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  1. BRITEworks

    Straight cut / reverse curve windshield

    highplains I have tried that but it's hard to get a consistent curve hand tapeing Bham I have done that before tough to get a clean cut like that. For me anyway. But then what do you do with the vehicles like the f150 that has the dip in the middle
  2. Looking into doing straight line windshield banners so they don't have the natural arc how do you guys get a good clean reverse curve cut?
  3. BRITEworks

    WARNING 2017 Giulia

    Hey guys just got a request for this vehicle with the exception that it's a 2018 not sure if they have changed the amp location? Also looking for more info on this vehicle as I'm a gasket puller and don't usually do the high end cars due to custys being to picky and pain in the asses but this car is a friend and would like to help him out. So are the gasket easy to pull and how tight are these vehicles thanks in advance
  4. BRITEworks

    18 EcoSport

    Just don't understand these little quarter windows the auto companies put in.? I think they are out to get us. Haha
  5. BRITEworks

    17 F-250

    Pick tool at the top like stated... I was taught that by a glass got been doing it for years never had a prob.
  6. BRITEworks

    17 F-250

    Yes it's a 17 or 18 only had 2k miles. It's a work truck so it's pretty bare.. I think the loaded ones with all the features in the mirror when to the set screw
  7. BRITEworks

    17 F-250

    And for the record I was not tinting the whole windshield. I was just... well planning on doing a sun banner
  8. BRITEworks

    17 F-250

    I would have to say I have done a hundred of these trucks and never once had a problem. did my typical pick the mirror off the glass.. This was harder then most. I gave it a little more and boom anyone running into a problem with these mirrors? how are you guys taking these off.?
  9. BRITEworks

    2018 VW Atlas

    Got one myself next week. I don't do VWs much so what was involved with pulling the sweeps?
  10. BRITEworks

    Subaru factory solor tint

    Hey guys and gals. had a custy from a year ago tell me he's having trouble with state inspection. I always use 40% on cars and trucks to have it meter for 35-34% mass legal so my question is is the Subaru factory solor tint more then others?
  11. BRITEworks


    Thanks for the reply I will try the dry method. When I redo 2 1/4s of the WRX I did this past weekend
  12. BRITEworks


    It's always been a struggle of mine over the years of tinting. 1/4 window and getting a clean install. no matter how much I scrape clean wipe flush I always have one or two 1/4s that look ok like absolute crap. any tips or tricks that I should try?
  13. BRITEworks


    I'm looking at this
  14. BRITEworks


    I'm in the market for a new light. I have been using for years a regular small construction type light I need to plug in to the wall and set up a box or creat on the rear seat when doing a BG. looking to go cordless and possibly droplight style. lets see what you all are using and the pros and cons of the light your using.
  15. BRITEworks

    2017 Subaru Windshield

    Does this include Impreza? I have one to do today and they are requesting a windshield banner