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  1. Slick

    Off Topic Chat Thread

    Not dead....I just smell that way....
  2. Slick

    Off Topic Chat Thread

  3. Slick

    Nissan Kicks beware 3rd brake light

    I stopped in a couple of days ago to post this warning...I don’t do a lot of Nissan’s so am a bit late to the ballgame. If you do want to remove the brake light, here is the underside of it...just so you know how it releases...approach it from the back side of the light.
  4. Slick

    Anyone tried XPEL Prime?

    Sorry....I didn’t see this until just now. CS charcoal
  5. Slick

    Chat Thread - LOTP #826

    Welcome to Friday folks
  6. Slick

    Word Association Game

  7. Slick

    Last One To Post #825

    I actually need an eye exam....turn 50 this next month and my eyes are starting to feel it.... On a totally different topic...does anybody here do security film? I haven't done it in a few years and am looking for some help on how much to charge. If somebody could shoot me a PM, I'd appreciate it! Thanks.
  8. Slick

    Last One To Post #825

    Study sure you will pass....