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  1. First of all, if you have air bubbles, you have problems. If they're water pockets, then your good as long as they're not too big. SolarGard is a fantastic film and company, I've used their HP Supreme for 11 years, have never had it fade or change color, have had about 5-6 adhesive failure warranties. As far as the windows staying up, it's really going to depend on how much water you're pushing out, and the amount of direct sunlight it gets. Ask your SG rep, they would have a good idea for your region as they talk to a lot of shops. Anyway, good luck!
  2. Jerry Hernandez

    what type of windshield film are you using?

    Personally I use SolarGard Ultra Performance Plus 80. Looks and performs exactly like Llumar Air80 except Air80 is easier to shrink. Specs are as Crystalline without the 3M pricing.
  3. Jerry Hernandez

    Need new tint !!!!

    A little late reply, but if you're interested, I live in the southwest USA. Climate here is similar to Phoenix AZ. I have tinted for 25 years, have used the SolarGard HP Supreme for 10 years and have rarely had adhesive issues and have yet to have it fade or change color. I've had it on my truck for 10 yrs and still looks perfect. It's not the easiest to shrink, but great lifespan! And they're a huge company. Try a sample roll.
  4. Jerry Hernandez

    Window Film Cores Recycling!

    I'm definitely with you guys! I hoard them and let a recycling plant have them just so they don't end up in a landfill or I'll let customers have as many as they please. The large ones I'll try to let my distributor have them so he can reuse them. FYI the plastic is Polystyrene if a plant ever asks.