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  1. Do they meter at the station or just visually check?
  2. I have more re-dos on one window jobs then when I'm doing a whole home. It's crazy.....
  3. 'evening all... Door looks good JH.
  4. So one of the twitch streams I kindof sorta but not really follow.... They stream 24x7. A bunch of gamers rotate. They are evidently on their way to some event. They live in FL.. going to TX. So they setup their van with one of their consoles, tv, cams, and full 'net connection. So they are playing games as they drive as well as caming. It's crazy that this is the technology we currently have. I don't think they are playing multi-player games... but still.
  5. 'morning...
  6. Ya know what would be funny?? If I came dressed up as someone from Star Trek.
  7. That's clever.
  8. Yeah, that would definitely scare the kids, and probably get me locked up. lol
  9. I'm short, but not that short.. and hardly wise enough to fill Yoda's shoes. lol JarJar... yeah well... might be a bit too close to home going as him.
  10. My neice is finishing 6th grade this yr... her party is evidently a star wars dress up thing. Haven't done the whole dress up party thing in forever. Not sure what I'm gonna do. If it were a super hero party I'd know... but not sure what to do for SW.
  11. Congrats TM and Slick!!