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  1. Avoid it happening

    Common rookie problem. Always always double and triple check your work. With PPF edge's need to be gone over and sealed. The picture shown is absolutely installer error. Always check your edges and make sure they are sealed. And an installer does not need an air compressor to make this work.
  2. Whats up BOSS!

    I like to introduce myself to the customer. They introduce themselves. I then address them by their name. They then address me by my name. Seems to work out pretty well for me
  3. Pic of the Week #603 Submissions

    The bike is sweet TD!
  4. I want to change the industry

    optically I don't think it would work.
  5. Pic of the Week #557 Winner

    Sweet. Looks good!
  6. PPF Adhesive Removal

    I use the right amount of heat and pull at the right angle as to not leave to much glue behind.
  7. That heat gun is super cool!
  8. I use a 25ft extension cord most of the time. I also carry a 100ft extension cord just in case. So that gives me 125ft to work with if need be. I'v had to use the 100 footer maybe three times. I also have a torch, works great if I dont feel like messing around with the cord.
  9. Solar Eclipse

    yeah I must say I'm pretty tired of hearing the word "totality"
  10. Solar Eclipse

    So I ended up going with four layers of 5%. The glass can be passed around and pictures can be taken. Works great. Have a great day everyone!
  11. Solar Eclipse

    Cool. Thanks everyone!
  12. Solar Eclipse

    I just wanted to tint a piece of glass, so it can be passed around and maybe take pictures through. I also heard the eclipse can damage the camera lens if not protected.
  13. Solar Eclipse

    I heard the same thing. #12 - #14 So how dark is that with window film, I have no idea
  14. Solar Eclipse

    I was thinking of tinting a piece of glass to view the solar eclipse on Monday August 23rd. How many layers of tint should I use and what type of film? What do you guys think?
  15. Pic of the Week #535 Submissions

    Dang. would love to have this Jeep. Super hard to find in good shape.