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  1. TNTLady

    The Chat Thread

    Havent had one in yet. If I did and couldnt figure it out I would either check Tint Dude to find out or google it. 😁
  2. TNTLady


    Same here @Bham but I love having less stress. 😁
  3. TNTLady

    The Chat Thread

    @Roach Whatchyou talkin about Willis???
  4. TNTLady

    What did you tint today?

    CTX 15 % on this 1966 Chevrolet
  5. TNTLady

    Serving Muskogee since 1987

  6. TNTLady

    The Chat Thread

    Morning guys!!
  7. TNTLady

    The Chat Thread

    Yup! @TintDude been unusually cold here all week too.
  8. TNTLady

    The Chat Thread

    No, I stood it up on a bench and secured it so I could safely tint it. 😉
  9. TNTLady

    The Chat Thread

    The Miata top? It was simple. Shrink on outside apply on the insidel 😉Lol! What are you meaning?
  10. TNTLady

    The Chat Thread

    Work load running the gammet today, New Yukon, Tesla 3, POS mice infested farm truck and a hard top for a 1989 Mazda Miata.
  11. TNTLady

    What did you tint today?

    Did this Tesla 3 in CTX 35 with an Air 80 on the windshield. Nope! I did NOT do the back glass as the customer didnt want it tinted more than it was. Front windshield was not fun.
  12. TNTLady

    Need Your Help Voting

    I voted!!😁
  13. TNTLady


    I may have to try that someday. If I ever get to eat bread and spaghetti again that is. 😔
  14. TNTLady

    Tesla Model 3 Window Trim Scratches

    I have one coming in Tuesday. Fortunately he only wants the sides and windshield done in CTX. He did all the research and found posts on problems with the rear glass when they are tinted.