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  1. Experienced Full or Part-Time car tinter needed for expanding family owned and established shop. Great work environment and above average pay with potential for weekly bonuses. No Drama No Divas, just dependable and hard working individuals wanted. Please email work experience, availability, pay requirements, and references to
  2. WOW! I missed that so I wonder what you are supposed to use to clean your windows with??
  3. So there's this so called "Business Owner" who has the website and who offers $149.99 Mobile Auto Tinting servicing Ohio and a few other states. I come to find out this is not a legit business. He's not a registered business in Ohio nor is he registered with the Dept of Motor Vehicle repair as required in Ohio. It's obvious this guy is not paying any taxes and is stealing business from the rest of us legit business owners. I was able to do some research online and the site is registered to a Jule Willis and the only address I could find is an old address in Reno Nevada and Dayton Ohio. Does anyone know this guy or have more info on him? The site only lets you contact him via a contact form. I also found he used to own 775 Motorsports in Reno but was shut down by officials in Reno in 2008. Rick, I also wasn't sure if he was infringing on your trademarked or copyrighted name as well. Anyways, any help would be appreciated as these types of tinters are a virus in the industry.
  4. Thanks...I know it's a tad bit long but I think most installers would appreciate it. Most customers have no idea what is involved on tinting a car...and this kinda gives them an idea of what a car tinter does.
  5. My nephews friend who is in film school put this together for me.
  6. Ha, I try not to store any film that I won't be using in the van…all at shop. It's a 6cyl and it seems to be averaging 17/20 mpg right now. Sure beats my old 2001 cargo van where I was lucky to get 15mpg.
  7. I started out using friends that wanted to make some extra money. They don't have to know how to tint, just prep for you. Any idiot can clean and prep a window for you. You would be surprised how fast the install goes when someone is cleaning and prepping ahead of you. They also can clean up and clean the windows after you as well. Of course you have to pay them nicely so they will want to keep helping you when you need it. I always paid my help a minimum of $20/hr. If you pay someone $10/hr they aren't going to bite every time you need help.
  8. Decided it was time to improve my image a bit….Love this Nissan NV Hightop!!!
  9. I would be concerned about the reflecting sun/heat if there was a patio or walkway in front of the mirror tint. Could burn a hole right through your grandma
  10. Install it a lot and the customers really like the heat protection. Doesn't cut excessive glare like the DN-20 but not too many ceramics do.
  11. Just rub some Tussin on it
  12. If I hear that one more time from a customer I, my head is going to explode. Why is it the guy with a 12 year old car the first to cry "That Wasn't there when I brought it in". Why is it he only notices an obscure scratch or blemish in his glass or paint after its been in our shop? Does anyone do a pre inspection form or do a visual inspection with the customer before pulling the car in their shop? I don't currently but I am in the process to start doing it. So tired of customers eye banging their entire car when they come to pick up their car. People just can't be trusted anymore and I am tired of being blamed for stuff we did not do. It's getting so bad that we had a girl blame us for her horn not working 2 days after tinting it…a 2003 Mazda 6…WTF is wrong with people??
  13. There are wrapped vehicles everywhere around here but only one billboard trailer like this. I swear everywhere I pull this it gets looks like crazy. In fact I just drove it up and down a 5 mile stretch of road that is one of the busiest 4 lane roads in the area on this past saturday and I got 10 calls to schedule auto tint in a 30 minute time frame. They all said they saw my billboard.