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  1. Is this normal looking?

    Yep, completely normal. 👍🏻
  2. How many times have you "quit"

    How many times have I quit ? About every 10 minutes every day ! Lol ! Don’t sweat it though... the good days make you forget the bad
  3. 2018 Camry back glass

    Our experience is that isn’t too difficult a glass.... shrinking takes quite a bit of practice to get a feel for how the film will react. Maybe try sliding a sheet of paper between the film and the glass when you start to get up too those corners. The paper will force the film to float on the glass so you don’t get all your shrink on one little part if the film is sticking too the glass
  4. 2018 porsche 911 gt3

    All the ones we have done have a tempered stamp on the glass.... we tint as normal. Look for the glass marking... it will tell you what material it is.
  5. Size Rolls everyone use

    38/22 22 for most truck side 38 sideways for the fords
  6. What would you do ?

    You did the right thing... life is too short to get used by crooks.
  7. Is 5% tint on the windshield reasonable?

    Any court or insurance adjuster will find any tint on a windshield as negligent. Anything as dark as what you have will be easily ruled as gross negligence. You most likely will be on the hook for all costs associated with any accident as if you had zero insurance. Just the facts.
  8. Aluminum rub on window?

    Maybe I’m not looking at the right thing... what I’m seeing isn’t metal marks but scratches in the glass.
  9. Some steamy advice

    Buy a jiffy steamer... the j2 or j2000 work just fine.... buy the wig wand attachment and extend the hose about a foot and a half to reach back windows better.
  10. New Product

    Very nice !
  11. Been using my yellow turbo for years... this post reminds me I should probably replace it...lol