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  1. What ? If you notice, he also called Stripper dust "glitter"... I knew what he meant though. Ya can't just go motorboatin on a stripper during lunch without expecting it to show in your work when you stagger back into the shop.
  2. One post. one entry. Large please.
  3. Reread your comment. That's your problem, not the film. If one method doesn't work for you, do something different. I can't imagine reverse rolling a back glass. It would look like I rolled a muddy cat up in the film!
  4. Hi Becky. Since you're a huge college football fan, I probably shouldn't tell you I tinted Dennis Franchione's home. But...... I did Gig em pretty good!
  5. So if you were out of work for a year because of car problems, how did you get back to work without a car. Why did it take a year? Why couldn't you fix the problem without waiting a year to go back to work? Were you drawing unemployment? I'm not really trying to bust your chops. Everybody has a story. I've just seen so many absolute losers tell about how they were out of work because...... fill in the blank. I don't think I could ever just sit without working, regardless whether or not I'm getting checks from somebody. Oh and
  6. The Fusion sucks if you like to use with both hands, like for heavy films. Too bad they don't make the Crusher 8 anymore.
  7. Less the GoGo Gadget add ons What can I say.....the ladies love it. A decent tennis racket grip instead of duct tape would really make you look like a balla! But go ahead and spring for a real pipe first.
  8. I'll let everyone else tell you about what " a couple days of basics" will get you.
  9. Why wouldn't your supplier do this for you? Or why wouldn't you find a supplier who will do this for you?
  10. O cool. Guess I really am outta touch since focusing on flat! So a nice 70 would fly on the windshield. Now all I gotta do is find some time!
  11. Windshield tint still illegal in Texas? This does not stop inspections. It means you will have to show a passed inspection report in addition to proof of insurance when getting registration. I hope this doesn't change online renewal. Lines at the courthouse are...
  12. I worked at a shop that hosed down the cars to cool them before pulling in...... Until he popped a windshield, then it was back to hot cars.
  13. I think there's quite a few of us over 40 who have similar stories. What a dangerous force we would be if we all got together! I've worked with very few over 40 - 20plus experienced that still had the primadonna attitude. We usually get along great and work our asses off with no judging.
  14. Look what the cat dragged in......how are ya The cat dragged me back out again ! Been in a dead zone with barely even cell service (um... T-Mobile). Heavy stuff. Blast mitigation. Home for a couple days...
  15. Stretch the bottom. during install. A little shrinking up top is necessary. A few I've encountered over the years have been REALLY tough, but they were usually cheap replacements.