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  1. pitu

    Frankenstein or reverse roll ???

    When I first reverse. Tend to get dirt and creased. Now I manage it well. It is the the best way to go. The only one I don’t reverse is tinting on a hatchback.
  2. pitu


    I always do. I prevent fingers instead waiting for it to happen
  3. pitu

    What did you tint today?

    2005 Clk 500.
  4. pitu

    2017 Range Rover.

    The front gasket is so damn tied.
  5. pitu

    2005 CLK 500

    Done a few of similar of these. E400.clk they are pretty same. Used to have some difficulty. Done this 05 clk today. Works out better than I expected. The cutting and loading is a bit tricky.
  6. pitu

    Adhesive remover.

    Hey every body here experienceing white mark line on door panel May be from the pink easy stripper ?One door panel ,that s leather. CTS.
  7. pitu

    1996 F series pickup

    tell customer it s gonna get some dirt.for older vehicle i mostly do hand cut.cuz patterns are not going to fit.unless it has a black boarder
  8. pitu

    2017 E400 coupe. 35% all

    Took a couple tries. End up I have to hand cut pattern
  9. pitu

    2017 Range Rover.

    Anybody tinted these window without remove door panel.
  10. pitu

    2015 Cla 250 Mercedes

    I did one couple wks ago 2016. Previous customer. Key sensor not detected. Done a few but this s the first time I guess I used more water this time. Me and him d been reading online. It s Feb, winter time. Took about over a wk finally customer txt back said it works. Thank God
  11. pitu

    2018 E400 coupe

    I will have 2 of these coming. I think the rear power windows is a pain. Any one has a good tricks. Thanks
  12. pitu

    2015 Cla 250 Mercedes

  13. pitu

    2014 CRV

    Pain. Honda never makes nice glass windows.most Quarter windows without black border. Look cheap. First one they make black border accord 2018 or 19 and new civic