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  1. Any background in running a business?
  2. Sorry haven't been around much.. at least posting. Dealing with some crap & I've been in a funk. But I get pm's and stuff - so whenever there is a problem, I'm here.
  3. Seems the thread has run it's course...
  4. Congrats!
  5. Did you win?
  6. Thx. Congrats highplains.
  7. Agreed with DA. Not sure how much film you need to tint a boat compared to a car, but if the cost of materials is an issue, then I'd say your pricing is a bigger issue that needs to be addressed.
  8. Not bad at all!!
  9. I hope our mild winter doesn't mean it's going to be a hot summer... I'd be very happy with a long spring before the heat and humidity sets in.
  10. Sorry to hear that Bham. Been watching car crash videos on youtube. I gotta say - taking the weather factor out of them - there are some really bad drivers out there. I'm amazed there aren't more crashes.