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  1. Use it on the edges where it doesn’t lay down. The alcohol will make the adhesive extra tacky. Don’t go over 20% alcohol!
  2. Use a 20% alcohol solution and squeegee.

    2019 Genesis G70 3rd brake light removal

    Mods go ahead and move this to the make/models section.

    2019 Genesis G70 3rd brake light removal

    Got it! It’s one nasty biatch. Two clips hold the headliner to the brake near the ends. You’ll need a slightly angled 10mm gear wrench to remove bolts. Bolts are tension so you won’t need to hold bolt while turning. The bolts are long. 3rd blue clip is at center of light. Pop down and remove 3rd brake. 🍻

    2019 Genesis G70 3rd brake light removal

    Anyone removed one yet? I’m going to try and figure it out but if someone can help it would be appreciated. Thanks

    Wet sanding black borders

    Just did an 07’ Bmw 3 coupe for the front side windows. Film laid down good. I used 600 grit wet sandpaper. A few passes was all it took. Might look into doing it for the dot matrix

    Removing inside pillars of a Tesla model 3

    Hey Bro how Do you guys do the front windshield? I know the modules are on the driver side. Any moisture and their toast. I won’t tint the sunroof or front windshield. I once I did the sunroof and the screen started freaking out. Lucky for me once dried it went away but definitely scared me.

    Removing inside pillars of a Tesla model 3

    Yes just pull the from the top toward the middle of the car. It’s held in by clips and a bungee cord so don’t pull to far. Once out take the cord off of the panel. There’s also another plastic retainer that’s made to keep the panel in place once the airbags deploy. That you need a 90 degree pick. It has four retaining clips two on top and two on the bottom. Just pull and pick the clips up to get it out of the sheet metal. Once out grab the panel and pull towards the front of the car. This will make the install a breeze. I usually tape all the modules to prevent slip from getting in as there a lot of slip with a glass this big. Use microfiber rope at the bottom of the glass to soak up excess moisture.

    What tint job do you have on your personal car?

    Global Ceramic 50 on all windows

    Expected pay per vehicle tinting at a dealership?

    I agree dont know why his here. I'm in the same boat as you are. I'm really trying to become a tech, and considering just doing the tint as a business on the side for now so how did you market, do you use a plotter? Good to hear you're doing good I’ve been tinting for over 14 years and I have a large clientele base. That’s where most of my work comes from the other 1/3 is from Yelp. I’ve been hand cutting most of those years and funny got a plotter two years ago. I really don’t know why I didn’t get one sooner. As for being a tech it’s great I like the work but it’s looking like I’m going to retire from it once I’m a journeyman. Last year I made more money from my side tinting business then as a tech. Considering that I was only tinting weekends. Factor in how much money I spend on tools and it looks like I have to open my open tint shop. We’re all here a short time so I have to make as much money in the shortest possible time. Let me know if there’s any other questions.

    2018 GTi quarter

    I remember using the tip of the reach and was able to squeegee all of it out.

    Opinion on these scratches after getting window tinted

    The tinter is just inexperience in cutting. Over time you learn to snap the blade more and cut at lower angles. Most of all the amount of pressure it takes to make the cut. Later on in my career I started to use a button and markers but mostly I’ll scored the film. Especially on the backglass and quarters. Then I’ll tear the film away or finish it on the peeler. Now that I’m using a plotter I’m even more scared to cut on the glass. It’s because if you’re not cutting it on glass you’ll lose the feel for it. When I have to cut on glass it’s always a new blade and with enough pressure to just score the film. Man I really hate it when I don’t have a pattern in my database.

    Opinion on these scratches after getting window tinted

    Definitely the Tinter’s fault. If he’s a stand up guy he’ll replace the glass. It happens even to the best of us. I’ll admit it and I’ve replaced a customer glass because I’ve scratched it. Good thing I have a plotter now and that’ll never happen again.

    Inspection routine/Damage waiver

    I do a walk around on all vehicles I tint. I’ll point out everything that I think they don’t know about. It does suck that sometimes they feel embarrassed by it but better then they saying I caused it.

    No more black turbo or black unger channel

    So are you using the blue Max exclusively to squeegee?