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  1. Will you take some advice from an old tinter? Make a point of saving a percentage of the money you make, open an IRA or buy cds. You will need a retirement and some security as you get older and retire. Just saying man..
  2. 3 no shows on a Monday but more than made up for that by taking two walkins and upsaled them to CTX Series!
  3. Poor thing...I got lucky four mornings in a row! 😁 Gonna be a great day!!
  4. send some rain my way TD!! @TintDude We are wayyyyy behind on rain. My ponds water level is three feet below normal.
  5. Right on!! Congrats!! @ dryshrinker
  6. Have had cars, in years past, where customers complained about something similar to this problem. Has to do with the angle of the glass and the "tenting" of the film and creating a type of visual affect where the lights rays reflect off the edge of the defroster and the film creating the starburst look. That's the only way I know to describe it. Not all cars do this, only ones with just that right, wrong, angle of glass with added window film. Only a hand full of people ever notice this problem.
  7. Excellent choice!! Looks great!!!
  8. Thanks TD! Thanks guys!!
  9. oops....sorry guys, I've been a bit too busy lately to respond in a timely manner. Being a Wincos installer I can say that the price quoted was 100 more than what I charge @moveitsmike
  10. 1995 Corvette to strip and tint today... yippee...😐
  11. @tintme69 Soo sorry to hear this. If you were close I would say come to work with me. I have more work than I can do most times. Look to God for all your needs and answers, He will guide you and Bless you more than ever if your faith is in Him and not yourself. Blessings brother!
  12. Yep! Definently go back and get your money back. I saw creases, too much water left behind, incorrect fit causing light gap and too much contamination in the film. The taillights definently should have had the edges stuck down better than that and they should not have cut it with the exacto not to mention the damage of scratches to the pillar near the back glass. Poor work and gross lack of care of customers car. So sorry you had a bad experience with that shop. Hope you get it resolved quickly and find someone to treat you and your car right.