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  1. twotint

    computers in new chrysler dodge

    what was the result, I have one in my shop that's dead now. Second time this has happened on a Durango, first one dried out and was fine. This one seems to be the opposite of that scenario
  2. It feels looks and installs the same. The Llumar rolls have a U73-***** roll number same as Suntek. Llumar won't tell me but they kind of snickered when I should them the roll numbers.
  3. Yeah looks more like platinum plus unless it's bronze when your looking out. I have some of both films left over
  4. Llumar has a better color and clarity in my opinion (I stock both). CTX or ATC would be the safest for your electronics. CTX and AIR80 is tough to beat for the price vs heat rejection.
  5. Colts and pacers players mainly the non starters, just did Adam Vinatieri's hell cat about a month ago.
  6. Anyone having issues with these hoods? I have one I've done twice now and it wants to lift in the valley closest to the middle. The outer valleys are staying down fine. It's frustrating to say the least.
  7. twotint

    suntek film

    I would take you up on a challenge your cap sheet and without. I will beat you without!
  8. twotint

    Graphic Design

    Does anyone offer a course for this, thinking of getting the wife into it.
  9. Xpel edge prep is Pro Bond.
  10. twotint

    DAP fees

    Fees are high but the kits are worth it to me. I have two other programs and I will use the dap now 75%, because the other ones may have something better or different. I might make it on the Xpel locator again. Funny how I was on there then was taken off without an explanation.
  11. twotint

    Llumar PPF

    I use it and to be honest it's the same film. It's convenient to get as I use Llumar tint. I use the Llumar and Xpel films as I like using each in different scenarios.