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  1. Last one to post #896

    Keep on trying!
  2. Pic of the Week #594 Submissions

    CUPCAKES!! YES, I made these Coke float, cherry limeade, cherry Coke and plain vanilla. They were all DEEELISH!!
  3. Last One To Post #895

    What was I thinking?!?!? Ate lunch before crawling into this Mazda Miata convertible to finish the rear glass. EGAD!!
  4. Last One To Post #895

    Chicken NUTgets??
  5. Last One To Post #895

    Thats GREAT news!!
  6. Last one to post #894

    Ten HUT!!
  7. Top loading question ???

    I couldnt help myself....😁
  8. Top loading question ???

    I like my tacos folded.....keeps my meat and cheese in da middle.
  9. Last One To Post #893

    Painful Trigger finger is fixed!! Thinking of you guys in the Carolinas.
  10. Last One To Post #893

    I miss all the fun
  11. Last One To Post #893

    Uhm..... NO
  12. Frankenstein or reverse roll ???

    I have sheets that I use to cover rear decks. I unfold on onto the rear deck then take a slim foot and jam it down to the bottom and make it all nice and neat with excess on each side. I clean rear glass according to the degree it needs. I take a microfiber and wrap a platinum reach and wipe and clean top and edges well. Clean window final time, spray slip solution over entire glass, then unroll left to right my precut film. If it moves to much during this process I use the slim foot to hold it at the bottom. I finish carefully unrolling then pulling the liner off and remain careful not to allow the bottom right hand corner to flip and touch the deck. I then use an 18 inch black and white to make a precurser run over the entire film then use my blue max for final pass. Usually comes out great! @quality tintz
  13. Last One To Post #893

    Dang!! Trigger finger just started acting up! Anybody got any remedy?? Anyone??