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  1. Pansies!
  2. Dang! That was short and sweet.
  3. ........^_^_^_^_>>_><_<<_^_^_^_..........
  4. Congrats JH!
  5. I thought it was starve a cold, feed a fever.( Scratching my head) Hope you get some relief. If you were here I would give you some essential oil antibiotics that would knock that crap out of you.
  6. Its a "GRRRRAVY" kind of day! Five trucks so far. Why that is gentlemanly of you @flat rock stan.😊
  7. Hi guys! Got home late. Shop is full of work for tomorrow. Sheesh!!
  8. I had to RandR a 96 Caprice I tinted in 1996. Rear glass finally failed. keep on keepin on Stan! Sword envy?? MEN!! DO YA THINK???? Ladies first!!
  9. Hi ladies!
  10. I miss those days
  11. Bubble guppies?????