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  1. Is there any sort of matt coating that can be installed to reduce reflections on shop windows ? I thought I'd heard of one once but can not find any info now.
  2. callwild

    2017-18 beetle back glass

    Lift & pull method needs room below the back glass to pull in the right direction.
  3. I never go darker than 60% where its important for customers to see into the shop. 50% absolute max but even then the reflection spoils the view into the window. Usually use a 60% spectrally selective film which gives roughly a 60% reduction in the causes of fading.
  4. 2 weeks after installing a 5% True Vue film from SG on a conservatory roof with tempered glass one of the panes shattered (See pic). From my experience and knowledge it should not be the film that has caused this and my SG consultant has stated it could not be the film, but as the client says I was the last person to touch the glass they are holding me responsible. Any ideas what to say to customer ?
  5. callwild

    Cleaning spray bottles and tanks from baby shampoo

    I get more black mold growth with Tint Slime than baby shampoo.
  6. callwild

    Anyone in the UK use Global?

    Not that hard to find. Did you not try Google:? PMX coatings comes up on the first page as the supplier !!!!
  7. callwild

    Reverse Roll larger windows

    Some form of film handler, is in my opinion, essential. If you are a proffesional you should have the correct tools. It is the only way to get a clean straight edge at right angles!! You can then reverse roll any size of window the width of you film. Only time I ever lay film on the floor is in a clean conservatory to cut awkward triangular or other shapes, and then it is on a proper cutting board on top of a clean tarp 5` x 6` are not very big in archetechtural tinting.
  8. callwild

    Best Canopy for Mobile tinters?

    I tried mobile for a while with a similar canopy. While it stops some drafts it by no means stops them all and does not really reduce contamination. When you really want it to stop the wind it is usually too difficult to put up, and if you do get it up keeping it in place, in a wind, on tarmac is just about impossible. had it blow over even with weights on the legs. Caused more trouble than its worth in my mind and just stopped do mobile. Now if I am pushed to do the odd mobile job I ask for them to provide a garage space, wait for fine wind free weather or if its a van I can get completely inside for the install
  9. callwild

    Cleaning windows better, and solar gard tint

    seems to be a regular thing here to bitch about solarguard and suntek. Can't argue with experience everybody's gotta favorite here and neither of those films are among them. Have to disagree there No ma'am I have run with Solargard Supreme since day 1. I have tried just about every other film that people have recommended and not found any that compare to it so aklways end up going back to it. A lovely thin film which slides nicely into tight gaps, shrinks nicely and reliable and is a dream to heat out any small specs without burning film & adhesive. Nothing touches it in my experience. As you say everybody has a favourite but to then say no ones favourite is Solar Gard is bullshit.
  10. callwild

    Solar Gard Window Film Thoughts?

    Been using Solar Gard Supreme now for over 9 years with no complaints. I can possible see if you are being picky that it has a greenish tinge but i like the way it handles and shrinks and looks from the outside. Being a thin single ply film it may take getting used to and some may say creases easy, but I find that is made up for by being able to slide easily into tight windows. I also find it lays down very well over small spots of contamination and one can heat it well without the glue delaminating. I have tried many other alternatives which people have suggested over the years and have always found them lacking in some respect and return to solar Gard Supereme. Maybe its what I'm used to but I like it.