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  1. Last One To Post #904

  2. Best slip solution ratio?

    Too many variables in water ,water temp, water type, glass temp ,coatings on the glass, outside temp, humidity,skill level of installer..... For consistency sake use distilled water. Some mannys recommend it. Test and approve for your own self. When I train guys I get them on a small sprayer first and start with less slip . You can always add more. Gotta toss the batch if its too slick.
  3. Last One To Post #904

    Dont ya hate it when you sell tons of Deco films and they all look like Dusted Crystal in the photos Check out the "idea " page http://decoziwindowfilm.ca/window-film-idea/ NOT my site . Just found it again and had to
  4. Best slip solution ratio?

    If it slips too much you are using too much. If it sticks too much you are not using enough.
  5. Decorative Film

    Check out Mimaki's offerings https://mimaki.com/product/inkjet/print-cut/ucjv300-series/
  6. Last One To Post #904

    Oh good its the Tinternet. I thought I killed another PC this week
  7. Last One To Post #904

    I'm Getting good at starting LOTP 's Have at it
  8. Casper Cloaking Film

    Good to see you figured it out. I would have encouraged less slip too. If anyone out there is called upon to install this. Be 100% sure of the orientation of the film install. Use the test card to ensure ALL locations for install will work with the monitor on the wall. Due to the differences in orientation on polarized filters on different monitors and various laptops in use in the "cloaked" room it may or may not work. Encourage the users of the film to confirm it works on the laptops brought into the room BEFORE the "top secret" info is displayed to the rest of the office. This vid may help to understand how the polarized filters work.
  9. Contact the manufacturer or local dealer. If that doesn't work. Take the part to a machinist . Looks easy enough to build a better stronger faster version. You may be able to build something with parts from lowes and a drill . maybe a tiny vice grip. https://www.micromark.com/Vise-Grip-Curved-Jaw-Locking-Plier
  10. Last one to post #902

    Work related? Purple Heart? Tell us how you messed up. Last night wifey tossed recently thawed meat into hot oil splashing her arm.. random 1st and Second degree burns in the shapes of the splashes. She said " TAKE MY CLOTHES OFF NOW " too bad context wasn't different. Wrong kind of hot!
  11. Last one to post #902

    @jh812 Cancer Sucks. Spend whatever time you can with your Gramps. If you can . Get him to repeat or tell you some new good stories from way back and record them . Your kids will thank you and he may appreciate the interest.
  12. Anyone using Tintwiz?

    I just noticed the Tintwiz ad here on TD. https://tintwiz.com/ Is anyone making use of it ? What are your thoughts ? With the demise of Tintventory I'm wondering if it also helps track your stock. I did not see any Inventory related tasks in their site.
  13. Keep options simple

    Some of you may have noticed that with few choices a custy makes a quick decision and given large number of options it takes FOREVER or confuses custy. Study says too much choice hurts sales. https://medicalxpress.com/news/2018-10-scientists-uncover-lunch.html?utm_source=fark&utm_medium=website&utm_content=link&ICID=ref_fark
  14. Last one to post #899

    Well done @jh812 Let her Rip Tater chip You know what to do
  15. Last one to post #898

    Morning Already.......................UHGH