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  1. Purely cosmetic at the behest of the city forefathers @Slick
  2. Thanks for asking @no ma'am , I am still waiting on the building package to come in. Estimated time of delivery was 6 to 8 weeks so any day now! In the mean time the city planner informed us we will have to bring it up to the new adopted city code and screw Styrofoam, texture coated crap to my metal building which will add $40,000 more to thr rebuild cost. They are refusing to give me a variance as of late. My hubby and I will go before the board to try and plead my case as for hardship caused by unforeseen events of nature. For now it is a waiting game. Big sigh.......
  3. Truth and truth!!
  4. Let's get this day rolling BOYS!
  5. I have been tinting since since 15 and a half years od. Ya meen I was supposed to do something else before I began tinting?
  6. Hope everyone had a happy and safe fourth of July.
  7. Don't feed them after midnight... @Roach
  8. Meth and weed are the biggest problem here.
  9. I hear ya. We got some big time beer guzzlers here. Glad I never liked the taste of beer.
  10. Piece of cake!
  11. I'm about to find out myself today
  12. Morning gents! Got building permit, metal building package ordered and now to pick exterior AEIFS board and design.
  13. Slept in til 8:45 today cause hubby didn't want to wake me. The day is almost gone!