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  1. plan on another 15-20 minutes
  2. can you eliminate those cuts in the middle of the middle piece and try it that way?
  3. How long have you been tinting? The doors are easily tricked just like any BMW or Convertible
  4. Alberta sells more ppf than all of north america? no chance
  5. Part of it is the bumper is not new and does have some chips/divits/etc. that will show and that is mainly what you're seeing. The extra film hanging on pic two is the installers fault. He can't fix your bumper but he can trim that excess film away.
  6. BMW owner had his car plastidipped "not with the cheap stuff" and wants to clearbra the front bumper. It has an oddball bumper and neither Xpel nor computercut offer a kit so it must be bulked. What is your opinion on any issues that may arise and warranty? Client requests Xpel. Sounds like a disaster in the waiting, but I don't have much experience with this new "not the cheap stuff" plastidip.
  7. I'd rather see Bobby Bowden's grand daughter some more
  8. I wasn't impressed when the wipers left scratch marks after a few months. I can't imagine it after a few years of daily driving.
  9. My question is what do you do about cleaning off the adhesive left behind? I know chemicals will work to get it off, but all the rubbing and what not involved could leave some scratches in the matte finish. Since you can polish out any defects or marks on matte(from my understanding), what do you do?
  10. Those boxes look like over sized Reynolds Wrap aluminum foil.
  11. Xpel. Don't get it wrong it layed down fine, but it's added install time needed that only they have.
  12. These new 2017 have "SUPER DUTY" stamped into the front edge of the hood. I was able to get the film to lay down inside the lettering but it was time consuming compared to previous models. I hate you even more now Ford.