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  1. Mdog

    The Chat Thread

    Yo boys. Long time no see!
  2. Mdog

    Did I get a bad tint job on my car?

    Holy shit. Lmao thats bad.
  3. Mdog

    Kojak with a kodak

    Guys, its been 8 years since i hung up my pouch and became a cop. I sure do miss slanging papas. This job has killed me inside. 😦😦😦
  4. Mdog

    Tint Papers

    Hey bois. Whats up? I am still alive and i havent killed anybody yet 😂
  5. Mdog

    Last one to post #894

    What up tint jiggers?!
  6. Mdog

    Tint Papers

    Just checking in. Still alive and kicking lol
  7. Mdog

    Favorite Meal ??

    No its just me td lololol
  8. Mdog


    Playing ps4 hit the shaqweasil up on ps4.
  9. Mdog

    Last one to post #816

    Leg humpers
  10. Mdog

    Pic of the Week #525 VOTE

    all i needed to see was #1.
  11. Mdog

    Tint Papers

    long time no see guys!
  12. whut up fool? lol