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  1. Thanks Jay for letting me try out the smooth-it. I've had it for a week now and I really love it. I found an old card and it brought it back to life. The abrasive cloth is like a 2000+ grit sand paper. It's good at smoothing the card. One suggestion I have is maybe a different color smooth-it with a rougher cloth to cut the cards down faster and then use the one you sent us to smooth it out. I use to rub my cards out on my jeans. This does a much better job. Thanks Jay
  2. Here's another tip since I got to work on another one. Roll the windows up and lock the latch to pop the windows up. Then remove the door panels completely. As long as the ignition is not turn on when the panels and harness is disconnected no check engine light will come on. Another suggestion is once panels are off take the key and put it somewhere far from the car. I have pics but can't upload for some reason this time. I keep getting error -200 message.
  3. Thanks Jay for getting me the last one. I'll report back once I get it.
  4. The felt install on this car is a little bit easier. The front gasket disconnect toward the rear. The rear door gasket comes completely out.
  5. The new 2018 Audi A5 sport back is like a mini version of the A7. Removal of door panels are required for felt. The warning is on the rear doors. The door harness has one short blue wire that if you drop the door panel will dislodge it from its connector in the door module. To repair you'll have to completely remove the door panel and the connector to get the pin out and re crimp or soilder it. If I remember correctly it's a five pin connector and the blue wire is the only one in that plug at pin #1. This wire is for Audi side assist. If it's dislodged and you turn on the ignition it will throw a check engine light that'll have to be cleared after repair.
  6. This is for the current 2018 S5 & A5. Door panel removal is same as most Audi two t25 bolts behind door handle trim and one below the window switch. This car is not easy. Quarter windows are recessed pita. cover the electronics in the quarter panel they do get wet. Door panel removal for felt. Definitely charge for this one.
  7. It's a new tool so I had to get it. How you going to know if you like it if you don't try it. My preferred tool would be the side swiper. This fits right between that and the Titian. I would probably use this more for cleaning although it will work for the lower part of the back glass. I would recommend it for your toolbox you might need it someday. "Better to have and not need them to need and not have" on a side note I've only used it on two back windows.
  8. I'm sorry for the bad tint job you got but that's kind of expected at that price. First picture is the front window is dirt from his right index finger when he was holding the pattern. Second picture is what they call a micro gap except it ain't so micro. Back window bottom edge tells me he's a wet shrinker and didn't get a complete shrink. Hence the tiny fingers. As for the side of the back window he didn't wipe with a towel after he squeegee. This is what you guys don't realize that at $300 for that tint job the tinter wasn't allowed to take the extra steps needed to produce a clean job. When you're working with those margins it's all about production. The faster you crank them out the more money you make. That's when cutting corners makes more money. Unfortunately a lot of customers think that this is normal and will give a good review because they don't know any better. I hope your tinter will step up and make it right.
  9. I've been to the big box stores and they don't have any file like mines. I found some other 10" files that work. Frameless windows you can use a large file no problem it's when you start doing small front windows that size matters. That file I have is the perfect size and most of the time can get to the corners without taking my smaller one out. It's like when you find that perfect tool that gives the intended results you tend to stick to it.
  10. Cmon guys do you really think I didn't google it before I came her asking four your help. I checked google,eBay Amazon and I even reached out to Nicholson without any luck. Home Depot has some files that'll work but the one I had was the best.
  11. No gap period. Here's my take on it if you want to charge a good price for your jobs then there should not be any gaps anywhere.
  12. Thanks bro did you find the file I had in that google search?
  13. What's that? Do you have a website?
  14. Hi I got a set of Nicholson files off of eBay and I'm down to my last one and can't find where to purchase more. If you guys have an alternative to these files that be great too.
  15. I haven't done the tt but did the TTS 😜It's cake except for the felt.