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  1. Roach

    The Chat Thread

    It actually is... My niece had their yearly 'Olympic Day' at school today.. been going to it since my other niece started school... so the past 8 yrs between the both of them. Next year will be the last one if my younger niece does home schooling. (and even if she doesn't - not sure the middle school does stuff like this) Anyway.. it's just for half a day.. so they were done by noon. Her team lost overall. (They split the school - K-6 - into two teams.. white vs blue - she was on white, and while her team won most of her events, overall blue won) So on the way home from her house I was thinking about work - it's been stupid slow the past two weeks - but I have no motivation to do anything to drum up work.. I dunno.. I am totally messed up and gotta figure this crap out. /rant
  2. Roach

    The Chat Thread

    Man I'm so unmotivated to tint anymore.... like... scarily so.
  3. Roach

    The Chat Thread

    'morning all....
  4. Roach

    The Chat Thread

  5. Roach

    The Chat Thread

    Made meatballs for a gathering.... Had two Crock-Pots in my car. First turn and the one topples over. Doh!!! Lost a bunch of meatballs... But my car smells good. [emoji38]
  6. Roach

    The Chat Thread

  7. Roach

    The Chat Thread

    For the most part I try to be a very calm driver... but I also like to have fun. So I was out getting dinner and this guy in front of me was doing 25 in a 40mph. I was right on his butt - which fine... I shouldn't have been. He stops in the middle of the street, gets out, comes back to my car and asks if I can get any closer. I said - Of course I could. What a freak. hahahahahaha
  8. Roach

    Thought For The Day

    " I think all you need is a small taste of success, and you will find it suits you." Monique - Better Off Dead
  9. Roach

    Window Film Brand to Sell?

    Just curious... why are you looking to change?
  10. Roach

    The Chat Thread

  11. Roach

    The Chat Thread

    Too funny!!!
  12. Roach

    The Chat Thread

    The place I wanna move to is a gated complex... The gates are open from time to time - for school buses and stuff... I was out on my bike tonight and I like to ride thru it... just to keep that goal in mind. So I follow a car in... I rode around a few times just chilling and stuff.. and I went to leave, but the bike isn't heavy enough to trip the sensor to open the gate to get out. Rode around for another 5-10 min until I saw another car coming in and got out that way. Too funny!!! I was like - wth am I gonna do now!?!?!?! 'evening all......
  13. Roach

    The Chat Thread