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  1. hewitt_jay

    Sad day, no more kds

    Haha I wasn't talking about his jorts.... Don't waste your money on the olfas. NT is better but not by much.
  2. hewitt_jay

    Sad day, no more kds

    What brand are you using now?
  3. hewitt_jay

    Homemade 6ft visor strip cutter!

    I use qdp as well. My edges have been jacked up too.
  4. hewitt_jay

    Old headliners falling apart???

    I use a stapler on the edge to hold them in place.
  5. hewitt_jay

    Wet shaving

    Nice technique, but what I really want to know is, how did you get that damn shirt? I've been asking for one for 3 years...
  6. hewitt_jay

    '17 Mustang peanuts

    I sand them with 1000 grit 3m paper. I've never had a problem with scratching them. If you slow your shrink down, it allows the tint to shrink more evenly instead of concentrating the heat in a small area. This makes the shrink job smoother. I use the dry soap shrink method btw.
  7. hewitt_jay

    Between 20% and 5%?

    I'd recommend staying away from anything from suntek. Global offers qdp in 15%. That should put you were you want to be if everything was removed and redone.
  8. hewitt_jay

    Tractor Glass Removal Sequence

    I always take those out and charge accordingly. I also have enough sense to account for the torque area to prevent the twist. Tractors are in dusty fields all day and build up an immense amount of dust. No way can anyone tint one of those and have a professional install without glass removal imho unless it's a new unit.
  9. hewitt_jay

    BG Cleaning is inconsistent now?

    When I reverse roll, I'm always aware of where my fingers are holding the release liner as I lift it up to spray. I bend that area down and rinse it before applying the liner back to the tint. You wouldn't believe how many dead skin and dirt debris you can deposit with this one crucial step.
  10. hewitt_jay

    Need help with career choice change.

    Pdr for sure. Seen my guy make 15k a day following hail storms...
  11. hewitt_jay

    Age of SolarFX?

    I don't know anything about Solarfx but, I do know about suntek carbon. I used that junk for about 4 years and its still coming back to bite me in the ass with bubbling back glasses and severe fade issues. I've got pictures to prove it. The tint that I use and completely stand behind now is global qdp. It's proven to me to stand up as well as any tint I've used. Just my 2 cents.
  12. hewitt_jay

    1970 dodge coronet

    I've done one and it wasn't too bad but, I cut it out first. That's the only way to do any old car in my opinion.
  13. hewitt_jay

    Micro fiber towels?

    Definitely wash them a couple times.
  14. hewitt_jay

    These newer nissans

    I've searched and searched and can't find the answer. I've tinted a ton of new nissans and can't figure out how to keep it in the run position. The old ones, you could hold it down till it went into service mode but it doesn't work on these newer ones. Anyone got the answer?
  15. hewitt_jay

    Before you started Tinting

    I painted cars for 20 years and tinted on the side till the fumes gave me thyroid disease. I decided to go tint full time and haven't looked back.