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  1. Solo show here...upside..make your own way..downside...professional isolation!!
  2. Good for seo and reputation!
  3. I make a pattern from scrap liner and increase it by 1mm when I cut it, trim the rubber and install
  4. we're fooked!
  5. nope, will check it out.
  6. I use R.O water in my tank normally.
  7. I don't think it needs felt on that year.
  8. take the spoiler off, a couple of 10mm's then lift and pull the bottom. First one is always a fight.
  9. I tape off all felts, headliners and trims around fixed rear quarters just to be on the safe side and 3m tape has pretty good adhesion.
  10. it all depends on how much competition you have, some companies have a lot of competition some don't. the more competition the harder the job basically, that is if they are doing any seo, most aren't so we can rank you in reasonable time and it sticks high on page 1. if you pm me your website and target area I can have a look. I have a few tricky tools that give me a big edge over other people in this market.
  11. I do SEO local stuff for companies, I am only tinting 50% now, I am doing much more web stuff these days. I am working on a few google places optimisations as we speak, takes a few months to crack it and having a ranking website already helps a lot. it's a good investment in your business
  12. I am sure the rear quarters are a pain and for a sedan the top corners are curvy.
  13. I use Llumar for these or sometimes Global, I tape the film in place, anchor low, and pull like fook!!... and I get it done. Not a car you do everyday so they are always a battle... but one I always win.
  14. lift and pull and leave it long... search the makes and models and you will see that car has kicked many a good tinters ass!!
  15. my best advice... call in sick!! you will never do that back window if you have only done four cars, cancel the job to save making a fool out of yourself!! one of the worst back glasses out there!!