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  1. tint guy

    What did you tint today?

    This was an ‘84 corvette
  2. tint guy

    Best application solution for auto tint

    I use dawn and alcohol mixed in a zep spray bottle filled with water to the bottom of the neck then fill rear with alcohol and a good squirt of dawn
  3. tint guy

    Llumar curling

    As a user of Llumar and several other brands of film, I find it to be not as user friendly as some of the other films I use. And the scratch coat I find to be on the softer side.
  4. tint guy

    Tint peel boards! Let’s see yours

    When I used to do a lot of mobile work this thing can be setup in 20 seconds and tore down as fast and is lightweight
  5. tint guy

    What did you tint today?

    8mil security film
  6. tint guy

    What did you tint today?

    IMG_4083.HEIC 2018 Audi A4
  7. tint guy

    What did you tint today?

  8. tint guy

    Using cleaning and a slip solution???

    I used to use my slip solution for cleaner for years, now I use a separate cleaning bottle for cleaning with dawn dish soap and alcohol mixed, I also razor every window except rear. Seams like every time I try to just use a scrub pad there is always something left behind
  9. tint guy

    Teflon tape? What do you use

    I have used it for awhile now. Does wear out fairly quickly I usually replace it once to twice a week . Works great on your shrinking card. Usually get it from sharpline but just recently ordered from uline and am getting new role tomorrow so we will c how well it works
  10. tint guy

    Tinting tools required

    ‭+1 (646) 662-5295‬ ask for Vinny he is based in New York and sells tools and film
  11. tint guy

    People Will Do Anything To Sell Film

    This is why I have removed myself from most of the forums...
  12. tint guy

    When the plotter is your friend

    After many years of hand cutting switching over to a plotter is more than worth the investment.
  13. tint guy

    Side swiper for roll ups??

    I made a handled squeegee using side swiped refills... best I’ve ever used