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  1. pbalentine

    2016 and newer Ford Explorer

    You need the panel off to get the seal out. I tried on one a little and its not worth it. 2 -10mm and 2-7mm at the bottom edge and its off.
  2. pbalentine

    Tinting friends and coworkers rides

    Thats me every 7-10 cars....want to blow up the car and toss everything!!
  3. pbalentine

    Decent affordable tint and tools to learn?

    Those wanting to tint see the tools and think it looks fun and its a cheap start up. You need tools often and theres much more that you need than tools. To learn on your own might take 3x longer than getting trained at a shop. If you are looking for and easy business that wont frustrate you...you’re looking into the wrong trade.
  4. pbalentine

    2018 VW Atlas

    Just got lift lip of the panel to get the seals out.
  5. pbalentine

    Cloth seats and door panel stained

    Never really have a problem, especially since panels are off most the time. If it does gets wet, I wipe it down right after positioning the film, then squeegee it out.
  6. pbalentine

    1984 Ford F250 Windows

    I price these high to avoid them. Just to much of a pain...cant learn to tint something I’ll see every few years.
  7. pbalentine

    Favorite rolling work chair?

    A $1 five gallon stationary bucket. Maybe one day I’ll upgrade with some wheels.
  8. pbalentine

    Easiest door seals to remove.

    Kia, Nissan and Hyundai practically fall off after the screws/bolts are removed.
  9. pbalentine

    Green turbo

    Its the regular green turbo. I only use the orange to clean too. If the pink clean outlasts the orange crush or is close to it, i may start using it on rollups instead.
  10. pbalentine

    Green turbo

    I guess thats why the yellow is the most popular. I want to get the pink clean in the hamd holder again. I tossed it and tried to break it months back, but recently tried it again and like it. Going to use that for 1/4s and ones that are real small Im not squeegeeing; just wipe and flush.
  11. pbalentine

    Green turbo

    im done using turbos. Just trashed the remaing black ones. I’ll let the green one sit in a box with the other useless tools I collect.
  12. pbalentine

    Green turbo

    Just got the green turbo, which I really wanted to try out. At first glance it looked great(flexes like black & feels like yellow) but the edge is slightly uneven in a few spots and rounded some. I called about it and they said its a common complaint and all the green turbos have it. I mainly use turbos to clean small 1/4s, but not going to be confident the window is getting clean if the blade is dull and uneven from the get go. The blacks always have a good edge. I did get yellow way, way back that was much worsre and is the reason I never used them much.
  13. pbalentine

    Too many tools. Min tools to do job

    One of the most used ones! Sorry, I lost your torx bit set...oh yeah, a 7 series beemer is next....you might wanna pull the panels on this one.
  14. pbalentine

    Too many tools. Min tools to do job

    Forget doing everything with a turbo. Too much wear on your arm and i dont feel like those push enough solution out for install. Just watched a video a few days ago of an old tinter saying there bad on the finger tips and many fazed them out. Those dont even comare to a handle squeegee imo. I actually just got the green turbo today, looks good! Flexes like a black, but its slick like the yellow. These will only be used on 1/4s. For rollups I clean with a orange crush and install with blue max & ez reach. For the BG I add in either the bulldozer or stroke doctor. I would find what you like and put the rest hidden away. Then go back to it if the tool you’re using is working.
  15. pbalentine

    Removing top layer of tint

    Probably does have privacy glass. I always discourage 5% over privacy glass, unless its really light.