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  1. Roach

    Am I tripping?

    Fair enough. You'd be amazed at how many people get their cars tinted at a new place in order to save $10. So I was just curious why you didn't return. Just like with most businesses, they say the after care is where the good shine. If you're not happy, return and see what they offer to do.
  2. Roach

    Am I tripping?

    Just curious why you didn't continue to use the other shop?
  3. Roach

    Off Topic Chat Thread

  4. Roach

    Off Topic Chat Thread

    Looks like a ton of fun.
  5. Roach

    Off Topic Chat Thread

    My mom went to the eye doctor recently... She has cataracts forming.,. It's not super bad right now ... The doc said she can wait to have them removed until it's bad... Or just get it done now. Does anyone know if it makes a difference as to when you have that done? Like.... Is the procedure the same regardless of how bad the cataracts is? Does it make it better to have it down early then later?
  6. Roach

    Off Topic Chat Thread

  7. Roach

    Off Topic Chat Thread

    Yeah.. I think it was only on for 2 seasons. Didn't last long at all.
  8. Roach

    Off Topic Chat Thread

    He also did a season of CSI:Cyber. Wasn't a fan of that one... but I actually thought he did pretty ok in CSI:LV. Original cast was better... but he wasn't bad. IMO
  9. Roach

    Off Topic Chat Thread

    My friends come home tonight... The Huskies have been pretty cool. They do shed a LOT, which isn't a surprise... The one thing I worry about is not having a yard for mine. We have several dog parks I would take advantage of... But for going potty... I'd have to go out with the dog.. rain, snow, heat, etc. And while that's with most dogs... Most of the ones I watch I could let them out the front door and they would come back.. whereas Huskies are known to run and start life anew. [emoji23][emoji1787][emoji38]
  10. Roach

    Off Topic Chat Thread

    'afternoon all...
  11. Roach

    Off Topic Chat Thread

    The Huskies I'm watching this weekend. [emoji106]
  12. Roach

    Off Topic Chat Thread

    'afternoon all.....