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  2. Have tint, will travel!
  3. Here is what I use. Made them myself
  4. A good website that drives the people to you is a MUST if you are just starting out. I started our shop after 30 years traveling to dealerships. I had dealership work that brought income in and an installer that took care of them. That was in 2012. Now we have no dealership work to speak of and everything we get is retail off the website. I picked the expensive side of town where I knew people could afford to tint their cars if their was an economic collapse or slowdown. One of the best decisions I made. $1900 for everything is a good price if you can make that back in a day or two. Bad if it takes a week or two.
  5. "We last wong time!" "You rikey big time" All things are NOT equal
  6. I have and love the fact I can get a premium for it. Have it on my wife's car and it works great!
  7. How do you get these out??? UPDATE! Nevermind. Duh! I couldn't see the tabs on the side. Push away the tabs from the light and off it comes. Blond moment 🤦‍♂️
  8. Specializing in high quality window tint installation for the discriminating driver. Since 1986.
  9. Its getting the light back in and tight against the glass that is the issue. NOT removing it. That's the easy part. Anyone had success getting back in tight?
  10. I saw this too and that's what got me thinking about it. Wonder where I can get the stuff to make one of these myself??
  11. Graphtec is a VERY good plotter. A workhorse that will work like the Energizer Bunny
  12. JH - I saw that video too. Looking for other ideas though
  13. Thinking about buying 60's and cutting them myself. Any ideas as to how I can do this with tools from Lowes?? I know most mannys will cut them down for you. Just indulge me on this one. I want to cut the rolls myself so any ideas? Thanks in advance
  14. 2 years now with FlexFilms and they have been great to date. We will see what happens by 2018
  15. SOLARGARD is a good film for dealer work, not retail clients