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  1. ljr1977

    Blue Max vs Orange Crush vs Redline etc

    Yes, I've been using the hammer myself.. I'm a firm believer in it and will be ordering more. He also has the cheddah or cheddar that works great also.
  2. ljr1977

    Best portable Light?

    I've been making these for 7 months now. We use cob LED strip lights in our lights because they are bright. If you want a discount code for one of our websites please contact me. If you like you can order from us or Amazon. The model number for our Tintlight is LX50MF. Our reviews are good and our lights are bright.
  3. ljr1977

    Best portable Light?

    Try our NiRoLL LX Tintlight check us out at http://www.tintlight.com
  4. ljr1977

    Flexible Tube Light - Must Buy

    its flexible you can place it like this and see around full window, go to our website for more pics tintlight.com
  5. ljr1977

    Flexible Tube Light - Must Buy

    Thanks, I am progressing with it also. The models are improving as I've built a jig to help manufacture them myself. Listening to all the people using them hearing their thoughts and ideas. I truly believe its the perfect tool for window tinting. We used it the other night for a flood light, worked great the also. 1001 ways the use a NiRoLL
  6. ljr1977

    The Tintlight by NiRoLL

    You can email j.rutherford@niroll.lighting They are wholesale through September and cost. 85 aud shipped to Australia 45 usd shipped in U.S.
  7. ljr1977

    Flexible Tube Light - Must Buy

    Not string lights superbright LED strip, has ties to keep the strip LED to one side. You will see it's better, brighter, and lighter then the rest. This is a light designed for tinters by a tinter.
  8. ljr1977

    Flexible Tube Light - Must Buy

    Greatly appreciate your orders, you will be impressed. We definitely want to here your own reviews on what you think.
  9. ljr1977

    Flexible Tube Light - Must Buy

    You can find us in Facebook under Tintlight
  10. This is the new Tintlight used for hand cutting around matrix of windshields and rear windows. 12 volt power cord works with all cars. Has 12 foot cord and is flexible, lightweight, superbright. Works great with the darkest of films.
  11. ljr1977

    Pic of the Week #585 Submissions

    The new Tintlight.. made by NiRoLL