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  1. I have a customer that wants to match her window tint on a new piece of glass. Not a Llumar dealer, but need 5 to 20' of ATC 20%. Anyone help me out? Email:

    1979 Corvette

    I have a 1979 Corvette coming in tomorrow. Since it’s so old and I’ve never done one, is there anything to look out for? TIY

    Pic of the Week #585 Submissions

    2018 BMW M3 with 50% NanoCeramic Window Tinting Added, proving once again that darker is not always better!
  4. We have a very successful established auto tinting business we are considering selling so we can retire. Currently we are open 5 days a week, do some PPF installs but do not do Flat Glass with one employee. There is much upside potential for this business and a good reputation along with a complete website keeps the clientele coming in. If you are interested, contact me at Serious inquiries only please.
  5. Stopped using Llumar in the 90s because of their Adhesive. Now we get a lot of cars that need tint removed and when we get a Llumar tint job in it is nearly impossible to get the glue off the rear window. So, what have you found works the best?

    TSET Revist


    SunTek Clarity

    Have tint, will travel!

    2017 gti all trek wagon

    Here is what I use. Made them myself

    Opening new shop- Are my costs too high

    A good website that drives the people to you is a MUST if you are just starting out. I started our shop after 30 years traveling to dealerships. I had dealership work that brought income in and an installer that took care of them. That was in 2012. Now we have no dealership work to speak of and everything we get is retail off the website. I picked the expensive side of town where I knew people could afford to tint their cars if their was an economic collapse or slowdown. One of the best decisions I made. $1900 for everything is a good price if you can make that back in a day or two. Bad if it takes a week or two.

    Kdx film?? Any one ever heard of it

    "We last wong time!" "You rikey big time" All things are NOT equal

    FlexFilm from Georgia

    I have and love the fact I can get a premium for it. Have it on my wife's car and it works great!

    2017 S550 third brake light

    How do you get these out??? UPDATE! Nevermind. Duh! I couldn't see the tabs on the side. Push away the tabs from the light and off it comes. Blond moment 🤦‍♂️

    Specializing in high quality window tint installation for the discriminating driver. Since 1986.

    2014 Impala

    Its getting the light back in and tight against the glass that is the issue. NOT removing it. That's the easy part. Anyone had success getting back in tight?

    FlexFilm from Georgia

    Ok, so yesterday I was contacted by the sales girl for FlexFilm. Never heard of them but they claim they have their film "assembled" the same way 3M does by buying the poly from Martinsville VA, and glue, scratch coat, etc. etc. from others and have it boxed with their logo on it. Then the owner called today and was telling me how they have been tinting for 26 years and decided to start selling film. They have some pretty informative videos on You Tube. His BIG selling film is an IR film he says has great heat reduction values and sells very well with a heat lamp. My question is - Has anybody heard of these guys and better yet do any of you guys use their films? Thanks in advance for the feedback