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  1. Last one to post #924

    Ugh...I need more coffee
  2. Last one to post #920

    Finally Friday!
  3. Last one to post #918

    Possibles tornados for our area tomorrow
  4. Last one to post #918

    Sitting here eating a pumpkin muffin I made with my coffee and now thinking bout dieting....but then theres Christmas cookies to think about.....think Ill start a diet......next year. 😂 Yall excuse me, these windows arent gonna tint themselvess. Yay me for a win!! Thanks guys!
  5. Last one to post #917

    Yup! New Chevy Traverse. Did the new 19 GMC 1/2 ton last week and it wasnt near this bad.😒
  6. Last one to post #917

    @Bham yeah...those 1/4's on the E 350 are a butt pain. Anything else I need to know on the 2019 E 350? Sorry, my brain had moved onto the next problem for the day.
  7. Last one to post #917

    Dont recall ever having any problems with the older Corvettes. @ Bham as for the rear door on this Traverse....piece of cake.
  8. Last one to post #917

    So how the heck is a gal supposed to get a good shaved edge on this when they have have beveled the edge so far back??
  9. Last one to post #917

    Any one done a 2 door Mercedes E 350 yet? Any problems I need fair warning about?
  10. 19 Lexus ES350 changes

    I will remove seals when they are super easy to remove and this was one of them. Yes I will bottom load so e when it calls for it and the front doors called for it on this one...as for a red devil...I dont own one and I NEVER tuck window sills. Never have....never will. Guy down the road does and his always end up pealing and looking like crap. Dont know about that. I used a plastic scraper to scrape the window lightly.
  11. 19 Lexus ES350 changes

    Did one today and only removed one screw behind a small plastic trim piece directly behind the door handle, popped the top of the panel back and slid the sweep out. Bottom loaded to tintand put itall back like new. Piece of cake!!
  12. 2019 Lexus ES 350

    Door panels are easy to pop loose at the top after removing the phillips screw behind a small cover just behind thedoor handle. No need to remove entire door panel. Then the window sweep can be pulled out easily for bottom loading. Third brake light moves to right and removes easily. This car is a piece of cake!
  13. Last one to post #914

    at this rate Ill never catch up....
  14. Last one to post #914

    I miss all the good stuff! I was busy tinting instead of cruisin Tint Dude
  15. Last one to post #914

    Make me.....
  16. Last one to post #914

    You laugh @jh812 but man I cant stand that smell!
  17. Last one to post #914

    Have one of those stinky removal jobs. I decided to experiment by putting this in the tank. BOOM! Stink resolved!
  18. Pic of the Week #601 Submissions

    Ready for Christmas at The Tint Shop!!
  19. Last one to post #913

    Dang!! Missed it again!×
  20. Last one to post #912

    Awwwww @ Bham, my heart hurts for you. 😢 We are animal people too. Our cats stay inside, all 4, because my husband doesnt want coyotes, fox or dogs to get ours. My oldest cat is17 years old and I bottle raised him at 3 weeks old. Our 110 pound yellow lab mix loves him and watches after him. Hugs man...
  21. Pic of the Week #598 Winner

    Thanks everyone. @WearTheFoxHat @Ryker @highplains @Tint Artist Thats pretty dang cool there @Ryker!
  22. Last one to post #911