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  1. pbalentine

    Bottom Loading/ Top Loading

    Just tucked a 2nd wrangler with panel off. Never bottom loading these. Tucking is just easier for me in this one.
  2. pbalentine

    The Reach

    Thats true if you it for some vehicles. I guess I feel the titan can do what the reach can. One tool I do like that I picked up recently is a blue and yellow quick foot. Great for tight bottom corners on bgs and I use it to shrink underneath spoilers.
  3. pbalentine

    The Reach

    I knew this tool was useless, but just had to find out myself. Its hard to grip and I just dont see using it for anything. Obviously not designed by a tinter and is why its worthless.
  4. pbalentine

    I've never seen film shrunk so fast!

    Thats actually pretty slow for using a torch on a flat bg.
  5. I sand down until it gets a deep scratch and toss it.
  6. pbalentine

    Bottom Loading/ Top Loading

    Those wrangler fronts are a bottom load for me. I bottom load most fronts, but have been top loading lots of rear doors with seal or panel off. Sometimes you gotta try both ways to find which is easier for you.
  7. pbalentine

    Is it time to move on?

    All of us know how long it takes. At one point its obvious your’re cutting corners and quality suffers. I remove dealer work weekly and I can tell they dont press out any contamination dots to get it done quicker. Also see gaps so big thats it obviously theyre not heating the top edge before rolling the window up.
  8. pbalentine

    Heat shrink pattern cut for windshield

    First lose the h pattern. Its not needed, just do a line across the middle. Also, sometimes you wanna move the line up or down to lessen film to shrink in that area. Stick with the glove and use soap to dry shrink. For the corners, shrink exactly toward factory edge.
  9. pbalentine

    Tesla model 3

    Last 3-4 customers for these were aware of the breakage. The ones I did I just two pieces the bg two inches above the middle defroster line where you couldnt see the seam. The 3m dealer here prices high to avoid one piecing them(extra $350).
  10. pbalentine

    2014 i3

    Rear 1/4 windows: Rear 1/4s I found easiest to reverse roll them. First, remove interior hatch cover, so you can sit in hatch area for installation. To clean its best to flush real good, since its an impossible bitch to clean. Reverse roll film from front of vehicle to the rear. Side swiper/stroke doctor work good on these.
  11. pbalentine

    Tesla model 3

    Im glad I chose to not tint that big ass bg anymore. I still charge the same without tinting the bg though.
  12. pbalentine

    F-pace suv

    Did a 17’ F Pace. For the rear doors I didnt see any torx at edge, but was able to just pop it to remove seal. For the BG I took off the wiper blade (10mm). Just slide the piece of film up as high as you can. When shrinking the last couple inches along the top I used a Blue Quick foot to smooth. Trim everything but the top, pop hatch and lay film in with liner still on, tack it and mark the top edge with sharpie, then trim it. Then its ready to install.
  13. pbalentine

    2016 Dodge Charger Rear Window mess

    Some just have thicker lines. I can tell right away by feeling with a finger nail. When they’re really thick, hitting with steel wool just wont do it for me. Last week I did a 16 300 and used 000 steel, followed by lightly sanded the sides (about 5 inches) with 2000 grit. None. BTW that Charger BG looks good.
  14. pbalentine

    White specs BG. Help!

    As mentioned don’t put a bunch of water along side before squeegeeing window. Also, squeegee window just once time. If you need to squeegee twice, you’re not cleaning right.
  15. pbalentine

    Lighting do you use cordless lights????

    Got this last year and love it. Its 1000 lumens I think.