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  1. While that might be technically true, it's not actually true. I don't have 5% film... unless I find some in sample books I got sitting around. The sun is bright enough to shine thru the blackout. I just don't if it makes the spec of .0003. I don't see why it wouldn't, but I'm curious. @TintDude I've heard that too - but haven't read the details. It's going to be such a short period of time I'd be surprised if it really effects anything. But, I'm just a window tinter... what do I know.
  2. So what would blackout film be? I took my home made viewers over to my sister's tonight. Looking at the sun, it looks like a red dime. You can't see bulbs from a lamp... but you can see a super dim red dot from a cell phone flashlight.
  3. Can you fly the space shuttle with that??
  4. What were the Audis?
  5. Gotcha. I've still never seen a pair in person, so I wasn't sure how they made them. But the 2nd layer can't hurt, that's for sure.
  6. The glasses I ordered didn't come today... maybe monday. My mail comes in the morning, so no biggie if they actually arrive monday. I just went outside with a piece of blackout film.. you can see the sun thru it. I think if the glasses don't come I'll just use that. And I assume blackout blocks uv rays as well...
  7. Just picked up some chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.
  8. Good call...
  9. I smell a new FB group in the works!!!
  10. Great suggestion. I have one of those too... So far I've only used it once - but had other occasions where I could have used it. Just choose not to because of the client. But it's there... which is what matters.
  11. 1. We've all been there... It's a work in progress that never ends. So no worries with that. It will come in time. 2. As for changing the price - I personally have only done that once when I made a big enough error that it impacted the cost/profit of a job. I just explained to the person what happened and they were ok with the adjust price. On other jobs where I messed up I just ate it. It wasn't the customers fault I missed something.... But again, a car is a little different in that you would assume they would have it at least somewhat clean, but if anything I've learned by following people here and on other groups, customers don't seem to care and bring their cars to have tinted without being cleaned. So while you would think that would be on them.... Now, if someone brought a car to me in horrible condition, I wouldn't have any problems telling them to get it cleaned before tinting it... or like I said - increasing the price after looking at it, but before giving the price to the customer. If I get to a house or office that have old crummy windows and frames, I charge more. But I do that before giving them the quote - not after I'm done doing the job.
  12. Wow... interesting. Think it's the film or the conditions? ie. it would happen to other films if installed......
  13. Since I don't tint cars, I can't give you a super great answer.... but, being in business for a long time, I can give you some thoughts. First... the longer you are in business, the more cars you see and work with, you should kindof get an idea of what something is going to require. Granted - there are always surprises... I've been doing this for 17 yrs and I still misjudge jobs here and there. Just kindof part of the beast. Second... my guess is you aren't super busy or else you would have turn this car down in the first place. So my suggestion - get busier. Which I know is easier said then done, but the bottom line is when you are slammed, you'll pass on all the junk cars. When you need every car, you take every car. It's the same with flat glass. When I'm slammed - I'll price the dogs super high because I won't care if I don't get them. Third piece of advise - look over every single car that you might be unsure of. A filthy car doesn't need to be a surprise... look it over before giving the quote. On R&R - give a range - it could be $X or $Z depending on how much time it takes. Have a base price and then an hourly on top of that if it should take a super long time. When I screw up on a price for a job, 90% of the time it's because I didn't take my time to look at the windows closely and I ended up missing something. Totally on me.