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  1. pbalentine

    2019 Dodge Charger

    The bg is a pain. Just a bunch of peanuts and the bottom edge kept coming away in middle. This one is going on my do not tint list. The shrink takes forever too...Just not worth my f’ing time!
  2. pbalentine

    Not tucking film anymore

    Im going to start tucking more on the easy ones. Ive even been pulling just the front and tucking the back if i can. I have been mainly pulling stuff on the easy ones to get better at removing stuff and from just getting bored. Now I can get most panels or seals off in about 15 seconds to 2 minutes probably. Just comes down to choosing which method is quicker, cleaner and less aggravating.
  3. pbalentine

    Not tucking film anymore

    Yep, any thread thats about being over a tool or technique thats me!!
  4. pbalentine

    Not tucking film anymore

    Im getting to the point where I rarely tuck. I’ll pull the seal and/or panel if the sides stick out, bottom seal is tight, and if its a removal or the felt is deteriorating. I also do it for ease if I can do it fast. Most all vehicles now fall in these categories, so Im to the point of just never tucking. The few times i do now it just irritates me, especially since I dont do it as much and lose my edge doing it.
  5. pbalentine

    2018 GWagon 4x4

    The 19’ G63 changed. No third brake light, no seals to pull on rear 1/4s. Door seal removal: 1-T30 behind leather arm rest handle cover and pull it out.
  6. pbalentine

    New windshield, time for tint. 50% vs 70%

    50% is too dark for me. I do them in 70%, which is light but does as some darkness. Remember, front tint is for heat & UV protection, not to be unseen. Front tint that dark is unsafe. I think some people just get so used to 5%, they just cant go lighter. I loved 5% back on the day, but dont like it now that im used to lighter films.
  7. pbalentine

    2015 4 runner back glass instructions

    Dry shrink bottom and wet shrink the top. Then install with hatch open. For hatch panel removal just pop 2 hatch lights out, & strap cover and remove 10mm bolts.
  8. Just gave 2 email quotes on these monday and even one guy asked about the back window if its ok to tint. I just quoted without doing the back, but still adding $75 over a sedan. BTW, where is ATL?? He posted about the problem being the two layers of glass on a huge window.
  9. pbalentine

    Do or do not keep doing dealership work...

    Screw relying on dealers and dealing with their BS!! Just get the work yourself or add services. I got more than enough auto and adding ppf soon...nope dont need to tint 80% off for no reason. 🖕🖕🖕 Dealers!!!
  10. Ive been using the blu max for years, but getting over it. Like Ryker said, wears out quick. I put a new blade in a few days ago and the edges got dull after doing two cars. Orange crush I use to clean the bg and the blade looked better 3-4 months later. Clear max sucks and just wears quicker than the blu max. BTW it does seem fusion changed the blades. They seem softer, especially the clear crush.
  11. This is the reason I wont tint the bg on the 3 anymore. I also wont tint the windshield on any of them. I hear many thinking this company will fold soon. The glass on these is defective by design. Google it and you’ll see.
  12. pbalentine

    Where do you buy film

    Klingon is the best film...performance specs are 100% across the board. They also have a new plotter coming out that shrinks everything as it cuts! BTW they make all the above films mentioned.
  13. pbalentine

    Front door cx5 2018

    1- PH behind handle cover, 1-PH in armrest under small rubber cover.
  14. pbalentine

    No more convertibles

    I had the perimeter perfect. Traced with dry erase marker and trimmed 1/8” around it. Problem was that weird defroster tab with 2 wires on the side. I tried doing full coverage by doing 2 small slits, since the wires would not detach.
  15. pbalentine

    side windows put on no shrink

    How you squeegee on first pass cant create fingers at the bottom. Squeegeeing along the entire top edge in one pass can create fingers in bottom. For these I first make a horizontal pass a bit lower not following the top edge, then squeegee the rest of the top edge after. This stretches the top straight out to the sides, reducing fingers at the bottom edge, especially if you sqeegee the bottom similar. I learned this years and years on the tintdude forum. Its basically how you sqeegee for FG.