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  1. dan_kohan

    Not tucking film anymore

    yeah, I just had to change a few things up this year. I'm getting old and I was realizing how much more time it was taking me to remove and re install seals and door panels especially on certain types of vehicles. It only makes sense to charge a little bit extra for the time it takes to do the job you want to do it. Even an extra 25.00 to yank seals out that only takes an extra 2-5 minutes can help out in paying over head and stuff like that in the long run. sometimes I will charge an extra 50.00 - 100.00 for door panel removal and reinstall, all it comes down to is how much longer is it going to take you and charge accordingly. I even have large wall stopwatch clocks mounted in my bay to time my jobs. If someone is only paying me for an hour and a half of my time then I definitely keep an eye on the clock and make sure I get it out the door within that time they are paying me for. I'm busy enough so I don't need to be bending over backwards for cheap customers anymore and spending twice as long on their vehicles than what they are paying me for while they sit and wait then have the nerve to keep asking me how much long longer until it's done. so annoying.
  2. dan_kohan

    Not tucking film anymore

    I used to pull seals out and remove panels on pretty much everything, now I offer the customer to do the installation one or two ways, top load or bottom load. They are gonna pay me more for any removal and reinstall but get a way higher quality job with less prone to peeling. If they want to be cheap then so be it. I tuck it and out the door it goes. No warranty for peeling from the bottom and if there's a little extra dirt in the installation or creases from doing the tucking method then you get what you pay for. time is money, if anything peels from the bottom I charge a fee for doing it the way I wanted to do it the first time. No more free bee's around here.
  3. dan_kohan

    Switching Tint Supplier

    The film is always the first to blame but 99% of the time if there's peeling issues, it's the installer.
  4. dan_kohan

    Switching Tint Supplier

    install it properly and you won't have peeling issues. Do you top load film or remove seals and bottom load it?
  5. dan_kohan

    Best way to deal with peanuts

    what the heck is a back blade pass...?