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  1. alberts316

    2020 Toyota Supra

    Let us know how the bumper went.
  2. alberts316

    The Chat Thread

    Thanks for everything Tintdude! This forum has been a savior more than once. I'm sure it has its moments, but you do very well keeping this place welcoming.
  3. alberts316

    Heavy equipment plotter templates

    No chance, the variations are too great and the demand for those patterns is too small. Computer cut has some semi trucks but only the super common ones. They may have one or two backhoe or excavator patterns but I doubt anything you're looking for.
  4. alberts316

    What did you tint today?

    URL70 - pics suck from outside protection film still on windows
  5. alberts316

    I finally got my pouches

    Thanks! I am due for a new one. I've had two shady aprons for probably 8-10 years now. Best out there!
  6. alberts316


    I use it. It's ok, the scratch guard on it is shit, but it's held up over time without fade or delamination.
  7. Nobody is going to "certify" an aftermarket product. If it was certified than it would be OE
  8. alberts316

    2019 accord blind spot lights on Dash

    There is a pinned thread all about this, look at the second thread under HONDA
  9. alberts316

    Plotter shopping

    stick with graphtec, the knock offs are almost the same price. signwarehouse gave me a fc8000-160 for $6k shippied
  10. LOL, Tom will be just fine.
  11. alberts316

    Audi R8 : Onerpro Nexus

    why did you not take off all of the hood emblem residue before installing the hood?
  12. alberts316

    GCC Jaguar V LX Vinyl Cutter Plotter 40"

    I wouldn't hesitate to buy one if I was on a budget.
  13. alberts316

    2019 chevy custom

    Thanks Jeff for the clarification! I can't keep up with GM and all of their changes every two years.
  14. alberts316

    2019 chevy custom

    Or 3500. It's a 2020 HD, "available late summer 19"