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  1. CB09 with a 45?degree blade has been our setup for 20 years without fail. Ot it sounds like you probably need to replace your cutting mat and adjust your blade strings more than anything. Call your software provider and they can walk you through it.
  2. If you can PM me your contact info, I will have an XPEL representative reach out with info about the DAP.
  3. Any film CAN turn yellow, but any of the companies that I am familiar with will cover that under their warranty (make sure they pay labor to the installer though, otherwise you may have a tough time finding someone willing to replace it). 99% of white cars don't have an issue, but the times I do see issues usually involve film beghind the tires. Folks will spray on tire shine a go for a drive, which splatters the film. Being that their car was just washed, it sits on the film for days or weeks. Repeated instances of that can cause a problem with any brand of film.
  4. When you're trying to please everyone, it's pretty hard not to rub someone the wrong way. The detail shops all want max coverage, but the shops servicing dealerships definitely let us know if we are too aggressive with the coverage (and vice versa). We appreciate the kind words!
  5. If you're new, I'd definitely look at a precut kit for this one. A lot of comlex things going on here.
  6. @Jake that means a lot. Those guys work really hard and rarely get the praise they deserve when it comes to feedback (like you mentioned, the phone only rings if something ISN'T right). I'll make sure to share this with the designer and his manager today. Happy installs!
  7. Can I fix this?

    As mentioned above, You can't fix that, but here's a could things thatI would do to avoid it in the future: - Blast all of your edges with an airt compressor. - Make sure any blades that you use (plotter/OLFA) are clean and sharp. Sometimes the edges of the adhesive can get a little ratty when they are cut with a plotter blade that doesn't swivel easily and you can't see the after effects until the install solution dries out.

    It really depends on the hood (see below). It is best to learn how to do both well and use whichever method will be most beneficial for the situation. Also, most folks that are new to ppf, haven't mastered their knife technique in terms of cutting the film without cutting the paint, so even in the cases where it is easier, you release yourself from a lot of liability by opting for a kit. We design kits for a living, but still bulk a fair amount of hoods.
  9. @tintswe, PM me your contact info and I'll have our Eurpoean office reach out with a free trial of the Design Access Program (DAP) software. We look forward to earning your business! @Tintpro1911, we appreciate the kind words. You're right that sometimes the kits are a bit overboard, but we'd rather err on the side of overengineering. If we cut back coverage, every detail shop in the world lets us know about it. Let us know if you ever need help in learning to dial back the coverage a little bit in your program so that you can save them just how you like them.
  10. There are a few answers here: 1. Some companies buy their designs from multiple sources, meaining that they are not all designed with the same theory. 2. If you aren't trained by the company who's software program you use, you may be installing it differently than it was intended to be installed. 3. Film can grow or shrink if you roll it up and let it sit for a while (especially overnight), depending on the direction you roll it (liner side in vs liner side out) Do you have any specific examples that we could address?
  11. 1. This event was not about pounding their chest in regards to speed as it was a great form of marketing to draw attention to the industry and their shop. They were on every news station and REALLY strenghtened their relationship with the dealership that participated (who also gained exposure). 2. If you could only imagine the logistics of moving 170 cars in and out of a dealership in a day, that's quite a feat in itself 3. 170 cars divided by 6 hours (they ran out of cars before the time was up) = 28.3 cars per hour. 28.3 cph/20 tinters is 1.41 cars per tinter, per hour, or one car every 42 minutes.
  12. Shoot me an email at jphillips@xpel.com if you'd like a sample of the Prime XR. We also have the Prime XR Plus now (IR Rejection of 97% in the 45 VLT that you mentioned)
  13. What you saw in the video was actually the XR Plus Black 45, which blocks a lot more IR than the XR Black (hence the bluer appearance). On lighter VLT's more of the IR coating must be added to achieve high IR rejection numbers (97% for the 45 VLT). That coating is what gives films more of a blue tone. The XR Black is much more of a true black than XR Plus.
  14. Actually, they ran out of cars after 6 hours (I think there was a lunch break in there too), but 8 hours was the agreed upon time frame to judge the effort. This wasnt about proving themselves to other tinters, it was about drawing attention to the tint industry and their business. SunStoppers was all over the news in the Carolinas.
  15. A good kit will install faster than a bulk install 9 times out of 10. A good kit should look just as good as a bulk install 8 times out of 10 (the symmetry and even edges are nice, as are sensor cutouts). Kits remove some of the liability as well, so it is a good place to start while you further develop your bulking techgnique (which doesn't come overnight). Having said that, there are some panels and some cars where bulking just makes more sense. As an installer, you should learn to be highly skilled at both bulk and precut, that way you can offer different levels of service and value.