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  1. Last one to post #914

    at this rate Ill never catch up....
  2. Last one to post #914

    I miss all the good stuff! I was busy tinting instead of cruisin Tint Dude
  3. Last one to post #914

    Make me.....
  4. Last one to post #914

    You laugh @jh812 but man I cant stand that smell!
  5. Last one to post #914

    Have one of those stinky removal jobs. I decided to experiment by putting this in the tank. BOOM! Stink resolved!
  6. Pic of the Week #601 Submissions

    Ready for Christmas at The Tint Shop!!
  7. Last one to post #913

    Dang!! Missed it again!×
  8. Last one to post #912

    Awwwww @ Bham, my heart hurts for you. 😢 We are animal people too. Our cats stay inside, all 4, because my husband doesnt want coyotes, fox or dogs to get ours. My oldest cat is17 years old and I bottle raised him at 3 weeks old. Our 110 pound yellow lab mix loves him and watches after him. Hugs man...
  9. Pic of the Week #598 Winner

    Thanks everyone. @WearTheFoxHat @Ryker @highplains @Tint Artist Thats pretty dang cool there @Ryker!
  10. Last one to post #911

  11. Pic of the Week #598 Winner

    Thanks guys!!
  12. Last one to post #909 Beat Jimmy

    I have a bad case of not wanting to tint today.
  13. Last one to post #909 Beat Jimmy

    Here is some cheese to go along with that whine @no ma'am!