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  1. justn8

    Graphtec fc8000-100

    Call TintTek for help. If it's bunching you're likely not cutting film 'on the pull'. There's a setting/number value on the last tab in the cut manager or whatever it's called. The field is 'Unidirectional cutting" have to change that value to 0" every time you cut tint. I used this software before the DAP and that value has to be changed everything, it's a pain in the ass.
  2. Have any of them been ceramic coated? It's becoming more of a thing and film won't bond Out of every soap I've used so far for slip... Dawn and Fusion All Type have been my personal favourites. Some guys don't like Dawn because it tends to bond quicker I guess. Every time I play with baby wash or baby shampoo I just get irritated.
  3. justn8

    SunTek Clarity

    That definitely was true. It's why I went with them, their customer service was great too. I just had to let go because I was sick of the issues with the tint. Shame because I actually loved dealing with them. But I'm really happy with the products I've come to settle on now. Scratch coat sucked, wasn't a huge fan of Carbon's colour, crap in the film/quality issues, mediocre adhesive... The price and customer service were on point though lol. Shame.
  4. justn8

    How many cars

    Pretty ok? 100 Confident, encountered a lot, and can really say a 'pro'... 1000 Seasoned, 2000. It's a trade, like anything else. 1000 cars is well under 5 years. How long does it take to become a licensed plumber? You'll do a couple hundred and think you're the $#!^ and then have something toss you on your butt and the memories will come back from the beginning
  5. justn8

    How many CC of JNJ per quart

    Varies a lot. 5 to 8 pumps depending upon how hot/humid it is. I've tried to make it precise but I do have a range I usually go for. I measured how much an average pump equals awhile ago and can't remember the amount exactly. I believe one pump was 2-3 ml but I could be wrong, I'll check again tomorrow
  6. justn8

    How many CC of JNJ per quart

    I use Dawn usually for PPF installs now, like it a lot. I also sometimes add a very small amount (1 ml or less) to a 32oz bottle for tint on really hot days, it makes the solution 'sheet' and cling to the glass better (and it's such a small amount I can't see any issues with it).
  7. justn8

    How many CC of JNJ per quart

    https://photos.app.goo.gl/9zcgX6D389LIybQI2 Use Baby Wash instead of Shampoo. Comes with a pump and none of the 'snotting' and slime/gunk issues of the shampoo. Bottles never get gross
  8. justn8

    Garbage sun strip patterns

    Yup. When the new Cherokee's came out, they were horrible for awhile, and I couldn't figure out who made them, and then who put them in thinking that's ok. And basically all the Dodge/Chrysler sun strips I've come across have been horrible. I'm not trying to be a little bitch here but... it is what you pay for so...
  9. justn8

    Garbage sun strip patterns

    I just believe that if you pay for a service... you should get a 'to the best of their ability' result... or some line where I pretend to care. Whatever. Do the damn patterns right. Hell, if they're already crap, credit me and pay the postage and I'll mail you the template so you can digitize it and enter it. Not my job, but it's my material and my time while I'm paying for that convenience. Some are so bad, I can't even figure out how they came up with it. And it's always when you're very busy or hoping it does what it's supposed to. I feel like if a lot of PPF patterns can be accurate, and there's so many components involved such as stretch, installation order, etc., why can't window patterns be correct?
  10. justn8

    Help with felt on side windows

    I remove the bottom sweep on those. I only tape felt if it's really old and nasty. Flush the felts with slip with the window is down and get them wet where the glass still covers it. On your last pass cleaning use a platinum ez reach to squeegee the edges at the felt (gets the solution out but is thin and doesn't disturb the felt much). Then spray window and install, should come out clean. Target it well, and on those back doors it helps to also just pop the outer most tip corner clip and I usually use my Fusion handle to prop the panel out front the door a bit so there's more room
  11. justn8

    Garbage sun strip patterns

    Anybody else with TintTek find that their sunstrip patterns are mediocre at best? Half the time I cut them, they suck. I wish I knew who designs a lot of their stuff, because clearly it's not an installer. I always hated sunstrips but with the plotter it was supposed to make them an easy add on, but they just enrage me pretty often
  12. justn8

    How many CC of JNJ per quart

    Hot and humid enough to make us want to go south for more of it. Cold and frigid enough to make you never want to come here
  13. justn8

    Tint slime bubbles?

    It's not exact science, but I do know I have removed film off vehicles that he has installed years ago with Sunlight, and every one I've come across has left all of the adhesive on the glass and none on the film. If the bond of the adhesive to the glass is greater than the bond to the film I'd say it didn't really have a negative impact... But I'm not a chemist. That's interesting that that's what happened with his tests... I'd swear I recall Howard on here saying the opposite from their tests, but I could be totally wrong. I honestly don't see how a relatively small amount of soap, shampoo, slime or Film On would really make much of a difference in the long term. Like I said, unless it's a very strong example of one or mixed very heavily. Xpel says it's totally fine to use it with PPF and even shows it in a video on the wrap institute. I know they aren't the same products and I'm sure the adhesives are quite different but... Side note, what's the Facebook group? Can you PM me it if it's a for tinters group?
  14. justn8

    Tint slime bubbles?

    I'll add... I know a guy who has exclusively used Llumar and Sunlight original detergent for 20 years. And aside from that one bit of crap film they offered and he tried that was cheap (panther? I don't know, never been a Llumar guy). Never any issues down the road that you'd link to it. I think all the failure's, mass ones and all that guy's are still shell shocked from are 95% the manufacturer's fault or on their end and not due to one squirt of soap in the installer's bottle. That said, don't go use Ultra Dawn or something intense. But... you can also use that with PPF so... Is a small bit of a difference in overall bond strength going to bring any type of failure rate to under 7/8 years? That's the number I care about in my market.
  15. justn8

    Tint slime bubbles?

    I always liked the J&J baby wash more than the shampoo. It doesn't glob/slime/snot ever. That being said... I've been trying other things and... Whatever works for you, works for you. But if you hate the slimy issues with the shampoo try the wash. It's close and doesn't do it. Even comes with a pump so you can narrow down amounts easy