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  1. mates

    Devil to retire soon

    If you could package up your clients and send them up to me that would be great thanks Rob
  2. mates

    Am I being too picky?

    The shop could redo it and get another piece of lint in it, you could maybe say look tint it as many times as you need to get it 100% perfect and he can spend a whole week on it, but if thats the expectation then tint jobs will cost 3 grand not 3 greenbacks Some specs are acceptable the only way for a true perfect install is to remove all glass , have a decontamination room then a vacuum chamber again you'd be paying thousands for that job as it would cost a lot of money to set up the shop and labour of all glass removal and cleaning time (as far as im aware this does not exist anywhere in the world for window film application) If you do choose to go back don't feel insulted if the shop owner offers a refund and removes all film, i did it to someone once and know that their new tint job from the other shop was much worse than mine that was near perfect but they would not accept 4-5 specs of dust over 7 windows total My work is good, some of the best in my area but its rarely 100% perfect