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    tinting, sign work, going to the lake, sports
  1. Looking for an experienced window tinter. Please be able to work M-F 8-5 and be on time. We tint, stripe vehicles, and make signs and graphics. Call Becky @901-606-8544 or come by Camper City Truck Accessories in Horn Lake, MS. We work hard but also have fun together.
  2. looks like you are at Gaston's here
  3. If you are honest, dependable, prompt, teachable, and want to work- call me. I need another good set of hands in my tint shop. Full or part time available. 662.560.3446
  4. i'm wrapping a 2004 toyota sequoia. Can't figure how to remove outside handles. Anybody have the info I need before I tear something up!
  5. I have had the company contact me on trying their film. Does anyone use it or know good or bad about it?
  6. What is a ozone generator and where do you get one? thanks for the replies
  7. I got my son a vehicle. The carpet had stains and it reeked of air freshener! Thought we could deal with it. Took it to detailer. and he actually got the stains out. The odor is still very strong. My question is this. What holds the most residual odor the carpet or seats (leather). I am about to pull all carpet out and replace. But don't want to if it may be the seats. Scared to get down and smell closely If I do take out carpet, what do I get and where? 2003 Nissan Pathfinder
  8. Would love to help you out on that. Let me know the specifics and I can give you a price and details. I can cut vinyl and print vinyl as well. tintgirl2000@yahoo.com
  9. Wow closer than where I have been getting from. Thanks
  10. I've used Global QDP for a few years and really like it. Now my distributor is pushing the Max Pro...not carrying QDP any longer. Guess who? Anyway, don't want to use Max Pro. I am once again in the market for tint. Can I buy from another Global Distributor? Just hadn't had time to call one of them and ask. What is anyone's take on this and why? Am I the only one that feels this pain? HA My legal here is net 28% so I have been laying 39% and works well.
  11. ezsnapdirect.com
  12. Anyone done these? It looks pretty cool and not that difficult. I would be interested in any feedback from anyone.Thanks.
  13. Easy! The answer is Global 45% all day long.
  14. Good Luck with that!
  15. Thanks guys...