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  1. Suntek Standard 40% off plus free shipping

    I need 40 in. 30% or 35% and need 5% and 20% 40 in.
  2. Good amount of Overstock

    Hello my name is Scotty Harris and I’m wondering if you still have some solarfx film for sale if you do contact me 19037494116 Thank you
  3. Hiring for wraps!

    Hello, my name is Scotty Harris I have been tinting commercial and automotive for over 17 years I have been doing ppf or clear bra’s for over 5 years. I have never done Vinyl wraps but I’m a fast Learner and a hard worker. If you are still looking for help you my contact me at scottyharris@ymail.com or you can call or text me at 9037494116
  4. Live in East Texas but am willing to travel. I have 17 years experience I can do tint, ppf, and wrap. you my contact me at9037494116 or scottyharris@ymail.com