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    I read a pamphlet at the dentist about how to fill a cavity and have a dremel. Can I practice on your teeth?
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  1. So how is your day going....
  2. Happy Monday Jr! Short week
  3. @Slick Cause you won! @ArmolanWindowFilms for hosting this raffle ! @TintDude for giving us a place to hang out!
  4. As others have said . So glad that it was "just stuff", that you have insurance and no people got hurt. Consider every post in this thread part of a group hug and encouragement for your future!
  5. Always calculate costs for each project in time ,material .travel ,lodging, any non standard access equipment rental (lifts, ladder, swingstage, scaffold etc) Figure out your margin you want to acheive.
  6. There be Dragons http://www.nationalgeographic.com/magazine/2017/06/dinosaur-nodosaur-fossil-discovery/
  7. Yes using a "barrier " film to allow the expected outgassing is par for the course !
  8. Dont forget to post up one of these for POTW!
  9. Yeah that was me
  10. Thanks to @TintDude and @Roach I'll only be mbareassed for a short time
  11. Its a shame that one new tool is gonna get lost in a thread about another new tool