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  1. Roach

    The Chat Thread

    Man... doing a google search for "Best" anything is such a waste....... EVERYONE claims theirs is the best.
  2. Roach

    Exterior Film Johnsons

    True... as with all films. It's in Jersey.. so our winters are super freeze thaw cycle. All four edges were sealed.. I don't recall specifically if there is an overhang. I keep meaning to actually stop by the place to see how it looks up close... drive-by it looks fine. Which it's been over a year, so I'm fine with what I gave them. The situation was that they had installed a wall behind a couple windows.. had another company install the wrong film internally to block the studs and stuff... but you could still see them. So... external was the only choice. I contacted solyx for their advice.. and was given a choice of films. (different concerns absolutely - they want to sell something - I want a happy client - totally different goals) Maybe this week I'll make a point to actually stop by. The contractor hasn't contacted me... which I assume means the client hasn't contacted him... but I'm more curious then anything else. 95% of my jobs are no where near me... this one happened to be right down the road from where I live and that I drive by several times a week. Even though I only gave them a 1 yr warr, I still want it to last much longer if possible.
  3. Roach

    Exterior Film Johnsons

    What are your thoughts on like... Solyx Cool Grey.. I installed that externally... sealed edges. They said it would be ok - I don't recall the lifespan they said it *should* have - but the client didn't really care. (My paperwork gave them a 1 yr warr) I drive by the place all the time... still looks good but it's only been a yr and a half.
  4. Roach

    The Chat Thread

    I just got an email from Suntek about their prices going up...
  5. Roach

    The Chat Thread

    'afternoon all.... Sunday funday!!
  6. Roach


  7. I would be very, very surprised if a cop would be able to even determine that light of film by sight... driving by someone or even at a stop. I had MAC6000 on my truck... and never had any issues. Granted, every area will be different.... but the cops in my town, last time I was in court, really seemed to be tint-ticket crazy.
  8. Roach


    Tonight's the last time to get posts in... What I wanted to do didn't work out... just another t-shirt, so I might do that myself later... anyway, I'm throwing in a $75 gift cert to 44tools.
  9. Roach

    Thought For The Day

    My momma use to always say, a bird has got to fly. Sometimes it soars, sometimes it flies into a window cause it's not so smart. But at least it flew. Or at least it did, cause it's probably dead now.
  10. Roach

    The Chat Thread

    'morning all....
  11. Roach

    Need Your Help Voting

    So did I. Odd that it let me if the contest is over. :shrugs: Hope you win!!!
  12. Roach Does Not...

    I know this is a diff post cause I'm a noob.... but whatever. I also agree with that. I'm from the pre-social media age... forums were it. And I totally get the appeal of FB and the like... I'm a member of several groups, although I haven't logged into them in forever. FB has a terrible search engine... like, terrible. So I don't think it's that great. And like TD said - people add other people to groups without their permission, or desire to join said groups. For so many of those reasons, seems be have a more negative connotation associated with it, which I do not agree with at all, and feel is totally unwarranted, but it is what it is. So personally, I don't think a FB page would help, or be useful. I do agree that an IG account could help... has been around forever... it will be around forever (hopefully!! ) Myspace died..... I can *potentially* see FB dying too - not any time soon though. But tides change...
  13. Roach Does Not...

    Not logging in to FB or IG in the past 3-4 months... I would tend to agree. I, for one, would have no problem with you doing that.
  14. Roach

    The Chat Thread

    'morning all.....