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  1. And a side of fries!
  2. G morning everyone.
  3. I now have to wear 1.75 when working reading or what ever close up work I have to see. Really good thing I dont need glasses to see or find my husband.
  4. All of the above and a lot goes in the trash can.
  5. Nope! I won this!
  6. @ Slick I use the black sharpie to mark liners when I use them to make templates. Lost my silver one! 😂
  7. I use these types of pouches because everything has its place and I can quickly reach in and get what Im after to work faster. Cloth aprons drive me insane. 😁
  8. Sooooo glad those things are not coming through the shop door anymore. I could do them just HATED doing them.
  9. I trick them then leave them up for a while longer after tinting them as they dry and I finish the car. Sometimes I barely shut the doors and carefully move the car and set it in the sun or elsewhere in the shop. Remember to untrick them, pull the door latch, to release the latch to close doors when finished. Sometimes the latch may stick and just use a screw driver to gently guide the latch and pull door handle at same time to get it to receiving location.
  10. Thanks No Ma'am! Was just told today they may start my builder here sooner than planned.
  11. @no ma'am we would probably all be a bit touchy if we had lots of relatives there. None of us knows all the answers, can predict disastors or even control them. All we can do is be a neighbor and help in any positive way we can.
  12. Yup, yup, yup and yup! p