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  1. Actually it is a manufacturing process that creates the adhesive to bond to the polyester and not the glass. Only a few manufactures use this process because its an extra step and expensive.
  2. capt bill

    Madico acquires....

    Madico®, Inc. acquires Midwest Marketing’s Distribution Business Share Article Madico now offers 100% factory direct distribution in the United States ST. PETERSBURG, FLA. (PRWEB) AUGUST 15, 2018 Madico, Inc., one of the world’s leading manufacturers of a broad range of materials-based solutions, today announced its acquisition of the window film distribution business of Midwest Marketing, Inc. Owned by Jim House and based in Peoria, Illinois, Midwest Marketing has been a longtime distributor of Madico’s automotive and architectural window films with territories that expand into six states throughout the Midwest. “Midwest Marketing has been an outstanding partner and successful distributor of our products for almost 40 years,” said Jeffrey Plummer, Madico Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “Jim House has long been a true pioneer of the window film industry and we wish him continued success in his ongoing businesses including his window film installation business and as a distributor of custom made roller shade products.” The acquisition of Midwest Marketing’s window film distribution business now allows Madico to provide 100% factory direct service to all customers in the United States. Dealers in the Midwest territory will purchase their products directly from either the Madico Northeast Service Center located in Windsor, Connecticut, or the Madico Mid-America Service Center in Dallas, Texas, depending on their location. Window film dealers in the Midwest will continue to have access to Madico’s full product portfolio, including Sunscape®, ClearPlex®windshield protection film and the SafetyShield® Premier Partner program. About Madico Inc. – Headquartered in Tampa Bay, Florida, Madico, Inc. innovates, manufactures, and distributes a broad range of protective, functional and decorative materials-based solutions including films, coatings and laminates for various industries worldwide from automotive and architecture to healthcare and aerospace. Since 1903, Madico has pioneered industry-first products with an unrivaled commitment to quality and dedication to its customers. Madico is a fully-owned subsidiary of Lintec USA Holdings, Inc. For more information, visit
  3. capt bill

    Madico moves and expands
  4. capt bill

    Best windshield tint

    Try Madico's Winco's 70 or 90, it is a great film...
  5. capt bill

    Exterior windshield protective film distributors

    ClearPlex is a great exterior windshield film. The film is made and owned by Madico, give our CA service center at - 1.800.624.3456 Bill