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  1. Best slip solution ratio?

    Heat the top edge to help it lock down.
  2. Customers will search for info on stuff before buying and they like to see that other people were happy with the film theyre considering. I search forums often and these names come up in order, 3m, formulaone, llumar and Suntek. I think its different in states like mine, to where theyre a so many shops and people keep hearing certain names and when they see one they cant find info on whensearched, its scares them away. I made the switch from Global to Suntek and make more now.
  3. Brand recognition is something to consider too and comes into play more in some areas it seems. Which of these, along with Global would sell the best to those set on 3m Crystalline? Get people calling and thinking it has 97% heat rejection! Is that IR rejection selective??
  4. Frankenstein or reverse roll ???

    As a reverse roller I still think frankie wins if you got i down right. Most people I've seen frankie are really good tinters Like the shop I trained at some guy that frankied only tinted like 2-3 years and never seen anyone tint like him. Just laugh when i hear tinters saying they been tint 20 years and they're the best. Yep, but some can get there in a few years.
  5. Sharpie side window trick..for shifting windows !

    I mark one side on just about all rollups, unless its a BMW, Mercedes, where the glass doesnt budge. I do a quick pass and check the edge before locking it down...never get a gap since doing this last year.
  6. True Black Or Classic Black Film?

    If its the hatchback it pretty flat, but if it the notch, make sure to shrink towards the factory edge (especially on side corners.) For install on the hatch i reverse roll it with the hatch open. For sides windows, align bottom edge or trim film to it, roll down window and trim along top edge. Now, pull film off, wet glass and the align film to top edge, bump film towards the rear of vehicle and trim side edge. When film is aligned to top edge of glass, should have a proper side gap. Oh yea, trim small mirror side last.
  7. True Black Or Classic Black Film?

    Yep, classic is way to go. I must say that mustang suks to tint...i own one!
  8. Visor strip trick with fat sharpie !!!

    I use my blu max on inside to get a rough measure. Once in place, i use blu tape on the bottom edge and align to it on install. For some 2 pieces ones, i lay out film like normal. Then cut down middle and tilt each side so its at a more straight angle. Looks so much better than having it start small and end big. Ram truck is one vehicle that i do it on.
  9. Hardest roll ups to bottom load

    Rear doors on a Cherokee. You really want extra, extra slip for ones like passat and Jetta. Last Jetta i did was a nightmare!!
  10. Ceramic films

    Thats true JH. I just checked the pricing...they do a 60x50. I just wished they offered 36” rolls, which basically do every vehicle. @bahm I got a sample from them a while back. They are very cool and its great what they built with solarfx. Just been using express for a long time and have never had any issues with film or service.
  11. Ceramic films

    Im getting ready to add ceramic line. When someone asks for a certain film, ceramic is what they want most the time. Really wish global offered smaller increments of the ceramic. Probably going with ST ceramic, since i can get partial rolls and already got requests for it.
  12. Tesla Model 3

    Smaller ones without mirror obstructions I roll it out like on a BG, letting the top hang and then slide down. The big ones and ones with mirror in the way Ive been rolling out on the dash first. Just hate how 90% of the ones i do are on a Truck or SUV!
  13. Tesla Model 3

    I was amazed when I saw what tesla owners were getting. The thread on 3s I sae they were going all out....full PPF, Ceramic coating, and Crystalline all around and on windshield. Ive ony done teslas in CXP. Probably gonna swap it out for Ceramic. Brand is a huge thing with teslas custys...if its not a known brand, you wont tint many.
  14. Keep options simple

    I agree...had a customer recently that was annoyed by this shop that offered like 6-8 films!! Also, offering a cheap quality as a baseline, which basically forces a customer to upgrade just annoys people. IMO, no more than 3 options.
  15. I use a glove to smooth. Just dont want to smooth too fast in corners on bgs with thick defrosters, which can create peanuts.