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    Would it be to much to ask....for EVERYONE to raise their prices

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  1. I want to change the industry

    optically I don't think it would work.
  2. Pic of the Week #557 Winner

    Sweet. Looks good!
  3. PPF Adhesive Removal

    I use the right amount of heat and pull at the right angle as to not leave to much glue behind.
  4. That heat gun is super cool!
  5. I use a 25ft extension cord most of the time. I also carry a 100ft extension cord just in case. So that gives me 125ft to work with if need be. I'v had to use the 100 footer maybe three times. I also have a torch, works great if I dont feel like messing around with the cord.
  6. Solar Eclipse

    yeah I must say I'm pretty tired of hearing the word "totality"
  7. Solar Eclipse

    So I ended up going with four layers of 5%. The glass can be passed around and pictures can be taken. Works great. Have a great day everyone!
  8. Solar Eclipse

    Cool. Thanks everyone!
  9. Solar Eclipse

    I just wanted to tint a piece of glass, so it can be passed around and maybe take pictures through. I also heard the eclipse can damage the camera lens if not protected.
  10. Solar Eclipse

    I heard the same thing. #12 - #14 So how dark is that with window film, I have no idea
  11. Solar Eclipse

    I was thinking of tinting a piece of glass to view the solar eclipse on Monday August 23rd. How many layers of tint should I use and what type of film? What do you guys think?
  12. Pic of the Week #535 Submissions

    Dang. would love to have this Jeep. Super hard to find in good shape.
  13. Pic of the Week #532 VOTE

    TA is back...good luck everyone!
  14. Cool man cave.

    Yeah it was cool. I love the customers that dont ask for a price to tint and clear bra a car.
  15. Before you started Tinting

    Started washing cars at 12 years old at my family's body shop. Sams Automotive in Englewood, Colorado. I worked parts and service. ICAR certified collision estimateing befor 17. I ran the grill at McDolalds for about 3 months and the Super Bar (salad bar) at Wendys for almost three weeks. That was 1988-1989. Started tinting in 1990.