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  1. WearTheFoxHat

    Who wrapped the Dumbo Jet?

  2. WearTheFoxHat

    Off Topic Chat Thread

    Morning again yaaaaaay
  3. https://www.forbes.com/sites/kbrauer/2019/03/04/paint-protection-film-ppf-investment-in-your-cars-future/#29b3800f2389
  4. WearTheFoxHat

    Off Topic Chat Thread

    Them 2x slit panes look like a hoot to install. I hope you cut down a tool or two
  5. WearTheFoxHat

    Off Topic Chat Thread

    Hey could you tint my barn find windows ....???
  6. WearTheFoxHat

    Installing frost with lettering

    @Bham Bubbling happens most often when removing premask too early or a bit too much slip in your slip slowing the bond to the glass. The wait for the film to bond to the glass better than the film to premask bond is the hardest part to learn. SOOOO glad for smart phones now!!! When I would do a one off I'd often wait 10-15 or more mins before a test tug on the premask to see how its sticking. 3M has at multiple levels of tack in their premask offerings. SCPM -3 (low) SCPM -2(medium) and SCPM 53 (high) There is also SCPM 44x also a medium tack .
  7. WearTheFoxHat

    # Jessica's Law

    EVERY time it snows I see multiple ASSHATs like this or similar. Did not know until today there was a Jessica's Law. We need that one here!! Story below. It looks like there are multiple "Jessica's Laws" https://wsrz.iheart.com/content/2019-02-13-one-new-hampshire-cop-issued-19-tickets-in-just-four-hours/?ICID=ref_fark https://www.wmur.com/article/jessicas-law-requires-new-hampshire-drivers-to-clear-snow-off-cars/15336536
  8. WearTheFoxHat

    Off Topic Chat Thread

    Way to stick it to the man !! I hope someone here got the graphic job https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/saskatchewan/dave-assman-sgi-vanity-licence-plate-1.5017377?utm_source=fark&utm_medium=website&utm_content=link&ICID=ref_fark
  9. WearTheFoxHat

    Off Topic Chat Thread

    @Tint Eastwood I hope you took that back for a full removal and replacement. That guy needs to learn to shave!
  10. WearTheFoxHat

    Off Topic Chat Thread

    This looks like a job for Little Giants THE CAGE
  11. WearTheFoxHat

    Installing frost with lettering

    Not sure what premask you are using. One of the reasons the centers "float away " or get places they do not belong can be a combo of light tack premask or simply taking to long to lock them to the glass. When they get wet they want to let go of the premask. With "itty bittys" we will often would use a higher tack premask on a large panel with partial graphic like what you are describing. If you are hesitant yes use 2 men for the install. In any case be quick with targeting and lock down the cut area first taking care at the edges of the premask . ( the step to no premask can hold slip if you don't work perpendicular to the edges) then work above the cut area with wider and wider horizontal passes with hard card with the intention of keeping any slip above the cut area from getting down to the "logo" or text. Our guys use the 6" Silver Lidco hard card for anything premasked then use any favorite 6" slip removal squeegee for the rest. I should add that it takes some experience to learn how long to wait for premask removal afterwards. Too much slip in your slip or too short a wait can result in pulling itty bittys away and losing them. This can result in learning through necessity to hand cut by tracing replica itty bittys on the liner which hopefully is still clean and you have scraps.
  12. WearTheFoxHat

    Off Topic Chat Thread

    Wasn't repoed but my friends mom had a yellow Chevette/Acadian . She came out after work and got in "her " car and drove a way. Then she noticed the smoke odour (different than her smokes I guess) and started looking around. NOT her car @#$@#$#@ Drove back to work parked in a waaay different spot and found her real car WHEW.. The "other" car was not there the next day so all was good!
  13. WearTheFoxHat

    Off Topic Chat Thread

    You can use my name ...."I remember the first time Foxy ........... then the .......... and the ______ . It was epic!!!
  14. WearTheFoxHat

    Milwaukee Switch Tank Sprayer

    Kind of pricey though. I wonder if it holds enough to use as a portable carwash????
  15. WearTheFoxHat

    Off Topic Chat Thread

    Must have been on a walkabout