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  1. Off Topic Chat Thread

    I have no idea how to get that off... Other then wait for it to melt. The temps are supposed to warm up and be in the 40s I think tomorrow or thursday.. which should help. I dunno.. maybe get enough of it off to open a door and then start the car? Either way it would majorly suck. lol
  2. Off Topic Chat Thread

    There's been a couple local fires over the past day or two and with the extreme cold, it's resulted in tons of ice on everything that's gotten wet. Kindof bad pic, but best I could get from the news clip. This was in front of a home that was on fire over in Philly. Unfortunately living over there, or in any big city I'd assume, has many occurrences of collateral damage.
  3. Off Topic Chat Thread

  4. Off Topic Chat Thread

    Yep... most definitely.
  5. Off Topic Chat Thread

    Yes.. across the bridge from Philly.
  6. Off Topic Chat Thread

    10° here... didn't get any snow - it was all rain. So I guess there's that. 'morning.....
  7. Off Topic Chat Thread

    Lunar eclipse is tonight.... I think it behind around 10:30pm est.. peaks around 11:10pm.. Right now it's partly cloudy... Hopefully it's clear for some of it here.
  8. Off Topic Chat Thread

    It's going ok. Still trying to get use to being here. It's not bad... it's just not what I'm use to. The other guys who live here seem pretty cool.. The one I hardly ever see... the other two I see here and there. I dunno... it's not bad overall. Still gotta work on the internet connection... being in the basement the wifi signal isn't the best. That's really the only issue I currently have.
  9. Where can I hire experienced window tinters?

    True. I think I would try and use them too though. If the person signing it doesn't know they aren't enforceable, they might abide by it. Worth a shot.
  10. Off Topic Chat Thread

    'afternoon all.... TGIF!
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  12. Off Topic Chat Thread

    Alright cool.. thanks for the suggestions. My parents always used one of those percolator glass pots which I think is the best way to do it but I'd never drink enough to make it worth doing. When I was at my uncle's back in Sept he always made coffee in the morning so we'd have a cup first thing and just chat. Got in the routine of doing that.... Of course, w/o the morning chat it's not as appealing. Anyway.... I'll pick some up this weekend when I go shopping.
  13. Off Topic Chat Thread

    The apt I'm at has a Keurig... I've never used one before. I'm not a big coffee drinker and when I do want some I just run to the deli and get one. Anyone have any suggestions on some good cups to get?
  14. Off Topic Chat Thread

    Hmm.. it's ok. Got the paper towel off.. put some stuff my sister had on it, wrapped it with the non-stick dressing, then wrapped everything with gauze and tape. It's well protected, so hopefully it will start to heal. Got a feeling this is going to take a while. Still kicking myself for doing it. Oh well.
  15. Off Topic Chat Thread

    'morning all.....
  16. Off Topic Chat Thread

    'afternoon all...
  17. Off Topic Chat Thread

    Still working on soaking the paper towel off... But cut a lot of it away.
  18. Off Topic Chat Thread

  19. Off Topic Chat Thread

    Its taking forever to soak off.....
  20. Off Topic Chat Thread

    Heh... maybe tomorrow... I still haven't taken the paper towels off it.. Trying to decide what to do before going to bed.