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  1. Cut without adding extra

    I do it when the exterior/interior gaskets are even and its a vehicle i know too much film will need to be tucked. Mostly do it on euro vehicles with tight gaskets, but I usually just pull the seals/panels on them now.
  2. Tinting IS 250 without pulling panels

    Just pulled panels on a 13 Lexus RX. Those are the worst panels to pull!! Said F it and tucked that last rear roll down. Probably will tuck most these now sine I’ll actually save time.
  3. Cut without adding extra

    I always shift and usually tuck as much as i can on the sides. Sometime i bump the bottom up to compensate.
  4. Michigan Windshield Tint

    Anything darker than 50% can be too dark. I had 45% before and it made it seem like overcast outside. I only do them in 70% CXP which blocks out close to 50% heat. Doesnt have to be dark to get good benefits.
  5. Tinting IS 250 without pulling panels

    Thing i like about having the panels off is you have an extra 1.5 inches at the bottom. Put window down an inch or so and just lay it in like an easy 1/4 window. Also, have to bump the window up before, since they shift 1/8 inch to the rear (long side of window) making to much film tuck along the side.
  6. Tinting IS 250 without pulling panels

    Nice video...I prayed it wasnt a tucking video! This one is a must pull or with the tool you used.
  7. Small Miscut, update photos.

    Just show the next shop that photo with the gap and then say you want it like this below. Oh but squeegee water out too!
  8. Small Miscut, update photos.

    Dont see why they would be using adhesive remover to remove new film?? That gap!!! Either his slip is weak and it stuck quick or he didnt heat the top edge before rolling it up.
  9. Airplane paint remover for strip and retint !!!

    About every removal i say its my last. They’re always time consuming and takena toll on your body. Good to charge extra since they take up a lot of time in your bay, when you could possibly be doing just a regular tint. To me there are two types of removal, pull film and scrub/scrape adhesive or the worst, which is where most or all the film has to be scraped. Im considering passing on these. Just too much time and enegry to scrap turds.
  10. Had a guy complain about a passenger rollup like 3 months later. He said the wife saw something on it. I wanted to tell him to take his balls out of his wifes purse and take charge!
  11. Airplane paint remover for strip and retint !!!

    Yep, but most the cars with old, brittle film dont matter, since they usually have bigger problems than the defrosters not working. I lve never razored a window on a vehicle in somewhat good condition. Usually thes have dents, faded/peeling paint, broken windows and are littered with trash.
  12. Airplane paint remover for strip and retint !!!

    Last 2 removals i did, sprayway cleaner turned it to slime and it scraped off easily. BG had about 50% left and scrubbed right off. Never like the chemicals, which on really deteriorated tint is not needed, since the BG is just needs to be razored.
  13. Porsch 944

    They asked if I would wanted to do the BG I iust explained quicky that the BG is like no other and needs to be removed to get it done right. No thanks!!
  14. Thats actually the same rate some dealer offered me. That would only be appropriate if it was an unskilled trade that took one days to learn. Plus as mentioned they charge minimally a few hundred dollars.
  15. Porsch 944

    Here the one i just did the rollups on. The top pops back easily with a plenty of room to drop it in. This one was in great condition with original paint. It looked like maybe the sides had paint.