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  1. Roach

    Off Topic Chat Thread

    'morning all.... Sounds like you got a good plan ETA: It's national puppy day!!
  2. Tesla isn't going anywhere, anytime soon. At least IMO, which isn't based on anything. I just don't see it happening. But who knows.. stranger things have happened.
  3. Roach

    Off Topic Chat Thread

    Comic Con NYC is in 195 days..... Gonna go by super fast. Gotta get ready.
  4. Roach

    Off Topic Chat Thread

    'morning all.... JH - Hopefully the cc company is good with reversing stuff like that. Been there done that a few times.
  5. Roach

    Off Topic Chat Thread

    I don't even tint cars but every time I see a BMW on the road I see them driving like they have no idea how to drive. lol
  6. Roach

    Off Topic Chat Thread

    *Up* since 2???? That's like... 'not even going to bed' territory.
  7. Roach

    Off Topic Chat Thread

    Happy fridayeve. lol
  8. Roach

    Am I tripping?

    Fair enough. You'd be amazed at how many people get their cars tinted at a new place in order to save $10. So I was just curious why you didn't return. Just like with most businesses, they say the after care is where the good shine. If you're not happy, return and see what they offer to do.
  9. Roach

    Am I tripping?

    Just curious why you didn't continue to use the other shop?
  10. Roach

    Off Topic Chat Thread

    Looks like a ton of fun.
  11. Roach

    Off Topic Chat Thread

    My mom went to the eye doctor recently... She has cataracts forming.,. It's not super bad right now ... The doc said she can wait to have them removed until it's bad... Or just get it done now. Does anyone know if it makes a difference as to when you have that done? Like.... Is the procedure the same regardless of how bad the cataracts is? Does it make it better to have it down early then later?