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  1. Dont blame you...if it was me i would of changed my number.
  2. One thing that makes it harder starting out is the frequency you tint. 5 a week or just 1? You can forget stuff fast and the more you do the quicker you would catch on. If i could go back, i would tint my own vehicle 1-3 times per day, along with shrinking the bg a few times. The cost of film would be worth the waste.
  3. I can clear this up...that is my post about Global. I got the film from a Global Dealer locally that is no longer selling Global. Howard from EWF doubted if it was really Global and wanted a roll number, since it faded so quickly. That Global dealer also sold a cheap dye and im positive that it was i got. As far a logevity, Global can not be beat. Ive had EWF Classic Black for about 5 years on my personal vehicle and it has zero fading, no color change and having a strong scratch coat it has not one scratch!
  4. Just imagine that everyone on tintdude gets to walk around the vehicle to check it out. Thats what i do. Doesnt matter to me if the car is worth $3 or $30k. They should all be tinted to a certain standard. I'll redo stuff i know the custy most likely wont notice, cause i never want a customer to doubt my work and bring it to a competetor to check it out.
  5. Id take seal or panel off. Tape off using some cheap, thin clear tape for the felt to make the sides less tight. Maybe add some extra slip.
  6. Yeah, i had a custy on a mobile job watching me remove the trim on the panels on a newer VW Passat. Those things are on so tight. Sounds like its breaking when you release them! If the sweeps are a pain to get back in i just take the whole panel off.
  7. You can cover the moldings with tape to protect them from heat. Seals pull without removing one screw.
  8. Probably 75% my customers have garages with space where the doors can extend without hitting stuff. The ones with no room do make it a little harder. Sometimes i can pull the vehcile to ones side and tint Bg, 1/4s, and driver side, then move for the passenger side. I also shut the garage when its windy if i can. Damn that sucks when its 110* though.
  9. Thats what i do...i also use a lint roller for each job. If i see lint lint on me i just mist my shirt.
  10. Best to worst: llumar & Global Klingon Suntek
  11. Scrap it off with a razor. Defrosters wont work, but...most vehicles that need it are 10+ old turds=doesnt matter. I just tell the custy before hand and most dont mind, since here in AZ defrosters are needed much.
  12. I agree....ST is heading down hill. I discussed ST problems with their Rep and they have no plans to resolve these problems. When i got pricing from them years ago, the ATC was pretty much the same price as ST Carbon. Im just about done with ST....film is just low quality and theres too many better films out there.
  13. They need a warning in box...film will scratch, do not use any hard card...dont even look it! For a tough SC, Global just cant be beat. Probably get 3-4 per year! And when it happens it usually do to a nick in my hard card. Thats the thing with Suntek, it scratches with brand new hard cards, sanded in 1500 grit and polished with a micro fiber!?
  14. None!! I failed on both mentioned...beetle and corvette....but i have done a 97 t-bird!! Too bad most t-birds are resting in a junkyard or on the side of a road broken down with a tow sticker!
  15. One thing both these films lack is brand recognition. I know that both these film leave Suntek in the dust as far as quality...but...customers just dont know that. In this day age, everone is researching before they purchase.