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  1. XPEL also offers steeply discounted b-grade materials for projects like these. Just fill out the form here and your regional rep will be in contact with details. https://www.xpel.com/become-a-dealer-professional-installers
  2. it's hard to tell the angle of the drop offs on the hood, but it looks like youre going to want to seem it at the top of those ridges. I don't like seaming things, but when there is a defined body line to hide it on, sometimes the juice isn't worth the squeezee on a hood like this.
  3. EXACTLY!!!! Don't overthink it. The reality is that most of the debris comes from within the crevices of the car as opposed to being airborn. You could install in a paint booth and still fight debris. It has more to do with proper prep and cleaning than anything else.
  4. XPEL Jeff

    Water bubbles In PPF

    Either of those squeegees should work, so it really is going to come down to technique. Squeegee pressure is one facet, but there's also squeegee angle, overlapping strokes, working in sections, viewing from different angles, addressing bodylines, etc.
  5. @European, once the adhesive is exposed to air, it starts drying out, so it will be a small miracle if you can get it to stick at all, much less without visible distortion in the adhesive. I'd take it back to the installer, as they'll have the best chance at fixing it and will be able to replace it if they can't repair it. Most installers won't replace a piece if it has been tampered with.
  6. XPEL Jeff

    2019 chevy custom

    @wade_660 / @alberts316, @PoopcornPoppers' truck is a 1500 with the Custom package. The upcoming HD's are a little different (by "different" I mean uglier).
  7. XPEL Jeff

    Ferrari 488 Pista

    @kikeb, look under the "XPEL Europe" region and you'll find whole car patterns.
  8. I've never heard of such a thing as only offering 60" rolls!? You can purchase a slitter, but that could be somewhat expensive if you aren't doing a lot of volume.
  9. XPEL Jeff

    Avoid it happening

    No need to let anything sit for days. Impossible to run a scalable business if you can't move cars through in a single day. The key to success on kits is proper alignment. Simply scan as you complete each section so that you can fix any alignment errors before the film is adhered to strongly. If you happen to miss anything, it will be revealed by the compressor so that you can fix as necessary. Bulk installs can have lifted edges or adhesion issues as well, so I would recommend these techniques for all types of application.
  10. I try not to be to salesy on the forums. But yes, the gel certainly helps!
  11. XPEL Jeff

    Avoid it happening

    Usually, a lifted area will be dried out or have debris. You'll likely need to replace the whole piece.
  12. XPEL Jeff

    Avoid it happening

    Dirt and brake dust can only get underneath the film if it has already lifted. This is a simple case of the installer leaving the film edge on a less than ideal surface adn/or not securing edges completely before delivery. Film does not do well when left on a tight radius, therefore installers should do all they can to leave the ends on a flatter surface. You should always use an air compressor on all edges before sending the car on its way, as it will reveal many areas that are not adhered as well as you thought they were. Once you have exposed these areas, you can use adhesion promotors like XPEL Surface Prep to increase the adhesion, but often it just needs a little moisture removed.
  13. We don’t have a video, as we dont recommend this method, but you simply take a diabetic syringe a pierce the side of a bubble, then pull the moisture out with a plunger. Ultimately you should focus on the reason you are leaving moisture behind (squeegee technique and constant thorough inspection throughout the installation).
  14. XPEL Jeff

    Llumar PPF Question

    You and I agree that installers should focus on a single brand. I’m just of the opinion (and that’s all it is, an opinion) that an installer should be able to install any product with relative ease so that it doesn’t effect their ability to offer their customers what is best for the consumer (which is not always the product that's easiest to install). Also, what is best for an installer’s business may be the total value offering that a film company provides, not just the product. Referrals, training, marketing, protection, software, etc.