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  1. I'm available for subcontract installation work, willing to travel but travel expenses may be required. I have worked with Sungard, SunTek, HanitaTek, LLumar, and Magnum, etc. Shauna 847.224.4608
  2. Gonna wait to divulge until I hear from the mfct.
  3. I dunno -- why don't you google the potential uses for OE and get back to me.
  4. What - the film or the oyster extract????
  5. Right next to their link for Oyster Extract..... Hmm.....
  6. Really dark bluish stuff -- and I didn't touch the adhesive side with my hands now that I reread some of the questions and comments.... strange....
  7. Is it common to have color in the adhesive?
  8. Tried a new product yesterday and we noticed our hands were getting blackish dye while installing. Is this usual with dyed films? Tks! Shauna
  9. Basically ended up with my choice of two jobs. I decided to go with Shaded Days in Lake Bluff, IL. I get to work with someone with a LOT of experience and, in addition to learning more about flatglass, I get to learn to tint cars! WOOOHOOO! if ya want to check out the website.
  10. LOL! Yeah, using the search function can open old cans of worms sometimes, can't it?
  11. This one just got to be even more fun! It's going to have to be an external application because there is tape-style signage on the inside of the windows. But, they want me to tint their house too.... FRENCH PANES! AAAAAAAAAAACCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKK LOL
  12. Welcome to the board! Shauna
  13. Yeah, well... I have no idea what you look like but you never know... VClimber - the crossk-dressing chicktinter? Could ya pull it off? LOL
  14. Dat's what I was kinda thinking. But, all the information I can get from you guys, I'll be forever grateful for. Thanks Shauna