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  1. TNTLady

    Brand New Shop Coming Soon!

    Super nice!! Hope you have planned on plenty of AC so you can really enjoy the new work atmosphere. Nice smart looking place!!
  2. TNTLady

    The Chat Thread

    I feel you Roach. Some days I’m ready to just close the doors but then what? I’ve never drawn a pay check or worked anywhere I tint cars. Fortunately for me I have 30 year customers that simply will NOT take their cars anywhere else. Not even when I was waiting to re build they waited for me to reopen. To this day they all say “I don’t know what we will do about tint when you retire. No one else has ever tinted my windows except you.” For me, every day I think about what I’m going to do when I quit tinting. The weekend rehab I have to do to recover from a four day work week of cramming myself into these cars with long layed out hard to access rear windows is increasingly difficult to recover from. You see, I have three herniated discs in my neck and all that contorting leaves me with numb hands and horrible back spasms in the in tire thoracic region. I have to go weekly to my chiropractor and massage therapist to get help. Any how, I do feel your pain. I too hate dealing with the occasionally ASS that walks in the door and expects perfection in an imperfect world.
  3. TNTLady

    Dirt contamination problem

    I quit using the scrubbies to clean the windows and only razor the sides. I use micro fiber towels that I wash weekly on three hour cycle and are color coded for their uses. Orange for dirty work and green is clean, final pass before tinting and I use a fresh set or two on eash car. The orange ones I clean the gaskets with and the top edge of the glass. I do my final clean pass with my unger pro squeegee and whipe with the green one before install. You may need to also disassemble your unger squeegee and clean it good. Make sure it has a good blade in it and always keep extra inserts on hand for it to change out. Peal your backing off on a peeler board with your tint upside down and peel up with the liner going up. Always keep your peeler board clean. If you cut your film on the outside always clean the glass before cutting your patterns. This eliminates a lot of dirt from contaminating your peeler board, tools and film. Fortunately I always have clean installs due to these steps I take.
  4. TNTLady

    What did you tint today?

    The more you do of them the easier it will theory. LOL!
  5. TNTLady

    What did you tint today?

    Did this monster van with CTX 5, 15 and lastly AIR 80 on the windshield. Super easy!
  6. TNTLady

    The Chat Thread

    Morning dudes!!
  7. TNTLady

    The Chat Thread

    I get so sick and tired of people calling me asking me questions and then treat me like I'm stupid because I'm a female and I must not know what I'm talking about when it comes to cars!!!😠
  8. TNTLady

    The Chat Thread

  9. TNTLady

    The Chat Thread

    Even in daytime its pretty bad. My thought exactly on it being a problem without tint. They brought it to me the day after buying it so Im sure they had not had time to discover this before hand. Thanks for trying to help me figure it out.
  10. TNTLady

    The Chat Thread

    @ Bham I asked a question yesterday and really need help figuring this out. Customer complaining of really bad reflection at night time when they drive after installing the CTX 35 on the front doors of this Mercedes. Here's a picture of what the new screen looks like.
  11. TNTLady

    The Chat Thread

  12. TNTLady

    The Chat Thread

    Heres a pic of the interior and single screen display. I dont know what they have the interior light setting at. Will find out when it comes in tomorrow. Note the reflection of the air vent grill on the windowsurface.
  13. TNTLady

    The Chat Thread

    I have a puzzler guys. I tinted a 2019 Mercedes GL350 two weeks ago with the CTX series. The customer is complaining of everything reflecting so badly at night that she cannot see her mirrors or out of the window. I have had no other complaints about this and I have the same on my Yukon Denali. Any ideas why and what I should use instead?
  14. TNTLady

    New Llumar IRX

    My question also
  15. TNTLady

    Tried tucking some vehicles

    I NEVER tuck. I do spend more time now days pulling sweeps out. I never have fingers popping up as I make sure to shrink the film before installing.