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  1. Off Topic Chat Thread

    I guess they will need one of these.....Would be kind of if they forgot to set the brake on the truck!
  2. Peelboard with water catcher.

    Sound familiar I think Mike posted it
  3. Off Topic Chat Thread

    Looks like someone in England will get a chance to redo thier work http://thechive.com/2019/01/22/unpaid-construction-worker-goes-fking-ham-on-company-that-didnt-pay-him-video/
  4. Off Topic Chat Thread

  5. Off Topic Chat Thread

  6. Clean Room Questions For New Shop Build

    Shave everything and install NEKKID
  7. Off Topic Chat Thread

    Skookum as Frig http://thechive.com/2019/01/18/osha-more-like-oh-sht-amiright-37-photos/ For those that need a little help https://avedictionary.com/
  8. Off Topic Chat Thread

  9. Best way to remove film?

  10. Whose at fault

    Puckered Butt can relax now huh lol
  11. Whose at fault

    Stop what you are doing and call client right away and ask how long ago the stone hit the glass...
  12. Off Topic Chat Thread

    Seriously though I hope you told her Ramen is your favourite
  13. Lost a Pioneer of the tint industry

    Happy Trails Bill !
  14. Last one to post #933

    Fixed it for ya. No one Effs with Grandma
  15. Pic of the Week #607 Winner

    Thats Purty
  16. Tons of guys use variations of the blade through the box method and it works . I used the 1" olfa handle with black carbon blades in it. I cannot locate a photo of the awesome purple heart worthy photo of a former installers leg with a 12"ish gash down his leg at the knee from when he "lost balance " getting up from a prolonged pull session. If you are gonna pull outta the box FFS cover the effing blade protruding out of the box and keep the box in an area where it is not in a traveled area.
  17. Last one to post #932

    Nice print job someone
  18. Last one to post #931

    I gotta get off
  19. You found an inexperienced tint guy. As noted by many others the damage was 100% by the person who cut the film on on the glass . Send the installer a link to Tintdude. He can learn things here ......like how to avoid cutting directly on the glass.......
  20. Pic of the Week #603 Winner

  21. Lotp #922

    Have fun https://ktla.com/2018/12/04/disneyland-cooling-tower-was-likely-source-of-all-22-cases-in-fatal-legionnaires-outbreak-official-testifies/?utm_source=fark&utm_medium=website&utm_content=link&ICID=ref_fark
  22. Tempered glass has a smooth side(label side) that should not scratch with new blades and a textured side that scratches just by looking at it . I suspect with some (depending on manny) that the textured side may be more coarse and the adhesive is bonded better. Kind of like why you sand things before painting to get a better bond.
  23. Last one to post #920

    Ummm hey Boss Great minds think alike...Kill the one I started @TintDude