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  1. tint guy

    Our new and improved Display section

    I just got my solarfx displays in and I am amazed at the quality of all of their products!
  2. tint guy


    Yes urius I think it’s called
  3. tint guy


    Cool little project
  4. Organization is for sure a key to saving time, also u need to find a system that u follow on every vehicle, for me it is pull car in, establish if it needs felt taped, and or will bottom seals come out, wipe down all windows, put soap on back glass to let dry, cut film, if by myself I will usually clean each window as I go and do back window last, finally do any touch ups and wipe car down and ship it, most cars are between 45- 1.25 for me. When I first started I was around 2.5-3 hrs
  5. tint guy

    Best advertise for business

    I would really like to do just flat glass work but there just isn’t enough consistent work where I’m located at. I did travel doing flat glass for a bit for some large projects but not too family friendly living out of a hotel room.
  6. I am curious as to what others have tried for advertising that has been effective for their shops? I plan on using banners, feather flags and good ol grassroots with going around and handing out business cards, along with Facebook adds too. Has anyone done any scavenger type hunts on Facebook or social media? Looking for some ideas that have worked for your guys shops.
  7. tint guy

    2019 Indianapolis tint expo

    I have been kicking it around, but leaning towards no
  8. Anyone selling a 40” plotter? Prefer a graphtec
  9. tint guy

    Blue Max Power Flex

    If this is the new light opaque blue one I have been using if for about a month or so and I really like it compared to the old blue max, it glides better and is way more durable
  10. tint guy

    Required course for new installers?

    I have never heard of that before, Suntek wouldn’t be my first choice but that is totally your decision. Depending on where you are located check out express window films or solar fx. Just my 2 cents
  11. tint guy

    What did you tint today?

    New 2019 e450... sweet ride!
  12. tint guy

    What did you tint today?

    This was a strip and retint... fun!
  13. That is what I’m told too, but from my experience for cutting tint I like the way that the graphtec operates, just my 2 cents