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    I read a pamphlet at the dentist about how to fill a cavity and have a dremel. Can I practice on your teeth?
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  1. WearTheFoxHat

    The Chat Thread

    Soooooo which one of you was it ??????
  2. WearTheFoxHat

    The Chat Thread

    Dang that SUUUUUCCCCCKKs What vehicle manufacturer has lousy primer to paint bonding? Or is this the after effect of a vehicular injury?
  3. WearTheFoxHat

    The Chat Thread

    Check out this AWESOME graphic install !!
  4. WearTheFoxHat

    The Chat Thread

  5. WearTheFoxHat

    Injuries while tinting

    REALLY oldie but a goodie for those in search of Purple Heart worthy stories I vote the scraper to the dome as the best tint related injury ever.....
  6. WearTheFoxHat

    Don't ya hate it when.......

    Awesome Boss! I thought I was losing my memberator
  7. WearTheFoxHat

    Don't ya hate it when.......

    Dont ya hate it when you KNOW there is a Horror Stories section in the forum and you cant find it with the search dealio
  8. WearTheFoxHat

    Pic/Vid of the day (not tint related)

    Interesting contraptions to beat lock systems on doors..... may be an opportunity to help clients upgrade security as a side business..
  9. WearTheFoxHat

    Contamination issue

    Are you using a different sprayer for the different slip?
  10. WearTheFoxHat

    The Chat Thread

    For your entertainment https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jLi8NuOMy8U
  11. WearTheFoxHat

    The Chat Thread

    Good Idea you can get it in colours too
  12. WearTheFoxHat

    The Chat Thread

    Somewhere here on TD there is a story of a one window special no one had the time for that turned into a huge account for the fellow that DID take the time. Never turn them down.
  13. WearTheFoxHat

    The Chat Thread

    Set up no parking signs and cams from multiple angles and profit https://www.youtube.com/user/gtoger/videos
  14. WearTheFoxHat

    The Chat Thread

  15. WearTheFoxHat

    The Chat Thread