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  1. opus


    I've been a LLumar user for a grand total of 12 years so it's hard to sell me on other products, especially when I've only ever seen failures in the material 5 times (three of which can be traced back to to same roll). Thanks for your input!
  2. opus

    Between 20% and 5%?

    Here in NC even with a waiver for the darker percentage we still have a min/maximum of 20%. Check your paperwork from the state to make sure your not waisting your time trying to go darker .
  3. opus


    The rep from Rayno called me today pushing thier film, never heard of it before. I'm just looking for some feedback. He dumped some numbers on me. RAYNO S9 35% RAYNO S5 20% Llumar ATC 20% Llumar CTX 35 IR Rejection 92% IR Rejection 53% IR rejection N/A IR rejection N/A% TSER 58% TSER 51% TSER 39% TSER 50% $507.00/roll $207.00/roll $250.00/roll* $450.00/roll* Thanks!