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  1. Next sat I start dog/house sitting... so far just have two jobs this summer. Hopefully that's it. Anyway... my friend has a grill... so hopefully I'll be grilling a bunch while I'm over.
  2. Howdy Ric!
  3. 'evening all....
  4. Could not fall asleep for anything last nite... Finally did... One of my dreams last night was doing an estimate and the window was this huge window that was made of that rippled glass... But there was a ton of heat and he had it covered with plastic trash bags. Gotta love it...
  5. Welcome to the forum! I'm sure @flat rock stan will give you the 411... I haven't taken it but I know several regulars here have. @Stewy has...
  6. We had storms roll in this morning... flood watch was issued but everything cleared by mid-morning. Hope it doesn't get too nuts down there JH.
  7. 'evening all.....
  8. Is that what you get in your area?
  9. I know... Way too early for a Saturday. Ugh...
  10. Congrats!! 'evening all....
  11. 'morning....