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  1. pbalentine

    2018 4Runner BG shrink & panel removal

    You’re right it is just one! I always just thought the 10 mm bolts behind two hatch light covers needed to be removed. I cant believe that thing is held on by one bolt.
  2. pbalentine

    Scratches in adhesive

    IPA, you ever dry shrink with a glove?? If you havnt, I would try it out.
  3. pbalentine

    Scratches in adhesive

    Never seen that with QDP. Is from when you hard card to shrink?? Been using it for factory matching and dont like the match at all. Classic matches better and going back to that.
  4. pbalentine

    Roughest grit sandpaper on glass

    I usually dont get peanuts much with newer mustangs. I cant wait to do a Charger or 300. I’ll move to 2000 grit. I was thinking that if you sand only in horizontal passes the hard card with sand paper glides across the thick lines, barely touching the glass. Keeping the glass wet will help prevent scratching. Id say shrink technique and film have nothing to do with peanuts. It just the fact that a defroster line is raised and uneven and thats it. Steel wool will only be used to finish off lines that never give issues, like with a Toyota.
  5. pbalentine

    Roughest grit sandpaper on glass

    Did a 19’ Mustang and did this with 1500. It was 5% and you couldnt even see the lines! Im not sketching on using it on new vehicles anymore. I couldnt drag my nail over the lines, but after sanding could hardly feel the line. I had a 18 Hell Cat Charger last week and was scared to use sandpaper. Spent like 20 minutes pressing peanuts down! Im sanding all that need it now new or old. Thanks to JH!!
  6. pbalentine

    My new goal

    Been thinking of ideas to start up something new. I’ve loved tinting over 10 years, but just getting over it. I could keep doing, but Id rather make easier money and not have to deal with customers BS.
  7. pbalentine

    Roughest grit sandpaper on glass

    Oh man, just did 11’ Maxima and got like 6 peanuts. I knew this model could get peanuts, but skipped sanding and paid for it. I just steel wooled the hell out of it and shrunk nice and slow all over. This is proof that steel wool isnt a enough. When they’re real thick, sand paper is what it takes. Nice tip by JH, wrapping the sand paper in a hard card.
  8. pbalentine

    Roughest grit sandpaper on glass

    1500 and 2000 is what I use. Leaning more toward just using 2000 mostly. Used 1500 on an old Lexus last week and it was fine. What do guys think about those flexible blocks that come with the paper on them??
  9. pbalentine

    Tesla model 3

    For one, they need to redesign that back window. The quality is cheap with these. I got an older S model that the lining was peeling off around the door pull. I almost broke one of the the handler covers recently. That shiat is so cheap I would refuse to replace it!! Id say your car is cheap, go to Tesla and buy it yourself. I dont know what worse, tesla or the d-bags they like’em. This company will fold, just watch.
  10. pbalentine

    Is this tint job acceptable?

    This is one way people tint fast...they dont press out any tiny specs! I press out anything along top edge before rolling glass up. Then I check the entire glass. Then when job is finished I check again. If they let it go like that they either dont care or thats just the quality of their work. I would have them remove it and just go somewhere else.
  11. pbalentine

    Wet sanding black borders

    You wont see some or all if the line at first because water is floating there. As it drys, the matrix line will be visible. You dont need sand paper on that one. I only use 1500 and 2000 grit for extremely thick defroster lines.
  12. I thought I would share how to make this one easier. Shrink/Wet Shrink: Roll film out on BG, trim along bottom-edge, bump bottom down, mark sides, roll down, and trim top-edge. Then trim sides and round off corners. Dry shrink the bottom portion, pull film off, roll down glass and wet shrink the top portion. Its important to anchor in the middle and to anchor where it creates more to shrink, not less to avoid fingers. I bottom load with hatch up. Reverse roll works good too. Panel Removal: This panel comes off fast. Pop the light covers and remove strap cover and remove 3 - 10mm bolts. Door panels are 3 bolts that are in same location on all doors.
  13. pbalentine

    2001 Yukon windshield issue

    I did that once to make it easier install! It didnt help. I can shrink any bg and windshield, but install?? I cant install a windshield worth a shiat. I quit after every single one, but somehow try again. 😂
  14. pbalentine

    2001 Yukon windshield issue

    That windshield really curves from one side to the other. When shrinking corners the gun should be slightly pointing “away” from the vehicle to be shrinking along the factory edge. Id say global shrinks better than most films.
  15. pbalentine

    Xpel Prime CS vs SunTek Carbon

    Suntek changed something with the liner in last year or so that made the liner pull easier. I asked about the scratching and they said theres no plan to change it since it may change other characteristics in the film. As for scratching its not an issue anymore for me, mainly due to keeping tools smooth. Its the easiest to shrink for me and imperfections and dots press out better than anything Ive used.