather well but its better than leaving a huge ol gap. I usually start off by letting the customer know there will be a light gap and offer them the option of having a a vinyl strip added.
  13. Agree with kats; we used some on flat glass and had to REALLLY push the water out. Anything left in there takes forever to cure out; if you leave too much, you'll have to remove and replace. Great film but takes more working to get proper results.
  14. We do boats here from time to time and I've found that on the curved ones its almost impossible to do on the boat. We remove them and tint them in the shop where we can work the film better. Then we reinstall. As for removing the glass, the ones we've worked on have been held in with stainless steel screws and were fairly easy to remove. Not sure if they're all like that or not. good luck
  15. People forget how fast you did a job but long remember how well.