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  1. Struggle

    The wire can be bought at almost any hardware store for usually 15 cents a foot. I’m sure you can find better deals online buying the whole spool.
  2. Struggle

    There’s a tip from a very long time ago that I still use today. Get some 14 gauge wire black wire and stuff it into the seal with a bone. This will open it up and leave a small enough gap to slide the film in. Leave the wire in there when you’re done. The wire acts to slightly separate the seal from the glass and lock in any debris behind it.
  3. Water separation

    No way! That’s about the only thing I’ve never tried. I’ll definitely have to try that the next time I get one of those windows. I’m just worried about getting that stuff on the door panels. Of course I’ll have it covered up but have you gotten any on a panel?
  4. Light

    Bottom left light is great for hand cutting the back glass. It has three modes. First is a flashlight that can help see the bottom edge when cutting darker films. The other two modes is medium and high of 400+ lumens. The only thing I don’t like is I wishe they had made it micro usb rechargeable. It has its own usb plug. $80 bucks on the truck. The magnetic base is really useful and you can put the wand in any position.
  5. Rear view mirror wiring

    That’s also what I do with those wires. Ones that’s too short I use masking tape to the headliner
  6. Scrubby pad contamination??

    I only use scrubby pads on the backglass and only for a few cars. I try to save them for use on removal. Roll ups I use a single edge razor and my olfa for the sides to clean. We basically have no choice but to use a white scrub pad on the back glass. Once they get old they’ll leave particles.
  7. LLumar Strangled

    I’ve used fvd and pcs. The only thing I liked about pcs was the line would turn red and not let you cut a pattern that was bigger then your cutting area. Fvd has that disadvantage but has many more positives. One of my favorite features is you can change a pattern by enlarging it and delete any features of the pattern you don’t like. Say you got a roll up that has big rounded corner and there would be a gap. FVD lets you tweak the pattern in the software by pulling on it at certain points. One of my favorite features is cutting from multiple cars on the same cutting table. Say you have extra space on the cutting table you can cut quarters for the next car.
  8. 2018 Audi Q5 SQ5 front door sweeps

    The Q5 and SQ5 don’t need felt. I can tint them without removing the door panels but I’ll get small side creases at the sides where the break line is at. Not really noticeable when heated out but with the few extra min it takes to remove the panel I can do an even cleaner install faster and easier. With the panel removed I just do a full peel and bomb drop it. Then I’ll move to the next door and come back at the end to file the top edge. The hardest panels to remove are the A6 and A8. A6 has tight clips and require you to lift up. The A8 has the power shades. The rest of the Audi line up only takes less then 2 mins a door for removal.
  9. Viper 5906

    Sounds like a bad connection. Most likely caused by a bad install using t-taps. Did the installer use tach or voltage sensing?
  10. NO

    Lol I don’t even use “NO” when I get quotes through yelp asking if they can get a discount if they bring in multi cars. I just hit the “I don’t intend to reply” button. If a customer is asking that they’re the worst kind. Usually cheap and picky.
  11. Dodge charger

    It’s an anti-fog coating it makes the slip bead up. To this day I have not found a solution that can take it off. The only thing that works is tinting it and letting it fully cure and removing it. The tint will remove the anti-fog. On the plus side once tinted removing the film is usually super easy and won’t leave any adhesive. Cars that have this require extra work like removing panels or seals to make the install go faster because you don’t have a lot of time. I use a two bottle set up. One spray bottle with limited slip for roll ups and a pump bottle with extra soap for back windows and for the bottom of roll ups so that it’s easier to tuck. The cars with anti fog I’ll use the pump sprayer for rolls up.
  12. Time?

    Guess I’m an old fart doing the average car in 3-4 hours. Then again I rarely have a warranty or redo. Charge more and work less is my goal.
  13. 2017 Honda Accord Quaters

    Get black wire if you can. No need to remove it once your done. The tool you’ll need is a white equalizer stick or any blue bone stick and make sure to spray slip in there first so the wire will slide in.
  14. 2017 Honda Accord Quaters

    Stuff some 14 gauge wire into the gasket. That’ll open it just enough to slide it in. Get the wire from your local hardware store like osh
  15. 2018 Hellcat Charger windshield

    I’ve been making my own soak shields for a long time now. I get some remote wire then I take paper shop towels and I twist them into a rope around the wire. This is only a one time use. The real soak shields look way better and I might have to invest in some.