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  1. alberts316

    2019 accord blind spot lights on Dash

    There is a pinned thread all about this, look at the second thread under HONDA
  2. alberts316

    Plotter shopping

    stick with graphtec, the knock offs are almost the same price. signwarehouse gave me a fc8000-160 for $6k shippied
  3. LOL, Tom will be just fine.
  4. alberts316

    Audi R8 : Onerpro Nexus

    why did you not take off all of the hood emblem residue before installing the hood?
  5. alberts316

    GCC Jaguar V LX Vinyl Cutter Plotter 40"

    I wouldn't hesitate to buy one if I was on a budget.
  6. alberts316

    2019 chevy custom

    Thanks Jeff for the clarification! I can't keep up with GM and all of their changes every two years.
  7. alberts316

    2019 chevy custom

    Or 3500. It's a 2020 HD, "available late summer 19"
  8. alberts316

    2019 chevy custom

    Delete the lettering in your software and hand cut them out. It's going to be time consuming regardless.
  9. alberts316

    1st gen Cummins windshield help

    what exactly doesn't line up? Those have a pretty good curve to them, but nothing should be an issue with just a brow strip
  10. alberts316

    Roland vs Graphtec

    Sunbreakers, I appreciate all the help you did give me. Just spoke w Katie and best she could do was 6k out the door with the additional blade holders and blades included. I'm going to kick it around this weekend and decide what I'm going to do. Thanks again for all your guys' help!
  11. alberts316

    Roland vs Graphtec

    Called them and asked for her and left her a message. Called back and spoke with another sales lady and she could discount it down to 6k plus shipping instead of 6499. She said the prices have jumped drastically in the last 3 months due to the new tariffs being imposed by the new administration. I don't know if that is 100% true or not. I'm still waiting for Katie to call me back. If this is the case I'll stick with graphtec and USCutter is willing to match the 6499 price. Free shipping and no tax as well.
  12. alberts316

    Roland vs Graphtec

    Looking to get a new 60", does anyone have any preference between the two brands and why? I know they are both top tier brands and they basically the same price, but I can't really see a difference. TIA!
  13. alberts316

    Issues with Film Design software.

    Like JH812 said, they are on the lower end of pattern designs. I tried it for a week and decided to stick with computercut. DAP is probably one of the best you can use, but it comes with a price as well. I've used computercut for almost 12 years now and they're pretty consistent. Computercuts customer service is very good, anytime I have any issues I email them and they respond within a day or so and they fix the patterns constantly to keep the quality up. The ppf patterns on computercut have been getting better each year and now have most of the same patterns that DAP offers. I will stand by computercut and their service for sure.
  14. alberts316

    Pressurized tank

    I thought the coiled hose was a good idea until I got it. Damn thing is always tangling itself up. Straight hose is best.