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  1. I'm curious as to who dictates the warranty reimbursement rate? The manufacturer? The distributor? MMM seems to be a little on the weak side, since they don't pay for removal... My apologies if this is taboo or has been covered.
  2. As far as the adhesive smearing I would suspect that you don't have enough soap in your solution and maybe the window and the film isn't drenched completely. That's my experience with Johnson IR70, it seems to like being extra soapy and wet. The orange peel may have come from the roll being kinda old, it usually dries out.
  3. I always use an ammonia based glass cleaner when I'm scrubbing the defroster, and If I suspect there will be "Peanuts" or whatever I use #2 steel wool from Home Depot. It works for me.
  4. Yeah, it's not that big of a deal, I can work around it. This is just one of the worst I've seen in a while.
  5. I noticed the brake light didn't quiet sit flush against the glass like I BELIEVE it did before. Pulled it back off two seperate time and everything was how it was supposed to be. I'm just gonna blame the UAW for the fit and finish issue....
  6. What bothers me about it is that these guys buying the film are on craigslist advertising tint jobs for 30-40% less than average local retail price. I'm not comfortable facilitating it because I dont want uninformed consumers buying from these guys trying to save money not realizing there is a certain amount of skill required for a professional install. There is a LOT of retired people in the area on fixed incomes that fall victim to these guys. If it were just the twenty year old beater cars that won't run next week i wouldn't care, and I would appreciate it really, but it's not. I do understand that "someone is going to sale them film why not me", but it's a principle thing i guess.
  7. This has possibly been brought up before, but I didn't see it. Do you sale film to installers? To clarify, do you sale film by the linear foot to window tinters that in turn use the film to install on their customers cars? I don't necessarily agree with it, for it seems like it's facilitating the low level installers that also drive down market prices. Am I wrong? Thougts?
  8. UPDATE: I should've put this up a while back. We were able to install the kit nicely, and please a dificult Porsche owner (imagine that). We called Accent with our concerns, and Dan Black came up to help with the install. Dan and the people at Accent really helped us out, it's nice to have support like that.
  9. The 3M dist. Accent Distributing. I'm not sure where they get it cut. I've looked at some other kits from other manufacturers and the ones being sent to me dont always resemble the ones I see online.
  10. My employer buys the ppf all ready cut from the 3M distributor, and though I've only been installing ppf for about a year now (15+/- full jobs maybe), it seems that they are cut all wrong. Its like the film is often too short and even in some cases it's intended for another model car. These patterns often require so much manipulation to get them to fit that it causes marks in the film and I have to trim it on the car. On one job the hood piece and the fender pieces didn't line up, the fender pieces were three inches longer than the hood. Recently they sent us a kit that was too big and when we called they said its supposed to wrap around the inside of the hood (they said they were doing me a favor?) and I need to use a promoter pen to make it stick on the edges. I have worked with other brands and I don't recall having issues this severe. I'm "certified" to install 3M and I have a steamer, and I'm a life long tinter with all the tools. Has anyone else had these issues? Is this normal? Any suggestions?
  11. The third quarter up here is very disappointing, it rains almost everyday and its cooler than usual for sure. The kids just started back in school and we're slow as expected from that, but none the less, 2013 has sucked. Hopefully the rest of the year will surprise us. We're brainstorming marketing ideas and looking for more product diversity, but no light bulbs yet......
  12. I'm currently considering relocating, and I am curious as to whats out there for employment. I prefer the Gulf Coast, but I'm open to anything without snow (unless there is mountains nearby to snowboard). I can send a copy of my resume to any established business, and I can assure you it's most likely well above average (i.e. flat, auto, security,995,IPP, clean record, drug free, military background). I know most are probably somewhere in their slow season compounded by a downed economy; however, a shot in the dark to see if there is any opportunities out there seems worth it. Let me know if you're interested.
  13. Let me know when there is a "Llumar upgrade to a 6" core for security film" petition.
  14. We are located at 4916 W. Fairfield Dr. Pensacola Florida, 32506 We carry Llumar and Sun-Tek. All of our installers are expierienced and have a focus only for the best installation. We also specialize in High Performance, and dyno tuning for domestic V8s.