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  1. Ha! I wish.... I'd love to just take a month off and stop by to meet everyone along the way.
  2. How long was the flight from TN to Oahu?
  3. I feel like playing something.... 'afternoon all...
  4. 'morning all..... Sunday funday!
  5. I'm not really sure - but I'd guess similar to a cat. While not 100%, they are pretty good with only going in this box/container thing they have in the cage. And when they are just in the kitchen, they only go on a tray thing they have for their shoes. I have no idea how they trained them to do this - but it works. When they first got them, they would just poop on the kitchen floor as they were hopping around. Evidently with bunnies, if you just hold them in your arms they don't poop, but if you put them down and they are running around on the floor, they just poop as they go. Some how you can train them to only go in a certain area - like cats.
  6. Took this the other day. The bunny (seems it's just this one - not both of them) likes dog food. lol
  7. This is a pretty interesting site... I don't think I'd voluntarily give up a limb in exchange for money, but I think with the way technology is these days, I'd be ok if something should happen.
  8. Heh... saw a post on FB - picture of a guy who had his hand crushed in an accident at work and was left with only his thumb. The pic was of a robotic hand which is crazy cool. His pointer finger is a diff color and material so it works on touch screens and stuff. Pretty neat. Anyway... I was looking thru his photos, and he also has a fake non-functional hand but it looks like real fingers. I think if I had something like that happen to me, I would HAVE to get one that had 6 fingers on it. Then I'd tell people that I was hiding from Inigo Montoya.
  9. How's it going JH?
  10. 'afternoon all...
  11. Congrats!! 'morning all....
  12. Looks like a dusting.
  13. Did they not get the memo that it's spring???