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  1. Crystalline shrinking method for side windows

    The two heat gun method works great. It something about the 200 layers and when u can get even heating it shrinks better and faster. The gun used to blow air under doesn’t have to be on high heat. The lower setting works good.
  2. Michigan Windshield Tint

    50% ceramic is the darkest I would recommend without hindering visibility. Upgrade your headlights to HID if possible and you shouldn’t have any problems at night.
  3. Crystalline shrinking method for side windows

    I use to do them dry just like the back glass. I would use a dryer sheet and make an upside down u anchor. At the outside edge of the U I would tape down. Then with two heat gun blow air under and shrink with another gun from the top of the upside down U. It’s the Ryk method on side windows. Same with backglass I’ll break it down it four quadrants and tape it down and use two heat guns. CR like being shrunk like this. Second best method would be same technique but after blowing hot air into the U you lock down the bottom to seal in the hot air and shrink from the top down. Aka pocket shrinking. Hopefully you can imagine all this in your head. Lol
  4. Expected pay per vehicle tinting at a dealership?

    I’m confused about you post aswell. I started at the dealership as a Tinter. That was my way in the door. They started me at a low hourly wage but I didn’t care because I knew where I wanted to be and that I was going to get there. I came into there knowing that I wasn’t going to give them no choice and they had to make me a tech. In less then a years time I got a 40% increase in pay and now I’m union with all the perks and benefits. I worked hard and help everyone out and was a star employee. You see I never finished college and I did go to tech school but I never finished either. Being a journeyman tech is always something I wanted to see to completion. They pay for my schooling/training and certifications. I get paid for lunch travel and while I’m in school. In the meantime I run my tint business on the weekends. Yes I work 7 days a week. I’ll tint five cars every weekend with one employee I’ve hired and I’m always booked several weekends out consistently. I’ve already got one high income skill and that’s tinting. I’m developing my second high income skill. My boss has plans to eventually phase me out as a Tinter and become a Tech only. Honestly I love what I’m doing now. My boss and work environment is awesome. Whytint you sound like you’re your own problem. It doesn’t matter whatever you do you have to put in 💯. Really who cares what others techs think. When I first started the other techs didn’t respect my line of work but i feel that was my predecessor fault. He was a hack that got fired. Now it’s kinda funny they all say what are you still doing here you should go full time with your business.
  5. Advice needed for 21yr tint veteran

    Try Global.
  6. Help burnt plastic molding on mazda 3 2018 ?

    It’s the rubber on the quarter windows I’ve seen them burn super easy. Same with the plastic side molding on Toyota Corrola. The Corrola was like $16 from the dealer.
  7. Expected pay per vehicle tinting at a dealership?

    I’m a pre-journeyman flat rate tech with hourly guarantee. They pay me 3.25hours for a whole car. Backhalf or two fronts get 2.0 hours. When I’m not doing tint I’m doing tech stuff. The guarantee comes in when there’s no work I’ll get paid my hourly no matter what for just for being there.
  8. Tesla Model 3 Warning

    I feel exactly the same as you guys. I love Global but it makes my job selling just a bit harder.my tried an true customers take my word for it that Global can complete with the rest of them. That’s why I’m switching and I’m now a LULU dealer. It’s just gonna be easier to sell.
  9. Small Miscut, Should I Ask for Fix?

    Wow definitely needs to be redone. Either give them the opportunity to fix it or just have them remove and refund. Correct me if I’m wrong guys but being a formula one dealer means you have to buy like $25k worth of film a quarter/year? Wouldn’t that make them a volume shop?
  10. Tesla Model 3

    It sucks because I turn several model 3’s away every week. I carry Global Ceramic and have 5,18,33,42,50,70 &80%. Although they come in 60” rolls I have them down to cut 22” & 38”. This will work on virtually every car out there. Now I would have to buy every roll and stock them all in 60” just to tint one backglass on one car model. I did order one roll in 60” but until I get one under my belt then I’ll consider buying the entire line. Seriously it’s in consideration because that’s a lot of coin left on the table not servicing them.
  11. Opinions on Global films

    Prices for the Tesla 3 are too low I would tread with caution. As far a Global goes I’ve been using them since 2010 and have two warranty and it was from the same 30% roll that cured and peeled. Global replaced the roll and that was then end of that. I haven’t seen any case where it change color. For the price it nothing beats it. 3m color stable and up are good and so is Llumar.
  12. Towels

    I use about 3-4 towels a car. 240 towels a box at $30+ equals $2 a car. All the semi used towels get thrown in a box. Those towels have a couple uses after that. Firstly I’ll use them to clean the rubber side seals with alcohol to reduce contamination coming in from the sides. My second use for them is during felt installs. I use the red scotch pads with alcohol to prep the sweeps and the old towels to wipe them clean prior to felting them. Sometimes you’ll get drip marks on door panels and I’ll use those old towels with some meguiars interior detailer.
  13. solargard galaxie

    It’s the poor adhesive and the fact that it curls a lot causing the roll ups to peel. Definitely not worth the headache. The ultra performance is a joke it’s has the lowest TSER among its competitors. Now this was a very long time ago so they might of changed things now but I’ll never use them again.
  14. 2017 civic hatchback

    Score!!!!! I called a friend that owns a windshield replacement company. . I’m tinting his front windshield on an S550 in exchange for the back glass. 😎
  15. 2017 civic hatchback

    I just did one last weekend and didn’t even look at this thread. I definitely undercharged for this car. My new price will reflect the pain in the arse this car is. First I tried cheating by shrinking the top half first then lifting and anchor higher to shrink the bottom half but there was too many fingers still. I proceeded to lay it on the inside and shrink with a mattac but that didn’t go well. I ended up removing bottom spoiler and all associated trim. What a pain this car was. Not hard but a pain to do by yourself. I called my local dealer and can get this for $540. Some of the other suggestions might work for me as I’m using film design and they have a two piece pattern that looks like it’s cut right on a defrost line below the rear spoiler. I might just have to Vinly the lower half. This would require no removal of any trim pieces. We’ll see I don’t like the idea of two piece unless it’s necessary like a top dot matrix.