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  1. Issues with Film Design software.

    Like JH812 said, they are on the lower end of pattern designs. I tried it for a week and decided to stick with computercut. DAP is probably one of the best you can use, but it comes with a price as well. I've used computercut for almost 12 years now and they're pretty consistent. Computercuts customer service is very good, anytime I have any issues I email them and they respond within a day or so and they fix the patterns constantly to keep the quality up. The ppf patterns on computercut have been getting better each year and now have most of the same patterns that DAP offers. I will stand by computercut and their service for sure.
  2. Pressurized tank

    I thought the coiled hose was a good idea until I got it. Damn thing is always tangling itself up. Straight hose is best.
  3. 2017 Subaru Windshield

    It's only if it has the lane sensors in it. You'll notice the two cameras, one on each side of the rear view mirror.
  4. slow day so made a tool

  5. slow day so made a tool

    Replying to a thread 15 years old. Could be a new record
  6. Best Plotter for Mobile Tinting & PPF

    Holy sh!t! Look at this setup. That's awesome. Not sure how well that would work in really cold climates with the electronics, but any other time would be great.
  7. Plotter/Printer combo advice

    He's dead on with the maintenance and ink jet heads. Unless you're doing it everyday or every other I would outsource it. There are plenty of companies to outsource from and still make plenty of profit.
  8. Looks good! I'd like to see a pic of the mirrors up close. Those look like a b!tch
  9. Puzzled at this request

    I believe they discontinued that product. It was not the best product if you ever tried it.
  10. Puzzled at this request

    Well done! No amature work here. Keep up the good work!
  11. Super Duty

    plan on another 15-20 minutes
  12. 17 ford F-150

    can you eliminate those cuts in the middle of the middle piece and try it that way?
  13. Tesla Model X Windshield

    How long have you been tinting? The doors are easily tricked just like any BMW or Convertible