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  1. Tint peel boards! Let’s see yours

    When I used to do a lot of mobile work this thing can be setup in 20 seconds and tore down as fast and is lightweight
  2. What did you tint today?

    8mil security film
  3. What did you tint today?

    IMG_4083.HEIC 2018 Audi A4
  4. What did you tint today?

  5. Using cleaning and a slip solution???

    I used to use my slip solution for cleaner for years, now I use a separate cleaning bottle for cleaning with dawn dish soap and alcohol mixed, I also razor every window except rear. Seams like every time I try to just use a scrub pad there is always something left behind
  6. Teflon tape? What do you use

    I have used it for awhile now. Does wear out fairly quickly I usually replace it once to twice a week . Works great on your shrinking card. Usually get it from sharpline but just recently ordered from uline and am getting new role tomorrow so we will c how well it works
  7. Tinting tools required

    ‭+1 (646) 662-5295‬ ask for Vinny he is based in New York and sells tools and film
  8. People Will Do Anything To Sell Film

    This is why I have removed myself from most of the forums...
  9. When the plotter is your friend

    After many years of hand cutting switching over to a plotter is more than worth the investment.
  10. Side swiper for roll ups??

    I made a handled squeegee using side swiped refills... best I’ve ever used
  11. Rear view mirror wiring

    Nice tip... I always keep a few rubber bands in my pouch for these
  12. customer drop off vs waiting

    I tint for 4 different shops.. 2 of the 4 are almost all drop offs the other one I get some waiters but the other account seems like everyone wants to wait on no matter what... I always try to underpromise and over deliver on time. It’s a win win for everyone. Seems like if u tell them 1.5hr they r waiting u tell them 2hr and they r dropping off
  13. SCORPION WINDOW FILMS...anyone using it?

    I have used almost every line of film they have... each have pros and cons. Have used a ton of the predator line... problem is it’s a gen 3 dyed film, have used the venom lineup... didn’t really care for it too well, also have used a lot of the shield is ok but adhesive isn’t too aggressive and gets bad curl so not too plotter friendly. The new sting series I’m still not sure about that film yet shrinking seems to be different, don’t really know how to describe it... haven’t had any real issues with their films but I am not in a hot state
  14. Back windows causing peanuts?

    I have used one of these stainless scrubby for years now and works well for me... want to try the back blading also