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  1. Last one to post #885

    Looks like film on a sunroof may be a great idea
  2. Pic of the Week #587 Winner

    If I'm ever in the neighbourhood I'll be nappin on that couch!
  3. Last one to post #885

    i heard Abstract Wraps are a thing....
  4. Last one to post #885

  5. Tint graphics on hair salon

    Not sure why but I feel a need for a haircut... Great Project!
  6. Last one to post #883

    Hells ya they make me Ha Ha I forgot to
  7. Last one to post #883

    Thanks....I think..... @Bham I thought my PC was busted when I could not quote . Closed thread duh
  8. Last One To Post #877

  9. Flexible Tube Light - Must Buy

    Soooo its a pool noodle with string lights in it?
  10. Last One To Post #877

    Next thing you know hes gonna wanna hire some experienced paper slangers
  11. Last one to post #876

    Me too . Gave up the queen size to one of the kids and haven't had a proper bed in .........holy crap......... 12 years!!
  12. Pic of the Week #583 Winner

    a wins a win
  13. Any one use Tint Pro? And thoughts about it?

    I suspect this: https://tintpro.com/ I find it interesting that there is no pricing info for this software , service contract, licensing agreement or subscription business model. No screenshots or how to vids to be found. No "trial " version so someone can have a look to see if it really suits them.
  14. Last one to post # 873

    And so are some of the people up here. The one way job is on hold until someone can sort out moving the PCs and the desks PRIOR to our arrival . Thanks for letting us add on charges for the dead visit