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  1. Check us out on Facebook http://www.facebook....104789779557469
  2. Yes. I sold a great deal of White Frost Matte to an avian specialist for bird strike mitigation. According to him, thin stripes of frost evenly spaced act to deter the birds. I have suggested this technique to many others over the years and the results have been good. -Howard thank you, i will try that i appreciate the help
  3. Does anyone know of a film that deters birds from flying into glass doors and windows? Thanks for any help in advance.
  4. Every tinter knows it's not "tints" it's tint or film - just thought it was funny 2:29 into the clip
  5. How are the bottom gaskets on the side windows are they tight? need to be removed? if so how - cut 'em or tuck 'em or what?
  6. What do you call the brightness/contrast dial on your computer monitor? Windows Tint
  7. Find out what kind of blades they use. I put razor blades on glass all day long and have never had an issue. If the scratch pattern on the cargo area matches the pattern of the film, chances are they used a non stainless steel blade, or a very dull one. On a side note, one of the guys I used to work for opened a new "red dot" and used the blades that came with it (non-stainless) on a new Kia Rio. They carved a trench all the way around every window he touched. You could have put some dirt in the divot and planted corn! PLANTED CORN! I rarely ever lol - but that one is classic - oh.... and sorry to hear abour ur glass bntpro, not trying to laugh at ur pain
  8. sorry to the peeps that want this thread dead but I wanna see the vid while looking on utube I found dis one part 2
  9. Window Film Specialists, Inc. De Pere, WI 54115 ph# 920-366-2883 website:
  10. Revamped the site a little
  11. whats a latvian HUMMER look like ?
  12. wow - really old post - trying to raise from the dead - whats ur guys-is fav brand of shade
  13. now an even older post - I been doin that a lot lately
  14. in this link it said it was on the inside pane - also I dont see y youd have to retint anywho the drill will go through tint and the plug will cover
  15. put it on backwards? ha ha - is that like ... I thoght you put the film on the inside of the vehicle - good luck mang