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  1. I saw this too and that's what got me thinking about it. Wonder where I can get the stuff to make one of these myself??
  2. Graphtec is a VERY good plotter. A workhorse that will work like the Energizer Bunny
  3. JH - I saw that video too. Looking for other ideas though
  4. Thinking about buying 60's and cutting them myself. Any ideas as to how I can do this with tools from Lowes?? I know most mannys will cut them down for you. Just indulge me on this one. I want to cut the rolls myself so any ideas? Thanks in advance
  5. 2 years now with FlexFilms and they have been great to date. We will see what happens by 2018
  6. SOLARGARD is a good film for dealer work, not retail clients
  7. Looking for the easiest to install, the most "idiot proof" to sell and install for the winter. Please supply contact info for distributors too please and thank you in advance
  8. You have been fortunate Dr Tint
  9. Nice to know. Customer said he checked Consumer reports and they DO NOT recommend this vehicle as they have several electronic issues and are less than reliable. The Civic has dropped from #1 or 2 to #10 in reliability. The client said he found all this out AFTER he took the car home from the dealership and noticed having some issues BEFORE he brought it to us for tint. He is not even considering blaming us and only called because the windshield I did curled up at the bottom a day after he left our shop. Anyway, the car it seems has issues. Just posting so no one gets stuck buying electronics for a jerk customer
  10. 2015 Audi A4 did it to us. Thankfully the client used to install tint about 10 years ago for a competitor in the area. He took it to Audi, and as usual, Audi would NOT do anything for him. $1300 rear glass install later, he brought it back for us to finish it. Didn't blame us. Said he got on the forums and found that it DOES happen from time to time to ALL mannys so knew it wasn't anything we did.
  11. Will doing this mess with electronics?
  12. Did a 2013 Lexus GS350 clearbra the other day. Customer is really nice, but he came in today and said he now notices a wind noise coming from the driver mirror?? Took it to the dealership and they told him to take the clearbra off the mirror and that fixes it. Customer also said he checked out the Lexus forums and there is a huge debate about this very issue. He did read that someone posted that they had replaced the mirror and the noise went away. Sounds like garbage to me and that Lexus is blaming the aftermarket AGAIN. Has anyone come across this? Thanks in advance. Dan Carmeltint.com
  13. Hyundai Azera 2015 - Ok, How do we remove this?