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  1. You HAVE to have protect yourself clauses. Especially when it is a multi hour drive out to a site. Someone has got to pay for the install team hauling ass to site cause the GC said the glass would be in . If its not in you have wasted time you could have been installing somewhere else. Most times a GC gets bit once it doesn't happen again.
  2. Our shop does not play with cars either. I'd suspect your quote on anything 3 years old or more should have a premium. If you are providing a written quote or one over the phone you NEED to say " this quote is based on installing film in a clean car " and add any variables you consider obstructions to your ability to accomplish the installation to "perfection" Piles of trash/toys/car seats on seats /floor should not be your responsibility to remove. As flat glass and wall graphic installers We have a " if $4!T happens that is not our fault and we have to make another trip out you get to pay more" clause in our quotes. Part of which states " this quote is based on minimum 3' clear access to the full scope of film to glass or wall installation" Normally things that would add a visit would be the glass not being in place despite assurances from a gc that it will a wall being built before they scheduled with us to get the film on the glass poor coordination in the schedule allowing movers to block access to the glass with stacks of furniture. Your mileage may vary ,batteries not included,photos shown are of our past work....
  3. I love the ones that say "I didn't know 3M made window film" I often wonder how big the condo is under the rock they came out from!
  4. Rain done. All sunny now for the today's opening of the CNE here in Toronto https://theex.com/
  5. Fixed it for ya . After fixing and re reading I'm not sure we need all that detail though
  6. That usually happens to me when in the middle of some spicy wings
  7. Skuse me I got this
  8. Might be a little late to invest in #14 welders glass supplier stocks
  9. at potentially $300.00 per incident Its worth the 10 seconds to toss in your digits Damn Spammers
  10. Dont forget to check you number at the Royal Caribbean Robocall class action site. Links in Foobar . Ten seconds to type in your number to see if it is on the eligible list!!