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  1. robraz

    Tint Dipping?

    i once had a guy swear to me that he watched as a guy split his window in 2, applied tint, and then put the window back together! and also that he used to have them "smoked" in a machine so they were "factory" tinted. funny that he couldn't remember where it was done or who did it-he just remembered watching as it was done.
  2. this window i believe is similar to the rear side corner window on an older dodge(i think it was a dodge) passenger van. i think someone on here got it in one piece but i know i never did and gave up trying. this window by looking at it is worse than the van. sometimes you just can't get them in one piece. i would seam it and even that will probably really hard. good luck.
  3. i'm in. thanx for the opportunity