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  1. Last one to post #930

    Cats napping is whats going on here. Nice roaring fire and a cup of coffee. Brrr its cold outside!!!
  2. Last one to post #930

    Why do I do this to myself??? I let folks talk me into booking their cars new years day. The first one for 8 am didnt show until 10 am. Fortunately one of my xmas paid jobs showed up. However....the other cars scheduled have not showed up and havent even called. NEVER AGAIN I even had folks talked me into booking them Christmas Eve plus I also turn down work I could have done Christmas Eve for other folks. I arrived Christmas Eve to work and absolutely no one showed up! People are so unreliable these days yet they will gripe about small business people not being open and available to them whenever they want. I've done my time through the years at the cost of my health sanity and two marriages. NO MORE HOLIDAYS FOR A N Y O N E. I dont care if they go elsewhere....GO!!! No more skin off my nose.
  3. Last one to post #930

    Shoot, thats nothing! I tint in my sleep!!!
  4. Last one to post #930

  5. Last one to post #924

    Ugh...I need more coffee
  6. Last one to post #920

    Finally Friday!
  7. Last one to post #918

    Possibles tornados for our area tomorrow
  8. Last one to post #918

    Sitting here eating a pumpkin muffin I made with my coffee and now thinking bout dieting....but then theres Christmas cookies to think about.....think Ill start a diet......next year. 😂 Yall excuse me, these windows arent gonna tint themselvess. Yay me for a win!! Thanks guys!
  9. Last one to post #917

    Yup! New Chevy Traverse. Did the new 19 GMC 1/2 ton last week and it wasnt near this bad.😒
  10. Last one to post #917

    @Bham yeah...those 1/4's on the E 350 are a butt pain. Anything else I need to know on the 2019 E 350? Sorry, my brain had moved onto the next problem for the day.
  11. Last one to post #917

    Dont recall ever having any problems with the older Corvettes. @ Bham as for the rear door on this Traverse....piece of cake.
  12. Last one to post #917

    So how the heck is a gal supposed to get a good shaved edge on this when they have have beveled the edge so far back??
  13. Last one to post #917

    Any one done a 2 door Mercedes E 350 yet? Any problems I need fair warning about?