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  1. Last one to post # 875

    My kind of tunes!
  2. Last one to post # 875

    Six AIR80 windshield jobs and two sets of front doors! Easy money!!
  3. Last one to post # 875

    Ill trade you my dreams for yours! I have dreams every night of tinting and Im constantly moving shops. When will it end?!?!?
  4. Last one to post # 875

    Working in a cool shop all day long has made it hard for me to tolerate this heat outside now. Hot here too lately @TintDude. Hang in there Rick.
  5. average amount of cars.

    Three full cars and 2 to 3 front door jobs or a 4 dooor truck is about all I can do in a days time due to folks coming in and phone calls.
  6. Last one to post # 874

    Peach champagne is my new fav!!
  7. Last one to post # 873

    Not for me. Moody Blues, classical music, soft jazz....thats my style!
  8. Last one to post # 873

  9. Last One To Post #868

    Trying to but work ànd home work wears a body out especially when one has arthritis. All the over use stirs it up from head to to. Thanks @Bham
  10. Last One To Post #868

    I am tired of storms tearing up crap. Trees down all over our property and massive cleanup to even get down our driveway and road. My body hurts from so much lifting and loading. Im a strong woman physically and mentally but really? I IS TIRED BOSS....
  11. Pic of the Week #578 Winner

    Good on ya!!
  12. Pic of the Week #580 Submissions

    Audi A5 with LLumar CTX 15
  13. Most annoying customers