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  1. Ceramic films

    Global sells 50’ x60” and I’ll Have it cut 22” and 38”.
  2. Any tricks on reverse rolling windshields ???

    Here’s how I do a reverse roll on a back glass. Once you’re done shrinking clean the back glass with the pattern on it. Now spray the pattern. This will kill the static. Peel on side and make sure the liner doesn’t fall back on the pattern. This is why cleaning is super important prior to peeling because it can happen. Spray the pattern and repeat on the other side. Now just roll it up and it doesn’t need to be too tight of a roll. Once inside pull your pattern down like 12” then flip the liner over and begin sliding your pattern in place. Unroll it over the backglass. Once you’re near the end peel the liner off completely. This works the same for the front windshield.
  3. Tesla Model 3 Window Trim Scratches

    Good luck bro! I would also like another try at this car again. First time I laid the film front to back and used a combo of the ryk method and normal shrinking to the sides after I trimmed it. I got a feeling that just laying my 60” roll with an anchor straight down the middle and leaving all the excess to pull shrink. It’s a hunch that this method might work better.
  4. Back window on the new Honda hatchback.

    I got one a couple of months ago. The first one I got was the last one in the Bay Area and it broke during transport before it got to me. Just my luck that one was OEM. My glass guy was able to secure another one for me that was aftermarket but It took a couple of weeks coming from the east coast. It’s Chinese glass but worked as a shrinking mold. The OEM glass list for $800 dealer employee pricing is like $500.
  5. Back window on the new Honda hatchback.

    Save yourself the hassle and get an aftermarket glass for about $150. Then hand cut it. Shrinking with all the cuts is a pain just shrink the whole thing and then hand cut it.
  6. Tesla Model 3 Window Trim Scratches

    The sunroof i had to tuck all the way around. Save some money and get a model 3 but we gonna tax you for it!
  7. Tesla Model 3 Window Trim Scratches

    I just did one today with Global ceramic in one piece. I laid it sideways and it took awhile to shrink. My hats off to the guys that can do it in CR. Also did the sunroof and was about to crap my pants when the main screen started wigging out. Lucky it stopped after awhile.
  8. No more beemers

    No need to remove sweeps on the 3 series. The only thing that needs removal are the headrest and 3rd brake.
  9. Crystalline shrinking method for side windows

    Those new to snapping need to know that this method requires a different squeegee technique. During normal shrinking you can just use your turbo and squeegee downwards during the second half of install but not with snapping. Snapping requires during the second half of side window install to squeegee outwards and lock the bottom down first.
  10. Crystalline shrinking method for side windows

    ☝️ Snapping it also works on slightly curved side glass and is the quickest method.
  11. Crystalline shrinking method for side windows

    The two heat gun method works great. It something about the 200 layers and when u can get even heating it shrinks better and faster. The gun used to blow air under doesn’t have to be on high heat. The lower setting works good.
  12. Michigan Windshield Tint

    50% ceramic is the darkest I would recommend without hindering visibility. Upgrade your headlights to HID if possible and you shouldn’t have any problems at night.
  13. Crystalline shrinking method for side windows

    I use to do them dry just like the back glass. I would use a dryer sheet and make an upside down u anchor. At the outside edge of the U I would tape down. Then with two heat gun blow air under and shrink with another gun from the top of the upside down U. It’s the Ryk method on side windows. Same with backglass I’ll break it down it four quadrants and tape it down and use two heat guns. CR like being shrunk like this. Second best method would be same technique but after blowing hot air into the U you lock down the bottom to seal in the hot air and shrink from the top down. Aka pocket shrinking. Hopefully you can imagine all this in your head. Lol
  14. Expected pay per vehicle tinting at a dealership?

    I’m confused about you post aswell. I started at the dealership as a Tinter. That was my way in the door. They started me at a low hourly wage but I didn’t care because I knew where I wanted to be and that I was going to get there. I came into there knowing that I wasn’t going to give them no choice and they had to make me a tech. In less then a years time I got a 40% increase in pay and now I’m union with all the perks and benefits. I worked hard and help everyone out and was a star employee. You see I never finished college and I did go to tech school but I never finished either. Being a journeyman tech is always something I wanted to see to completion. They pay for my schooling/training and certifications. I get paid for lunch travel and while I’m in school. In the meantime I run my tint business on the weekends. Yes I work 7 days a week. I’ll tint five cars every weekend with one employee I’ve hired and I’m always booked several weekends out consistently. I’ve already got one high income skill and that’s tinting. I’m developing my second high income skill. My boss has plans to eventually phase me out as a Tinter and become a Tech only. Honestly I love what I’m doing now. My boss and work environment is awesome. Whytint you sound like you’re your own problem. It doesn’t matter whatever you do you have to put in 💯. Really who cares what others techs think. When I first started the other techs didn’t respect my line of work but i feel that was my predecessor fault. He was a hack that got fired. Now it’s kinda funny they all say what are you still doing here you should go full time with your business.
  15. Advice needed for 21yr tint veteran

    Try Global.