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  1. hard to say, seems like a shame for all involved.... except the sungard rep lol
  2. TopColour , they maybe using korean mfg.
  3. hanita's optitune 5 is nice stuff. or some silver 15 could be a cost effective alternative.
  4. I only know alot of these films tend to really come from korea. imo
  5. global probably changed adhesives to lower internal costs. dist. push maxpro to increase their margins. IMO
  6. welcome
  7. just get it directly from the Koreans
  8. what distr. do you work install for? I'd guess Midwest Marketing...
  9. rebox haters wouldnt be installing alot if they all knew the truth. lol
  10. IMO. market your shop.."your" brand. getting caught in marketing your mfg's brand wont get you through the peaks and valleys. the majority of mfg rebox, reengineer ... focus on value for you and your customers. (no matter where the product comes from.)
  11. South Korean company... give me an N.... give me a E.... give me an X.... lol
  12. Move beyond the flyer on the windshield or yellow pages. From the simple (pen) to the grand (Ipod). We can provide the promotional marketing item to keep your name front and center with prospective clients. Promo swag is also a must for saying "thank you" to your current customers. Remember, in this economic climate, if you're not marketing you're dying. Thanks, Steve @ PTM Products
  13. b2b calls , get infront of the decision makers for builders, government agencies, decorators.
  14. isnt geo made by our korean friends?