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  1. Help burnt plastic molding on mazda 3 2018 ?

    Hahaha!! I wasted same piece on a new Mazda 6..... first damage in 10 years.... the mazda 6 one had double stick tape and a couple snaps.... like a 2 minute replacement.. the next day air I paid for was more than the part.... those things don’t take much heat! I shouldnt laugh tho... I actually felt like an ass for making such a stupid mistake... just remember to take care of the situation as you would like it handled if it was your car.
  2. Tint graphics on hair salon

    Wow !! Still the King TA !
  3. Tinting IS 250 without pulling panels

    Quack Life !
  4. Flexible Tube Light - Must Buy

    I agree ! Super reasonable!
  5. Flexible Tube Light - Must Buy

    Received my tint light today. Yes too too the critics... it is like anything in life.. if you want to take the time to source the components you could build one cheaper.. however, this light is bright, its flexible, I believe Jeff has built them too the highest standards possible for a tool that is not coming out of a production factory. It lights the rear decks very very well ! If if you are on the fence I would spend the money and order one. You can also feel good that you are supporting a fellow window tinter who is trying to help advance our industry ! Thanks for the great light man !!
  6. Flexible Tube Light - Must Buy

    Good review Mid Town ! Just ordered one...
  7. Best Custom Heat Box for sale

    Misspelled the word Applications under the right most bulb
  8. Is this normal looking?

    Yep, completely normal. 👍🏻
  9. How many times have you "quit"

    How many times have I quit ? About every 10 minutes every day ! Lol ! Don’t sweat it though... the good days make you forget the bad
  10. 2018 Camry back glass

    Our experience is that isn’t too difficult a glass.... shrinking takes quite a bit of practice to get a feel for how the film will react. Maybe try sliding a sheet of paper between the film and the glass when you start to get up too those corners. The paper will force the film to float on the glass so you don’t get all your shrink on one little part if the film is sticking too the glass
  11. 2018 porsche 911 gt3

    All the ones we have done have a tempered stamp on the glass.... we tint as normal. Look for the glass marking... it will tell you what material it is.
  12. Size Rolls everyone use

    38/22 22 for most truck side 38 sideways for the fords