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  1. Hello! It is 12:44 am and I couldn’t sleep so I was checking my email. I had received an email to check this forum from friend. I see there are allot of threads, some funny some not. Allot of questions and allot of bull shiit going on here. I will make some time to get back and read and answer most questions. But now is not the time. I would also like to thank Tint Dude for giving me a chance to answer there questions. As Tint Dude knows when you last log on is and or isn’t, I have not viewed this thread or site for a while. As you all know this is a very busy season for us. We are thriving and doing very well and just want to thank all of our supporters. Thanks again! Ed
  2. Hello! Sorry you did not like our product! Please return the film and we will send a full refund no questions asked. I would really like to run an analysis on the film we sent you to see if it may have been defective! I'm guessing not! Even so, you were unhappy so please return the film! If it was defective we will ship you out a free roll. Even though it wasn?t a positive feedback I am happy to hear some honest feedback he did indeed buy a roll. It is a shame he does not have experience behind him though! Also please do not confuse the name llumar and Lunar. If you do a search on the word llumar in a dictionary it means nothing. If you do a search on the word Lunar it has a meaning. Everyone here I would think knows what a Lunar Eclipse is. It is when the sun and the moon meet in a perfect rotation and the moon blocks out the sun. That?s just what window film does, blocks out sun. Also the name of the film is Lunar Solar Film hard to be confused with a word like llumar that is one word with no meaning at all! Also the word llumar has no N in it at all and starts with 2 L,s . Not confusing (unless you?re mentally challenged) . If you type in the word Lunar in a Google search there are over 5 billion hits. llumar not so many. So at least the name Lunar has a meaning that can be related to the film industry. So that?s why we named it Lunar Solar Film! Thanks again! For your honest opinion. As for references we can not just post other peoples information for you to call on a site. That?s personal information. We will ask some accounts upon there reorder to see if they are familiar with this site and if they are we will have a conversation with them to see if they have seen this thread. We are not going to get all of your votes we understand that. Some people have a preference and that goes without saying. Some people just like what they like and that?s it there is no changing there mind. There is one thing I can say we have a very nice film and we are building more clientele each day and taking care of all our customers backing our word and that is what matters. We care about each and every one of our customers equally. If there ever is or was a problem we back our selves and we take care of it. We stand behind ourselves 100% . Another thing is someone had mentioned that we state we will never raise our prices ever that is FALSE. What we say is that we will never raise an existing ( EXISTING ) : customer?s film price ever! You see most of us including myself were installers just like each and every one of you and I know what it is like when you are buying film for years and years. We started buying 10 thousand a year then 40 thousand a year eventually years latter well over a million dollars and up a year and they still raised our pricing. It just doesn?t make sense. So that?s why we have that policy and we now make our own film! As for other unanswered question please respect that we may not at some point answers some questions. All answers will be answered soon. Please consider the fact that we take the time to view and review what people want like and think in these forums. Thanks again! Ed C.E.O Lunar Solar Film and The Lunar Solar Film Team
  3. Nite!
  4. Hello! Again. Ed CEO Lunar Solar Film.WOW Tough crowed. We don?t mind hearing good or bad. First I would like to say to the guy in Ohio you should really pay your bills. You see guys and gals this is a true story no B.S here, he bounced every check he sent us. He ordered about 300.00 dollars a pop 4 orders. We went as far as going to the district att to get paid. In the end what wound up happening was we had to call his bank and get the manager to cash the checks. We sent the checks to the Ohio office and when funds where actually available they where finally cashed. So if I where you guys I would not trust a word a man says that does not pay his bills. He still owes us $563.14 Funds where never again available! So please some honest replies would be nice here about the film. I remember you Mr. Ohio because we were a very small company then and that had never happened to us before. So we learned from it what can we say. On the second note( Most films are made of Different polyesters that are transformed during the manufacturing process to produce a thin, transparent film that adheres to glass when a pressure sensitive adhesive is activated by a mild solution of dishwashing detergent and water.) Yea yea copy and pasted typical answers others give. The way the film is made is not sputtered it is our new process called flaking. Custom built machines! We will let you know more about the process soon after our patent is final. You see we have the best chemists in the world I should know I paid for them to go to college? Inside Job. Not Cosa Nostra FAMILY. We are going to help the industry and make great film so we wouldn?t want any other big names trying to copy or imitate our process until we are fully protected. Its too bad we came back to check on this thread and the one negative thing said by someone that actually used the film was the one and only guy that ever stiffed us. WE NOW NO LONGER ACCEPT CHECKS. Hahaha. Well it has been fun fellas got to get some sleep and sell some more film tomorrow
  5. If you go to our website you can buy a complete training kit for way less with the training DVDs included if you haven?t already! Thanks 2chase3 for recommendation of our training DVDs
  6. Leo have you tried our Lunar Solar Film yet?
  7. Darkerisbetter This is Ed From Lunar Solar Film we are glad to here our kit worked out for you keep up the good work and dont pay attention to some of the guys on here just make the money and keep the customers happy! From The Lunar Team
  8. lorenzotint please call us tommorrow morning I want to send you a free roll of film on the house for you to try!
  9. Dang all these prices going up you all better come jump on board with us!
  10. Wow flat rock you are some piece of work!
  11. You see flat rock what do you have a hard on for us? Man you must be a very jealous individual.... Have you ever heard of slandering flat rock?
  12. Hello! Ed here CEO Lunar Solar Film. First I would like to say we never send 1 foot samples. If there was some kind of mix up or mistake some how just call us up and we will shoot you a new sample roll! Second...This film will never sit in your basement it will be your film of choice when purchased and actually used! STOP THE B.S guys and buy a roll. If you are tinting for a living you must be a very poor installer if you can?t afford a roll so my guess is everyone on this forum and thread can afford to buy a roll and try it. Well make an EXCEPTION for FLAT ROCK.....Kidding flat rock but seriously we would appreciate your giggles to STOP (flat rock) E.T.C considering most of you never tried our film. There are allot of people on tint dude buying the film now on a every week basis more then you may all think. I spoke with one particular duder over the phone a while ago and he said he didn?t understand why people where downing the film so much on tint dude. He was using another great company and made the switch. He also said that they do not want others on titndude to know that they are using Lunar Solar Film because of comments like these...I sure wish they would stop..... I sure wish they would come out and speak up to tell how they feel about our film. I?m sure there will be more people on this thread. Laughing TELLING FALSE STORIES!!!!!! Look at our feedback on eBay for example. There are repeat customer buying the stuff none stop mostly professionals just like all of you. They are now buying it first from eBay then right off our website. We have added a new shopping cart to our site to keep the cost as low as we do and to eliminate heavy phone traffic and hiring of more employees. You see we spend around 3,500.00 a month in eBay fees. EBay is a great form of advertisement for us. They are a publicly traded company and spend the billions on advertising for us for only 3,500 a month. Not a bad deal!!!!!!!So why laugh? We get new customers everyday and we are slowly building a very powerful company. If you haven?t heard of us yet well lets just say you will very soon. We will be coming out with some Strong bold advertisements soon. If you watch ESPN and like fishing and NASCAR then keep watching those programs and you will be hearing of us soon....We will also be making a more innovative ceramic film soon as well. Reboxed you say? NO same box new website and domain name! For more information about us please feel free to visit our website and maybe you could actually buy a roll then make your comments! Order on line www.LunarSolarFilm.com I?m sure all of your tunes will change after using the film. Please give us a shot and you be the judge! P.S sputtering is old school now........Sincerely Ed.S CEO Lunar Solar Film
  13. Don't change your career just move to florida!
  14. Well I can honestly say that it will just cause a huge mess! Then you will be blowing small partials in the air and then that might get in your work as well. If you do decide to blow air then do the reverse roll so that the film never hits the air. That?s my opinion!
  15. When I was still installing my location was where the money was and thats it! I would drive to do autos commercial whatever where ever. I realy truly believe a mobile tint business is more successfull then any stationary shop because then you are never slow ever!