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  1. There are a few answers here: 1. Some companies buy their designs from multiple sources, meaining that they are not all designed with the same theory. 2. If you aren't trained by the company who's software program you use, you may be installing it differently than it was intended to be installed. 3. Film can grow or shrink if you roll it up and let it sit for a while (especially overnight), depending on the direction you roll it (liner side in vs liner side out) Do you have any specific examples that we could address?
  2. 1. This event was not about pounding their chest in regards to speed as it was a great form of marketing to draw attention to the industry and their shop. They were on every news station and REALLY strenghtened their relationship with the dealership that participated (who also gained exposure). 2. If you could only imagine the logistics of moving 170 cars in and out of a dealership in a day, that's quite a feat in itself 3. 170 cars divided by 6 hours (they ran out of cars before the time was up) = 28.3 cars per hour. 28.3 cph/20 tinters is 1.41 cars per tinter, per hour, or one car every 42 minutes.
  3. Shoot me an email at jphillips@xpel.com if you'd like a sample of the Prime XR. We also have the Prime XR Plus now (IR Rejection of 97% in the 45 VLT that you mentioned)
  4. What you saw in the video was actually the XR Plus Black 45, which blocks a lot more IR than the XR Black (hence the bluer appearance). On lighter VLT's more of the IR coating must be added to achieve high IR rejection numbers (97% for the 45 VLT). That coating is what gives films more of a blue tone. The XR Black is much more of a true black than XR Plus.
  5. Actually, they ran out of cars after 6 hours (I think there was a lunch break in there too), but 8 hours was the agreed upon time frame to judge the effort. This wasnt about proving themselves to other tinters, it was about drawing attention to the tint industry and their business. SunStoppers was all over the news in the Carolinas.
  6. A good kit will install faster than a bulk install 9 times out of 10. A good kit should look just as good as a bulk install 8 times out of 10 (the symmetry and even edges are nice, as are sensor cutouts). Kits remove some of the liability as well, so it is a good place to start while you further develop your bulking techgnique (which doesn't come overnight). Having said that, there are some panels and some cars where bulking just makes more sense. As an installer, you should learn to be highly skilled at both bulk and precut, that way you can offer different levels of service and value.
  7. Congrats to the team at SunStoppers for setting this new world record!
  8. Long term lifting issues

    Jake is right. I missed that part about the delaminating. That's a warranty issue for sure.
  9. Long term lifting issues

    Do you blast all of your edges with an air compressor after install?
  10. Good place to buy.

    Just PM me your info and I'll have the California rep reach out to you. All of our training takes place at our headquarters in Texas. We'd love to earn your business!
  11. Good place to buy.

    We sell b-grade film at about half of the typical price. I'd highly suggest attending a training course before wasting any more money on film though.
  12. You can buy cut credits from XPEL directly. The option is in the DAP software, or you can contact the head office at 210-678-3700 or support@xpel.com.
  13. Where to start?

    XPEL does not design patterns to install this way. We intend for bumpers to be started at the centermost alignment point(s). Often this is some combination of the tow hook, parking sensor, headlight, and radiator inlet. I cannot speak for other pattern companies though.
  14. I'm not going to reply, because I am obviously biased. Just so that we understand though, are you looking to compare the ppf film only, or the total offering from the companies (software, marketing, support, warranty, etc.)?
  15. You shouldn't have to trim kits very much. If you are, you're either using the wrong program or putting them on differently than they were intended to install.