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  1. Most definently the plus side!!
  2. Thanks @Roach! Im loving the rock work! I was super happy when I was able to get that put on instead of the styrofoam textured material. Im also excited about getting my driveways fixed during this process. 😄
  3. The shop is progressing now to a point that Im beginning to realize Im gonna have to go back to work before to long. Hoping that will be sometime before the end of November. Missing SEMA this year to ride herd on the contractors. Last week the rock work was completed and the foam insulation was sprayed. Today I meet with electrician, heat and air guy, buildout guy, and concrete guy. Fun fun!
  4. Morning people!
  5. Morning folks!
  6. Ill give those a try next time. Thanks!
  7. I had to resort to taking Imitrex to break the pain cycle and zofran to stop vomiting. I tried everything else, ibu, tylenol, hydrocodone 10 and then oxy. Ugh! This was the worst one ever. @Tintmaster08
  8. Been in bed two days with nasty migraine. I am among the living once again. Havent had one in years! Ugh..
  9. Hi @no ma'am!
  10. The builders were unable to put the roof on yesterday due to the wind picking up. Maybe Monday when the rock gets delivered. Then the doors will go up....I hope.
  11. Thank you @WearTheFoxHat! The first pic just may be a Tesla Model X that a long time customer and friend is waiting for me to get open to tint. I have been busy designing the enterior and going through my salvage shop digs in anticipation of my grand opening as the day gets nearer. I wake up at night and have pen and paper handy to jot down my ideas that come in the night. Im looking forward to a nice clean and crisp shop area to work out of.
  12. The overhead doors will be 12 feet high. My other doors were 11'6". This building is a bit taller than the last one. The building size is 50 by 50 with my shop area being 40 by 50.
  13. Thanks! Cracking the whip has now become a daily thing. For sure it really is nice to finally do the things I had always thought of but just never got around to doing it. I hope my vision becomes reality. Thanks again @Bham!