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  1. Busy shop in Philadelphia PA is looking for a full-time or part-time tinter. Pay is experienced based. Please contact J and J Automotive on Facebook, Instagram or by phone at 267-324-8857
  2. pierce8468

    2017 civic hatchback

    So only taking interior pieces apart and spoilers? No exterior pieces except the spoiler?
  3. This is old but figured I'd offer some advice. Elmers will come off pretty easy with just water and a good scrubbing
  4. pierce8468

    2017 civic hatchback

    I notice your pic only has the spoiler revoved, but the next poster has an exterior panel removed. Are there Different variations, or were you just able to remove the spoiler taking less apart?
  5. pierce8468

    Locked out of Tint Tek

    For future reference Try to close out your web browser and reopen it, and open a web page. If you happen to lose an internet connection, it will tell you you are unlicensed.
  6. pierce8468

    Downloading new patterns problem

    Sorry TW just getting back to this now. I was running on the cloud version at the time. I ended up having a issue with the software itself. Had to remove and reinstall to fix the issue.
  7. pierce8468

    17 civic hatch tint no spoiler removal......YES!!!

    Any tips on how to remove the spoiler?
  8. pierce8468

    Downloading new patterns problem

    Has anyone recently had an issue of not being able to download the new patterns? I can see there are new patterns available, but I'm not getting the pop up to download new patterns. Anyone else have this issue and have a fix for it?