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  1. pbalentine

    average time it takes you to tint a vehicle?

    Dont be that tinter that takes pride in being fast. Most of them cut corners or are full or shiat. Seriously, how can you be that fast if you live on this forum?? Just a bunch or posers.
  2. pbalentine

    Did I get a bad tint job on my car?

    If custy doesnt like it, then its needs to be replaced. I rarely get comebacks, but would never care to replace a window because I know that if it was right I would not be getting a call about it. That top edge looks like they should of scrubbed it. Also, if you see this after cleaning its from rolling the window up in the channel, picking up trash before final clean.
  3. pbalentine

    2016 Audi S8/a8

    For the foam on the sides of the bg, just heat it up and push it back with a hard card to create some room on sides.
  4. Does xpel actually make their own film?
  5. pbalentine

    Best place to buy tools?

    I just order from suntek, since every tool is cheaper.
  6. Thats even worse that they know and dont care. I like who im with...no thanks!
  7. pbalentine

    Dirt contamination problem

    I would clean out your sprayer too to eliminate that causing it.
  8. pbalentine

    Dirt contamination problem

    If the shop is dirty that gonna be hard to get it clean. For a clean install it starts with a clean, dust free shop and then where you peel has to be clean and of course the glass you’re installing on(surrounding panel & frame too). What squeegee are you using to clean??
  9. pbalentine

    Blue Max Power Flex

    I swear I cant get a blu max blade to go more than a week or so staying sharp and thats even after trimming the blade. I just got a blue go doctor. This thing glides way better than the blu max for cleaning.
  10. pbalentine

    Tried tucking some vehicles

    Ive pulled the seals before a few times, but can get these done the same just tucking.
  11. pbalentine

    Tried tucking some vehicles

    Thing with tucking is you just will get those few times they just pop up. Had this happen on a Maxima last week, which I usually pull. Spent like 10 minutes messing with fingers. Just pulled the for the rest. Im tucking the older Gen Silverado and newer F150s and it ends there. I actually like removing stuff and like installing rollups like an easy, stationary SUV window.
  12. pbalentine

    Tried tucking some vehicles

    Yeah sometimes I forget and tuck when it was best to bottom load. Tucking fails for me for once i spend more than 30 seconds dealing with anything. Its been a great learning experience pulling stuff for the last few years and going back to see what could be tucked just as clean.
  13. pbalentine

    Tried tucking some vehicles

    Been pulling seals/panels on probably 90% of vehicle. I went back the last couple months tucking what could to see if it came out as clean. Id say barely any were as clean. You’re either dealing with fingers popping up, fixing imperfections, bottom contamination or all of the above. You cant say tucking is as clean as pulling panels/ seals unless you start pulling stuff on every vehicle. This lets you see that some of the installs you tucked werent as clean as you thought at the time.
  14. pbalentine

    2018 4Runner BG shrink & panel removal

    You’re right it is just one! I always just thought the 10 mm bolts behind two hatch light covers needed to be removed. I cant believe that thing is held on by one bolt.
  15. pbalentine

    Scratches in adhesive

    IPA, you ever dry shrink with a glove?? If you havnt, I would try it out.