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  1. Not much going on today... just a chill friday.
  2. 'morning TGIF!
  3. A friend posted this in another forum and I thought it was funny...
  4. I started to clean... starting with the dishes. Did a few and gave up. lol
  5. Technically, sure. But you've very likely to break the window by using auto film. Depends on how dark the film is, and what type of glass. The biggest issue is that auto film absorbs too much heat compared to flat glass films, which is likely to break the glass. The risks are far too great to attempt doing it... IMO.
  6. If your boss is allowing it - then I don't see anything wrong with doing it per se.... there are still complications that could result, but if he's ok with it - fine. Just be smart about it.
  7. Only problem is how to find delivery girls? other then just ordering everything from all over.
  8. 'morning all.....
  9. Well, that makes me feel super old.
  10. Agreed... go with the Air 80 (or the like) and skip the brow. Looks really nice!
  11. Watching a YT vid... guy has a drone who is lost contact with... and it actually returned to the base! How freaking cool is that?!?! Technology is sometimes pretty neat.
  12. Ah, ok. Then yes, in that case, I'd go for a 60" box split down the middle. Less waste then a 36" box. Less waste the better... regardless if you priced with or w/o waste factored into it.
  13. Dunno... I know most if not all of the cable tv & mobile phone companies all have mystery fees... Now that sounds like a plan!