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  1. Roach

    The Chat Thread

    And there is the difference. Which isn't to say a tinter can't become a business owner, but the two are not the same... far from it. If I were to talk to my parents about what I wanted to do, I would present it more towards the business aspect then just - I wanna tint windows. Which believe me... for the most part I've been a solo tinter/biz owner... and I've made it work, for what I want. But at some point, you can't do everything yourself. So it's better to learn what you need to in order to run a business and build from there. Sure... tint for yourself... until you have too much work coming in that it takes you away from the other things - sales... marketing, etc. You can't be installing tint 8 hours a day and not have time to grow the biz. I mean, you can... but it won't grow as much or as fast as it could otherwise. IMO
  2. Roach

    Frost across doors

    And what is up with that?!?!?!?! I'm all for having a little bit more then what 'they' advertise... but what is with these weird measurements?!?!? (Not so much 48" - but 50... really??? 50" or nothing. No 24".. no 36"... tons of waste, which I realize just means more $$$$ in the manu's pockets... but like.... ugh. Hasn't any of the suits that decide this stuff ever installed an inch of film?!?!?!!?) /rant
  3. Roach

    The Chat Thread

    Dude I am totally there. The difference, IMO, is structure. For example... I went thru school, all 12 years. My sister went thru 7th grade, then was home schooled. Her one daughter, who is now in 9th, has been home schooled since 7th. My other niece is currently in 6th - not sure what she will do next year. Either stay in public school, which in our area isn't terrible... or do the home school thing. I do better with structure.... others can go the self-taught route. I don't think either is better - all depends on the person. So yeah... between google, youtube, online courses, etc... No one thing fits everyone. I wouldn't want to go to a dentist that only learned from youtube, but when it comes to a lot of other fields - sure... do what will benefit you the most in the shortest amount of time.
  4. Roach

    The Chat Thread

    I did not go to college. I went to a tech school after HS... went into the IT field, because I was good at it and liked doing it, at home.. for myself. Once I go into the business world I hated doing it. Got in to tint.... Our greatest commodity is time. You're profile says you are 19. Not familiar with where you live... But.. If you truly enjoy tinting... and like dealing with people/customers... I would say that should be your focus. Maybe change your classes next year to be more towards either finances or marketing.... both would help you with building a business. The last thing you want is to be 40 and then decide to change fields. Not that it can't be done... It can... but being 19 gives you so, SO much more time to build something for yourself.
  5. Roach

    The Chat Thread

    That's fair. I hate to use the word 'depression' - because.. .I know there are people that are truly depressed... I feel like by saying that I'm 'depressed' - I'm doing a huge disservice to those who are in situations so much worse then me. I do think I'm in a rut.. of pretty much doing 'nothing'. I know this is super out of context... but one of my online friends was saying to me last nite - "Because you could be enjoying life, and be hit by a bus. Or you could be miserable, and be hit by a bus. Those are the two options life gives you, so why waste your time being miserable when you could just as easily be happy." She's not wrong.
  6. Roach

    The Chat Thread

    I do think that is a huge part of it.... but I also know there are other issues too. Some.. solvable... others... not so much. I mean... it's not like I'm sitting here with a gun under my chin.... but yeah... ETA: I just find it interesting how others see me. One of which is my mom... so when I asked her last night what she thought, first thing she asked was if I wanted to truth. None of this comes as a surprise.... just a little bit of an eye opener that others see things which I thought I was kindof sorta trying not to show. /rant
  7. Roach

    The Chat Thread

    In the past week, 4 people have told me they think I'm depressed. Two of which are just online friends who don't really know me.... other two are IRL friends/family.
  8. Roach

    1 way viewing window film

    Change the lighting. It needs to be super bright on the mirror side... .darker on the other side. Think of CSI - when they are talking to someone... that room is brightly lite - everyone watching from outside is in a dark hallway. It's just a matter of the lighting. ETA: TintDude beat me to it!
  9. Roach

    The Chat Thread

    Yikes that's early.......
  10. Roach

    The Chat Thread

  11. Roach

    The Chat Thread

    Ah, ok. Didnt know it was a squeal.
  12. Roach

    The Chat Thread

    Just looked at the trailer... I dunno... didn't really show what it's actually about. I'm all for zombie type movies... as long as there is a somewhat, loosely, plausible storyline.
  13. Roach

    The Chat Thread

    Yeah.... no. I'm not ready for the 30s. It's 68° now... almost perfect... 64-65 would be ideal.
  14. Roach

    The Chat Thread

    This could end so, so badly.
  15. Roach

    The Chat Thread

    'morning all... Nice and fall-like today. Mid 50's here.