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  1. Kind of like a Ford Taurus but the back tray is smashed on the glass for the bottom !/2 inch. Beware- cut perfect or remove the rear dash. (Not too many of these out there luckily.)
  2. These cars are luckily few and far between. 3 steps that can minimize your stress level: Cut a perfectly sized pattern. Soap heavily. Whale Tail combo w/Bulldozer until smooth. Not easy but not as hard as it sounds. Good luck everbody~ :bottle
  3. Ok- The 2012 Virage (DB9 variant?) is a difficult but doable back window with the Bulldozer- Not fun and a little time consuming. Swing the 'Dozer through at an angle with the corner just sweeping the matrix. Try to do your best contortionist impression in the 'backseat'.
  4. Did the picture work?...
  5. Here's the idea~
  6. Has anyone had trouble on the roll-ups with the lower seal catching the film on the bottom edge? I guess third times a charm...
  7. Welcome to the forum...
  8. Amazing opportunity at a top flite shop...
  9. Blacked out last Saturday nite...
  10. Whole Foods 365 dishsoap... We drink it sometimes...
  11. Lambo dealer has one here, north of 400K?...
  12. Steel + nickel = SS...
  13. Sorry for the wrong section post... Big ups for Mike & crew in Spokane, WA. Serious training for serious installers, first class all the way! See ya next year...
  14. Hyundai's filmers came to near Seattle to film, one car rode a closed carrier from So. Cal. w/a ramp riding the windshield. Destroyed front of car. Dudes called on way from airport. Hyundai dealer sent a stock unit we smack 20% all windows on a heater timeline (6am start the next day). Dude's paid AMEX no questions, no $ quote, straight paid (pulled their own film, tint their own cars). Bonus for shced. jumper, got a story out of the day. Dudes even 'cut' 'em in half to fly though the interiors. Thanks again guys... btw- Nice Howard...
  15. We sweat this way all the time, slit Costco bag, cut to fit, Windex away w/packing tray towels or shammys... Let sit in the sun, longer the better, bag it inside & out if the sun is weak, run heater on high w/recirc pressed w/dash vents only, defrost pressed (timed? hit it each time). Peel slow at approx. 45 deg. angle, take your time it saves scrub time. Adhesive residue can be softened by reapplying above process w/old tint (bag(s) too). Imho this should get the job done most of the time, S.O.S. pad or 000 steel wool w/Windex to mop up the rest. Charge 'em like crazy, over twice the time req.