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  1. Sigma is nice. Good color, easy to work with. Never had issues with any of their films.
  2. Well yes...Yes I am!
  3. How ya doin Ric? I'm the same... Quite a few things have changed since we talked. Moved to Oregon, got married, had a children. The forum is still the same old, lots of good folks here and the occasional knucklehead. I knew about Oregon...not about mini me. Congrats!! And yes...Contractors and architects know EVERYTHING!!!
  4. How ya doin Ric? I'm the same...
  5. I'm good, and you? My project this week got cancelled because some contractor told client his windows would "explode" if tinted. haha I just said ..OK, whatever he says.
  6. Tint..You're Raffi right?
  7. Wassup boys? lol