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  1. I have done a fork lift, a motor grader, bull dozer, tractor and 4 cranes! Yea heavy equipment can b a pain in the ass!
  2. Thanks!
  3. Stick a screwdriver in the door latch on the door and latch it. The window will go up as if the window is closed So simple you will feel stupid for asking Yea I do feel stupid but Even more so since I have tried this! Guess I wasnt pushing hard enough!
  4. I didnt see it so thought I would ask. On the doors you know how they roll down a inch or so and I have had no problems with them as far as tinting top and sitting in car and finishing out bottom. My problem is that I am sure there is a way to make the window roll up all the way an not have to close the door. I have tried to find a button or soemthing but have failed at this. Any help?
  5. Looks good! Should work out well for you!
  6. So I tint a Saturn Ion (which is easy peasy) and tell him all the care instructions, as he's pulling out he stops and jumps out and asked if loud music would hurt it! OMG!! I could barely keep from laughing at him until he pulled out!
  7. I use the gold cards. I also have a hard card sharpner that I payed like 3$ for. U just run the edges thru it. I do it onc a week. It only shaves a tiny bit off and makes it like new again.
  8. Thanks Ethan for the help! Sorry it took me a while to get it up! Have u gotten your sundrop yet?
  9. I LOVE this!
  10. No you cant close the account BUT you can open up a new account at a different bank for your business and just use it and not the other one.
  11. Mine was already done? Thanks Ric?!
  12. Turned out great! I have been wanting to get a drink maching. I finally did and it was one of the old carolina blue pepsi ones. I wrapped it in green and replaced the acrylic and stuck 88 decals on it, my hubby is a Jr. freak.
  13. I ment Bartow. I am also gonna be in Tampa
  14. Batrow Florida? Im going in February for a couple days and thought I would check out a couple ppl!