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  1. AMG GT. Was in for an escort radar system.
  2. I guess it depends on where you are.
  3. Experience is probably the determining factor, $12 an hour would probably be ok for a trainee. You could pay a guy 20% and if they are a competent tinter, they will make $45k + a year as long as you're not doing $99 tint jobs. 30-35% is on the high end of what I've seen. In a cold weather climate, as a tinter, I'd rather see an option of a little lower % for warm months with an hourly back up in case it's slow. So say I make $15 an hour or 20%, whichever is greater. In the summer I'm never making an hourly rate because my % is always higher but come January, it gets a little slow and my $15 an hour ends up being a little more than my %, I get the hourly pay. I've been paid this way before and typically only made hourly 4 or 5 times a year. The rest were %.
  4. $10 to $12 an hour is about what McDonald's pays isn't it? If you have an experienced tinter, they should be making $45-50k a year minimum whether it be an hourly wage plus commission or strictly commission. Just my opinion.
  5. Not sure about storing it in the cold changing the adhesive but tinting in the cold sure can. Try reducing the amount of slip solution.
  6. Some of you have more posts in a month than I do in 14 years.
  7. Thanks a bunch
  8. It was tint-factory clearbra
  9. I was wondering about that. I'd prefer my display name.
  10. Tesla model x, Jags, Audis, VW, BMW, Mercedes, corvettes, civic hatch.... just off the top of my head.
  11. Reach under the lower seat cushion to release. There will be several connectors to disconnect. Pull the 2 straps coming out from under the top section. Seat will tilt forward and pull out. You will have to remove all the side trim panels including the lower door jamb pieces. There will be 2 8 mm bolts holding the deck in on each side plus 3 clips at the front. Just loosen the bolts, you won't have to remove them all the way. You can see the black tabs on the bottom side of the deck.
  12. I joined in 03. Check in every so often.
  13. I'm trying to get the deck out on a 2017 xjl. I've got all the seat pieces out but the deck won't budge. It has a shade built in also. Seems pretty tight.
  14. That's a lot for one guy.And everyone wonders why I'm cranky. That's a high average and I'm in Ohio so that's basically March through August. 7 days a week. Plotter makes an Altima or Camaro a 40 minute job.If I did that many I'd take the winter off As slow as it gets around here in January, might as well cal it "taking it off".