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  1. TintMucker

    2019 Lexus nx300

    Had one come in to our shop today & will be replacing glass as well. Owner's Manual states[Section 6, pages 315/316]: "The front side windows have UV protective coating. To prevent damage to the UV protective coating, observe the following: If the windows are dirty, gently wipe them with a cloth soaked in water or lukewarm water as soon as possible. Do not use any compound or abrasive product (e.g., glass cleaner, detergent, wax) to clean windows. It may damage coating." Lexus Tech bulletin says CONDITION: "Some customers/dealers may experience a condition where the front door window glass can easily be scratched when an abrasive product is used to clean the windows. RECOMMENDATION: Do not use any abrasive products such as a razor blade to clean windows otherwise UV coating may be damaged."