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  1. Handjob!!!!

    I wanna get a handjob, I mean that tool!
  2. windshield

    I use 40” rolls for front shield, but of course once i got a 36” recenlty i get hit with a 15’ Honda Odyssey....no dice on that one. Also, when i get 23” side glass rolls i never use them either...just cant win!
  3. Most annoying customers

    I had this customer come out right as im getting ready to hose the bottom of a rollup down to tuck the film on brand new F150. Dudes like, im just watching you make a mess. I just said this has to be done and the water wont do nothing. Just hate those few custys that freak out about the water. Just dont tint your car and get some gay sun shades screens with suction cups.
  4. tesla

    Whats hard about the 3??? Doesnt look that bad, but havnt done one. The S is very, ver easy and X isnt too bad, just gotta deal with how those rear doors open.
  5. Important lesson learned from bottom loading !

    I had mine snag a the top of a rollup few time aligning tint. I told the wife, need to take this shiat off!!
  6. The generic just doesnt provide enough slip when it hot, especially bottom loading. Just mixed in and shot glass and half with a splash of dawn and it stuck with a few seconds or so. Anyone know if the distilled water gives more slip?? Just ran out of the generic so need to fine something soon.
  7. Got hustle on Yelp

    Yeah, i would worry much. As long as your 4+ stars you’re good IMO. Bad reviews where you obviously screwed them over are what could hurt you. Reviews saying you refused to fix something, or the install had “bubbles” in it are ones you definitely dont want.
  8. How many times have you "quit"

    I quit like 2 days ago. I too get caught up trying to be fast. There really is no control over how fast you can get it done. Instead of moving fast to save time, dont waste time. Just concentrate on your routine and improve little by little and speed with come naturally. I have tip for light gaps and for trimming patterns. Get a dry erase marker and mark the sides, then roll window up and down to see the amount of shift. Before install with the window all the way up I mark any window with the slighest shift, so when i lay the pattern before locking it down i check th edge to make sure i didnt shift the window. I never get gaps doing this. If a window doesnt shift by pulling it back and forth then thats the only time i dont mark. Mostly euro vehicles do this. Also, to avoid gaps, tuck extra on vehciles like toyota, since some shift a lot and it wasy to tuck extra on them.
  9. Ordered Orange 4x tint slime today !

    Yeah, baby shampoo doesnt work well with bottom loading and was the main reason i had a lil trouble getting it down at first. I use the generic and hear the J&J brand slides better, but wont consider using again because its clogs sprayers fast.
  10. Business Name ideas

    Atomic Tint....We Blast the Competition!! 3 different films, all in one box
  11. Most annoying customers

    Especially when its a peanut in the bg you’re gonna have to fight. One time way back i had a guy say, “could you not get water on the door panel, my wife doesnt like that.” If ever hear that again, im going to say just dont tint your windows!
  12. Most annoying customers

    I had two customers in one week get it their car and crush a rollup pattern on the seat. Also, messed up on a top cut from a customer getting in.
  13. Most annoying customers

    Ya know, i thought of this right after i posted. At least at a shop they wont be next to me tinting...i’d make sure of that. Just cant stand people asking stuff when im tinting.
  14. Most annoying customers

    This guy asked some of the most annoying things. Where does the water go after you put it on? Could you keep the ignition off..it’ll kill the battery. Oh and at the end when i was done, That took a while, did you have trouble? Last one i looked at him like i wanted to punch him and he said its been a while since he got tint. Probably just get a shop next year before i beat someone!
  15. Recommend Quality Brands

    Just added Klingon XTC series. Love the vlt lineup....8%, 5% and of course the 0% 3 mil!!! The specs are so good theyre top secret, you just have to feel the differnce. Not sure how safe the 0% is for windshields??