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  1. @OZinstaller, you’ll notice that I said “this doesn’t always mean the biggest shop.” I also said “where they get the most return.” Sometimes the biggest return is growing a small shop into a medium shop or a medium shop into a large shop. I cant speak for everyone, but I choose how I spend my time based on the attitude and loyalty of those in need of help and what I think they can accomplish with the resources I provide them with. I’ve built my entire career on helping grow one man install shops turn into thriving businesses that lead their market, so I sleep well at night. I apologize if I wasn’t clear in my previous post, but the point i was trying to make earlier is that reps generally don’t spend a lot of effort on part-timers, because their efforts are more productive if spent with full timers. This is is no different than if you had a finite amount of time and had to choose between doing work for a dealership that only used your services and pushed your products hard, or a dealership that used you along with other ppf shops and only offered your services when somebody asked for it specifically.
  2. It depends on who you order the kit from. If ordered by phone through customer service, we (XPEL) offer wrapped edges when requested. I'm with the others on this though. It's not a matter of spending time. In fact, the longer you take on ppf, the worse in turns out, in many cases.
  3. We're sorry you feel that way, but yes, we do provide different levels of support. Our reps' time is in heavy demand, so they tend to spend their time in the areas that they get the most return. This doesn't always mean the biggest shop. Having said that we do have a minimum purchase level to be listed on the dealer locator. If a shop is below that minimum, they tend to get less support (unless they are fresh out of training or new to XPEL).
  4. We still have the same folks on board, just added to the team and expanded tech and customer support to include our Canadian office for longer coverage throughout the day. The new folks will will be fully versed soon! shoot an email to me at jphillips@xpel.com if you’d like to discuss details or anything further about your rep.
  5. XPEL Jeff

    PPF software

    Where are you located?
  6. The software is generally something that CS walks people through over the phone while remotely logged in. Just let your trainers know that you’d like some DAP training while you’re in town and we can get you with a customer service member. Shoot me me an email at johillips@xpel.com with any specifics that you’d like to learn and I can have someone reach out to you.
  7. Hi @Noel, while XPEL is definitely geared more towards the full time installer, there isn’t much that customer service isn’t equipped to do, short of giving advice on SEO or walking you into car dealerships. What was it that you needed help with?
  8. It looks like the kits from some of the other trim levels will fit it. I’ll notify the design team to have them take a look at it. Min the future, contact XPEL directly to get faster service.
  9. For what it's worth, I've known Sean for years and he runs a top notch organization. WOrking for an owner that's not afraid to get his hands dirty just means that he knows the value of a good employee. Good luck on finding a team member, Sean!
  10. XPEL Jeff

    Not happy with your current tint patterns?

    Can you give me an example so I can have our designer look at them? If it's a current model, it definitely shouldn't be there. If it's an older vehicle, we may need to go back and update it with our new methods.
  11. XPEL Jeff

    Not happy with your current tint patterns?

    Let customer service know if you'd like a quick tutorial, as it can definitely seem foreign if you're used to another program. We also started with PPF and morphed into this, so the funciotnality is a little different. We've got an update coming soon that should help make the layout more on par with the patterns.
  12. XPEL Jeff

    Not happy with your current tint patterns?

    If you'd like to try a free trial of DAP, just PM me your shop info and contact info and I'll get it headed your way!
  13. I know folks doing ppf on hundreds of dealer cars per month in the new England area, so they must be dealing with different dealerships. I respect your opinion and we'll have to agree to disagree.
  14. Actually, many dealerships love it because they make money off of film three times. 1. Installed with the initial sale of the new unit 2. No reconditioning costs on trade in if customer brings car baclk to them 3. They get to markup the car on the pre-owned lot because it has film (or they easily remove it and charge to reinstall on pristine paint)