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  1. How right you are!! Yes, I lost 34 years of accumulated mementos but I'm good with that. Kind of cleansing!! All of my signs, which included some mint condition signs, were damaged and a few lost. Yes, the Noid and Mr. Green Jeans made it through the tornado and were found near by where I left them. Saturday we couldn't start clearing stuff until the rain passed, 4 and a half inches more, but the crane needed to lift the beam couldn't make it due to all the area flooding. We were able to clear a LOT of stuff from the sight and gather up more signs and get everything shuffled over to a storage building. Sunday was spent trying to rest and do some laundry. I've been exhausted!! Today was spent back at the shop site avoiding reporter calls and messages for further interviews, taking pictures for insurance and contractors, walking around and looking for other items, trekking through the woods behind my shop where a portion of my shop stuff went into. I found a few things along with a helper friend. Then the afternoon was spent meeting with contractors hammering out the details of insurance gobbled gook and working on ideas for improvements for the new building that will go up. Tomorrow will involve walking around looking for missed items that are still underneath walls that will be lifted tomorrow as a contractor comes in to lift the beam and begin the clear the concrete pad of all the steel, metal, wood and CRAP!! I have insurance for the rebuild and will even be reimbursed for loss of work. I have had a dozen plus offers of buildings to go to rent free but will have to go take a look see at them all and decide where to set up temporarily until my new shop building is ready for me. I'm excited to be getting a new building to celebrate thirty years in Muskogee! Not gonna lose sleep or cry over things lost. Lives were not lost during the entire tornadic event in town. Today National Weather Service declared today that an F2 tornado did indeed hit Muskogee, mainly my building, and that we had a total of seven in our area that night alone. The sheet metal from the roof of my shop was found all the way to WalMart, a block away around the new shopping center on the other side of the woods. Crazy stuff!! Thank you all for all the well wishes and hugs and support. Now if Tint Dude could come up with a tornadic medal to commemorate the survival of a tornado....
  2. Thank you everyone for all the kind heartfelt well wishes. Hit the ground running today and was so blessed that a close friend and his son work for a great establishment that got the ball rolling on clearing things out of what is left of my shop. I bigger crew will come tomorrow to finish removal of personal things after shoring up and lifting the steel carefully. Insurance adjuster came and declared it a total lost and promised a check to get me up and going quickly again. So many of my business friends and customers rushed to come help, hug support us through it all. I was overwhelmed. Now we are going to try and get some more sleep although we are under another tornado threat this eve. Thanks again. God Bless you ALL!
  3. Hope y'all are alright up there in Ok, got family and friends up there,  best wishes.

  4. Thursday night a tornado struck Muskogee Oklahoma and my shop took a direct hit and is a total loss. My steel building was crumpled like a tin can...a total loss. Husband and I were home about to go to sleep thinking we had dodged the bullet when the news channel flashed a picture of my corner of the world and I could clearly see my building was gone. We dressed and drove to town, my phone blowing up as we went. I finally took one phone call and a friend was standing in my parking lot telling me what he saw. My shop was completely destroyed he said. I cried all the way to town and to my shop. So many of my friends were there wanting to help, console me, offers of help tomorrow. We could do nothing as gas was rushing from my torn gas meter and electric lines down everywhere. Couldnt even reach my film as it lay visible under a wall. My customers truck severely damaged and the only thing not moved strangely enough. After many hugs, tears and offers to carry out what we could we were made to evacuate the area. I cant sleep. I know I will have to be back there early this am which is fast approaching. Glad I have insurance. The pits that I just got a shipment of film in yesterday. Thankful I have God on my side and a wonderfully supportive husband, friends and church family. My trust is in the Lord. My eyes are on Him. To God be ALL the Glory!
  5. No way work like that would come out of my shop. Thats all I got to say about that.
  6. This customer brought me three new Fords at the same time, the Ford F150 Platinum Edition is peeling on the sunstrip along with the Raptor. The third truck, a Ford F150 is fine. That's good to know. First I've heard of that. I also use alcohol in my prep bottle. That I wouldn't know. Just have NEVER had to do any special prep work to get a sunstrip to stick properly.
  7. The wind is blowing something fierce here in Oklahoma. Glad I dont tint outside!!
  8. My motto is dont sand if you dont have to.
  9. No, I didnt sand it because I sure wasnt exoecting this to happen. 😯
  10. Did this Ford Raptor 3 weeks ago with CTX 15. Film is not sticking to the black, whatever ya call it, edges around the windshield. Any suggestions as how to treat it??
  11. Whats a post ho??
  12. So this question has arisen again today with a customer having gotten a ticket out of state. OK. statutes call for 25% vlt. Customer has 20% applied and needs an explanation. How do you guys explain the vlt to folks with adding film to what already exists in the glass itself?
  13. Good to know you guys are human. We ALL make mistakes and learning from them is a daily drive for me to improve more every day. Thirty four years later and I'm still learning.