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  1. PET breaks down from UV and turns yellow in time... hard to believe it does not affect the dyes.
  2. Damn hupty stuff really works... go figure. Thanks for supporting katz and his family Ethan
  3. FG in LA is at a new low... just when you think you've seen it all, So Cal never fails to disappoint. As usual, I put more blame on the suppliers of these clowns. I would recommend that you cease supporting the companies that supply the bottom feeders.
  4. Good job Did you have to edge seal all that?
  5. I predict that guy will get a tailight warranty... warranty expires when you see the tailights on his beat up pinto leaving the jobsite. Just another bottomfeeder brought to you by FalseSpec the leader in ruining the value of window film.
  6. Good point Howard, you can't put an exact number logevity-wise on QUV tests for auto but you can get a lot closer with flat glass because exposure is pretty much static. Some other things that can be done are photospectral analysis before and after exposure. This can be very telling because in addition to durabilitly, you are also measuring performance degradation which is just as important.
  7. 3000 4'x9's R&R going for 1million...? something doesn't soun right.
  8. Anything is possible! But. .the ultra film at 4 or 5 ML only met that 400 ft lb ANSI standard which the other manufacturers met in 8 ML at nearly half the cost. The ASTM 1886 can only be met with an 8 ML film (many manny's have this!) or their 6 ML clear ultra at nearly twice the cost. I won't mention the haze factor. Mike You need some"updated material" for your comedy routine........... ............. :gay ........... :gay I can go on. Please do, I am finding this all very educational and a bit entertaining as well.
  9. Just give some thought as to what uv stands for...
  10. Well it is a no-brainer then... FalseSpec lied about the perfomance of ultravision, so how could you expect the data on this film to be accurate?
  11. They hate us for several reasons: - we take away the window upgrade sale from them - we expose the glass industry's dirty little secret... seals blow no matter what. - we do stupid things like put the wrong film on the wrong type of glass There is probably some more things they hate but these are some of the biggys.
  12. I see a big flaw with his method of testing.
  13. I thought olfablade was mentoring you kramster?