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  1. Last one to post #897

    Came across this guy on youtube... (channel name is - Merlin and Me) he rides with his dog. He's strapped in really well, so no chance of him jumping off or anything.
  2. Congrats @Tint Eastwood!! Open chat thread.... carry on.
  3. Last one to post #896

    'morning all.....
  4. Last one to post #896

    Welp, back home from my vaca. As I was boarding the plane and I walked past the 1st class people, all I was thinking was that if the plane crashes, they are gonna die too. Suckers!!!!
  5. Last one to post #896

    'morning all....
  6. Last one to post #896

    Congrats @no ma'am Is that gonna be a regular superhero movie JH?
  7. Last One To Post #895

    'afternoon all...
  8. In my case, most of the people I work with - contractors, glass companies, etc - They have called me. As you mentioned - emails and phone calls don't usually get returned - but, IMO, it's still worth trying, esp. if you have down time that you could spend making calls. Ideally, if one contractor returns your call/email which leads to a new stream of jobs - then it was worth the time spent. I wish I had more help to give...
  9. Last One To Post #895

    'morning all...
  10. Last One To Post #895

    So... Just watched a video on YT and it mentioned how old the Simpsons would be if they actually aged. Maggie would be 28... Lisa would be 35 and Bart would be 37. Homer would be 63 and Marge would be 61.
  11. Last One To Post #895

    Nope. Odd. I used a browser and it opened fine. Computers.........
  12. Last One To Post #895

    Can anyone read that thread "cuts on glass"?? Whenever I try to click on it I get an error.. reading with Tapatalk.