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  1. Last one to post # 875

    The new governor - when he was running a few months ago - he made it perfectly clear that he would increase taxes across the board. You'd think that would cause his opponent to win... Not here. Boggles my mind that he won.
  2. Last one to post # 875

    Yep... it sure is. Seeing how the new governor just increased a bunch of taxes, I wouldn't be surprised if at some point it actually makes it thru.
  3. Last one to post # 875

    One of our esteemed NJ politicians wants to introduce a bill to tax tap water. I hate living here....... 'afternoon all
  4. Last one to post # 875

    'morning.... Man could not fall asleep for anything last nite... Gonna be a crappy day.
  5. Last one to post # 875

    Glad everyone is ok
  6. Last one to post # 875

    No I passed. They were all individual panes that were about 3" x 5". [emoji38]
  7. Last one to post # 875

    Had a dream I went to an estimate in nothing but a bath towel around my waist. Lol
  8. Last one to post # 875

    'morning all.... Gonna be a long day.....................
  9. Last one to post # 875

    So the local honda motorcycle dealer had a Grom bike nite tonight... First one I've ever been to. My buddy won two trophies - loudest bike and most miles. I'd like to know who came in 2nd and 3rd for most miles. I have a 2018 and 3700 miles. Normally when I'm with a group and everyone is saying how many they have, I'm up at the top. My friend's grom is a 2015 or 2016 and he has over 10,000. @@ Took my Nikon... gotta go thru them and see if I managed to snap a good pic or three. After we drove to a department store lot and everyone was doing wheelies and stuff. Which I don't do that... with my luck I'll crash and it will cost like $2k to fix. lol As I was leaving, I pull on to the main street and a cop was sitting right there. I guess they don't care. I was kindof surprised. All in all a fun evening. It's funny.. as much as I probably should not have spent the money on the grom.... I don't regret it one bit. It's like my one toy that I have where I have fun every time I ride it. I keep it in my apt.. so every time I walk into the room where it sits I smile. /rant ETA: The best part - they had goodie bags for everyone... which included 2 condoms.
  10. Last one to post # 875

    Truck has 261k... a/c went today. Tried recharging it and still nothing. Good thing it's not like 95° and in the middle of summer. :jerkit: