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  1. Last One To Post #846

    Supposed to be in the mid 60s all next week... Might hit 70° on Monday.
  2. Last One To Post #846

    I can save you the trouble. I can't.
  3. Last One To Post #846

    I still like TT compared to mobile versions... which they are better, TT just seems to be super no-frills. When it comes to forums, they are mostly just text with pictures here and there. I think that's where TT excels. It's just quick and simple. Of course, I don't have the newest or fastest phone.... so that could be part of it.
  4. Last One To Post #846

    Alright... I'll let you know. Just looking for a hobby to get into and thought it could be fun.
  5. Last One To Post #846

    Can you tell how many users here use it?
  6. Last One To Post #846

    @TintDude - Not sure if you would know anything about this.... I use tapatalk on my phone with 3 websites. Here, the Audi R8 site, and husky-owners.com. I don't read the husky forums all that often... not sure when the last time I check it was, but on the main screen when I start tapatalk, the 3 forums are listed. Well, last nite I noticed that the husky-owners site is just gone. I didn't delete it... I went to the forum on my laptop and I didn't see any mention of other people having problems with tapatalk... My ? - If they decided to remove tapatalk support from the site, would it just disappear from the client side?
  7. w00t!! Winner winner chicken dinner! 'morning all......
  8. Last One To Post #845

    Anyone fly drones???
  9. Last One To Post #845

    'nite Ric
  10. Last One To Post #845

    I got pizza for dinner. How you doing tonight?
  11. Last One To Post #845

    'evening all... I hate my truck. I broke my sunglasses. Ugh....
  12. Last One To Post #845

    TM - You aren't wrong... and I'd be pissed too. It's not your fault if they don't listen.
  13. Last One To Post #845

    Man, I just noticed my jacket has a freaking rip in it. Wouldn't be as big of a problem if the weather was actually more spring like... I figured on getting a new one in the fall.
  14. Last One To Post #845

    I think when I get my Audi R8.... I'll probably cheap out on tint. 'cause... you know... why not???
  15. Last One To Post #845

    I need a new job.... @jh812 What's the FG job you got? Resi or comm?