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  1. Slick

    Anyone tried XPEL Prime?

    Sorry....I didn’t see this until just now. CS charcoal
  2. Slick

    Chat Thread - LOTP #826

    Welcome to Friday folks
  3. Slick

    Word Association Game

  4. Slick

    Last One To Post #825

    I actually need an eye exam....turn 50 this next month and my eyes are starting to feel it.... On a totally different topic...does anybody here do security film? I haven't done it in a few years and am looking for some help on how much to charge. If somebody could shoot me a PM, I'd appreciate it! Thanks.
  5. Slick

    Last One To Post #825

    Study sure you will pass....
  6. Slick

    Last One To Post #825

    maybe slept funny on it?