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  1. Avoid it happening

    No need to let anything sit for days. Impossible to run a scalable business if you can't move cars through in a single day. The key to success on kits is proper alignment. Simply scan as you complete each section so that you can fix any alignment errors before the film is adhered to strongly. If you happen to miss anything, it will be revealed by the compressor so that you can fix as necessary. Bulk installs can have lifted edges or adhesion issues as well, so I would recommend these techniques for all types of application.
  2. I try not to be to salesy on the forums. But yes, the gel certainly helps!
  3. Avoid it happening

    Usually, a lifted area will be dried out or have debris. You'll likely need to replace the whole piece.
  4. Avoid it happening

    Dirt and brake dust can only get underneath the film if it has already lifted. This is a simple case of the installer leaving the film edge on a less than ideal surface adn/or not securing edges completely before delivery. Film does not do well when left on a tight radius, therefore installers should do all they can to leave the ends on a flatter surface. You should always use an air compressor on all edges before sending the car on its way, as it will reveal many areas that are not adhered as well as you thought they were. Once you have exposed these areas, you can use adhesion promotors like XPEL Surface Prep to increase the adhesion, but often it just needs a little moisture removed.
  5. We don’t have a video, as we dont recommend this method, but you simply take a diabetic syringe a pierce the side of a bubble, then pull the moisture out with a plunger. Ultimately you should focus on the reason you are leaving moisture behind (squeegee technique and constant thorough inspection throughout the installation).
  6. Llumar PPF Question

    You and I agree that installers should focus on a single brand. I’m just of the opinion (and that’s all it is, an opinion) that an installer should be able to install any product with relative ease so that it doesn’t effect their ability to offer their customers what is best for the consumer (which is not always the product that's easiest to install). Also, what is best for an installer’s business may be the total value offering that a film company provides, not just the product. Referrals, training, marketing, protection, software, etc.
  7. Not sure about the Avery Supreme, as it isn’t available in the US at this time. Pretty much any film out out there will go into Super Duty lettering though. It’s more about technique than it is film.
  8. Hi Robert ( @gxdude ) , The Ultimate Plus adhesive is less agressive than the Ultimate and the clarity has been improved as well. If you'd like to see it in person, John Gray at Gulf Coast Auto Shield isn't terribly far away from you. He's a great guy.
  9. ppf training

    In shop training does not work out well. As for training in the SE, talk to Rick at Accent Distributing if you aren't wanting to take a flight. I'd recommend on training with the brand that you intend on using , as some techniques are specific to certain adhesives (and you'll get certified by the brand).
  10. Hi Nico, If I remember correctly, you have to buy the film in Europe to have access to the DAP (it helps us justify the high cost of a Europe-based design team), but I am based in the U.S., so I don't know the specifics on France. If you want to PM me your contact info, I'll be happy to have a rep reach out to explain the options.
  11. Llumar PPF Question

    None of the films on today's market are difficult to install if you focus on getting your ppf skillset nailed down. You'll find that the better you get, the less of a difference you find between products. You'll just tweak your methods and solutions slightly. Feel free to shoot me a PM if you'd like a sample of XPEL film or software, or look into one of our advanced training classes.
  12. Black smoothie should work just fine. As as far as install solutions, I’d switch from dawn to Johnson & Johnson’s (not generic). It fares better with the Ultimate Plus adhesive. If if you’d like, you can send me some pics or video to jphillips@xpel.com and we’ll diagnose quickly.
  13. CB09 with a 45?degree blade has been our setup for 20 years without fail. Ot it sounds like you probably need to replace your cutting mat and adjust your blade strings more than anything. Call your software provider and they can walk you through it.
  14. If you can PM me your contact info, I will have an XPEL representative reach out with info about the DAP.
  15. Any film CAN turn yellow, but any of the companies that I am familiar with will cover that under their warranty (make sure they pay labor to the installer though, otherwise you may have a tough time finding someone willing to replace it). 99% of white cars don't have an issue, but the times I do see issues usually involve film beghind the tires. Folks will spray on tire shine a go for a drive, which splatters the film. Being that their car was just washed, it sits on the film for days or weeks. Repeated instances of that can cause a problem with any brand of film.